27 Oct

Your Mails

Dear Editor,


I am writing this letter because I just wanted to tell you that your magazine is just amazing and thank you so much for nail poster in May’s addition. I am reading this magazine since 2013 and just love to read it. I have requested that please can you publish a poster or a pinup of Michael Jackson and Louis Tomlinson. Keep up the good work your magazine is amazing

Aydeh Syed, Lahore



Dear editor,


It’s been a year since I have been reading smash and I love it. I really enjoy reading the information of months, book reviews, word power, astrology and game Mania. Your magazine is fabulous. I hope you will publish my letter in your magazine. Keep smashing.

AmnaHaroon, Lahore


Dear Ed!
I have been reading your magazine for more than 5 years and I must say it is phenomenal. Without doubt it is the best teen magazine in Pakistan. I really do hope you will print my letter this time because I have previously written 3 letters but none of them published.  Keep smashing.

UmamahFarooq, Bahawalpur




Dear Editor

First of all I would like to give a big and a warm welcome to u from me as well as all the other readers as u are the new editor of such an amazing magazine. Hope so that the mag will remain super hit and full of fun. You guys are just fantastic like I can’t even describe it. Honestly speaking u people are worth praising… the way u people compile this magazine anyone could tell that it’s full of useful information, love, courage and unity. #KEEP #SMASHING.

MarwaaMukhtar, Lahore.



Hey Ed,

Smash rocks! Well, I am writing in smash after a very long time but it continued inspiring me every month. I read every article of smash with equal determination because it always provides me a guideline. I cannot even imagine about spending a month without reading it the best thing about smash is that it always brings something new and totally different that I have never seen in any other magazine. That is because smash has got the best Editor and the best writers. Stay blessed and keep surprising us every month! 🙂



AOA Editor,


Love your magazine. It’s just great. Stories, facts, information, trends and posters. A small request please. Can I have posters or pinups of some motivational celebrities like Arnold, Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson and Ronaldo. Great productive magazine, thank you and keep it up!

Muhammad AsadQadri



Dear Ed,

I got to knew about smash back in 2009 when my aunt used to read it, I bought my own in 2013 and as being a huge One Direction Stan I opened it willingly and its cover was of One Direction and ever since that day I am still buying it, The happiness it gives me is unbelievable at times thank you so much for everything keep smashing and don’t care about those blind haters.

ZaynabRaza, Multan



Hey Eddie.

You guys are doing an amazing work. Really loving it. May issue was just amazing. I owe you guys for a pinup of Zayn Malik or Thomas Boride Sangster. Looking forward to an active response.

Keep Smashing.

Aqsa Nazir,Karachi




Hey Ed,

Firstly, I really enjoy everything you publish and I would like to praise your hardworking staff. They deserve most of the credit. Secondly, I would like to request an article on Wattpad which is an online website for young and adult readers and writers alike. They are a lot of Pakistanis who use it to express their feelings and read amazing stories like me. People will really enjoy this article I promise you that.

MINIMETER, Islamabad




First of all I really love SMASH .I literally DON’T HAVE WORDS to tell u that its awesome and interesting reading this mag. I am reading this mag since a long time. I am a huge fan of SMASH & its SMASHERS. It’s my first time I mailed to you and I have also e-mailed you my essays and articles and I hope you will publish all my words in your ZUPERB mag. THIS MAG I am totally addicted to. I got my August edition today and I have read it out keep SMASHING

AydaFaheem, Lahore




Dear ed,

I will smash is amazing, I know it since 2009 when my aunty used to read I and ever since I wanted to write something for it and it was the first time I sent something and your publishing it, Your amazing

zaynabraza, Multan



Dear editor,

U guys are doing a great job. Keep it up! Well, to be honest, I am reading smash from a heck of time. 3-4 years. Honestly, every edition of smash was awesome as compared to other magazines. Keep Smashing!

Aqsa Ehtesham



Hey ed,

I have been reading smash since 2009,it is best magazine, joyful interesting, addictive, informative and a lot to say good about it, I have wrote to you one time before, please print a pinup of Zayn Malik and a poster of an animal “cat” along with a celebrity profile of “Beren Saat “. Thanks

Muhammad Saad Khan,




Dear Mag team,

Seems like Smash is coming up with new ideas each month! July’s issue came with an interesting corner of the book review: “THE ALCHEMIST”. Topics regarding the quotations are chosen wisely. Facts, jokes and of course the Yummy kitchen corner are all good. What I say:


Zara Ahmad,Gujranwala




Hey ed!

I hope you are all fie and busy yourself to perform the responsibilities to read the letters, articles, stories, fantasy or any other written activity to publish in your smart magazine. I’m reading this smash magazine for six years. This is my first letter. I read smash very carefully every article is full of vocabulary and lots of information and much more interesting facts. This is first English magazine I found in taste, well-manner and positive ideas. It’s really fantastic.

MehakShaikh, Lahore



Hey ED!
Well it’s been years since I first found out about your magazine and since then I wait every month to get the new copy in my hands. I absolutely love your content and the way everything is organized. I would be extremely happy if you include a poster of Toni Mahfud in your next edition. Lots of love!!

Sukaina, Lahore.


Dear ED!

Thank u so much for the EXO pinup. I really liked it and I appreciate your enthusiasm towards smash readers.

Thanks again.



Hi editor,

I’m writing first time to smash. I want to tell you that smash are really something. The novel: blood eye was really awesome and fascinating. I request you to print a poster of Late Alan Rickman. Hope you fulfill my request. Keep it up.

Mahshid Fatima, Hyderabad



Hello dear Smash Team!
My name is Sidra and I’m from Germany. Currently I was in Pakistan and my cousin reads your magazines.

After taking a closer look into your work, I was honestly very impressed as these magazines contain the perfect appropriateInformation for us teenagers, including helpful advice, tips and of course entertainment!The reason why I am writing to you are that I was wondering if you guys also ship to Germany? Because I would love to also be a monthly customer of yours, as your magazine impressed me more than our magazines in Germany. And I would be really happy if there’s an option that international teenagers can also have access to your work.


Sidra, Germany


Hi editor,

Since 2014 I had been reading your magazineand believe me it’s the best source of entertainment. The last issue was fabulous. The fun facts were great and recipes are always helpful. It’s the 2nd time Iam writing to you and requesting you with a hope to be fulfilled.Can you please print a poster/pinup of THE VAMPS, DYLAN O BRIEN OR SHAWN MENDES…any one of the above would be enough.Keep smashing!!


Hey edi,

This is the first time I’m writing to smash so please publish my email, I just wanted to say that you’re doing a great job so keep up the good work.

Hassan, Islamabad.


Hey Ed!

I started reading your mag from, like, June of this year and I’ve already started loving smash so much! You’re doing a great job! I do have some request though. Hope you could fulfill them. Actually, I was reading the letters to you in the September issue of smash, and there were readers thanking you for the One Direction posters and I was feeling so BAD for myself! I was so envious of these lucky readers who’ve been reading Smash for a long time. Could you please give posters of 1D members again? The same posters, maybe? Please? I’d love you to the Underworld and back. Plus, it would literally mean so much to me if you gave a pin-up/poster of Larry Styli son in the next mag. pretty please? Or maybe a little Larry Proof?

Please print posters of One Direction!Love you lots! Keep smashing.




Dear editor,

Let me just say that smash is the best magazine I have ever read! You guys always make sure that everyone’s requests are always fulfilled, if not in the next issue then in the later ones. I want to thank you for the EXO pin up in the September issue. We Pakistani K-pop fans really appreciated it. I really hope my letter gets published. Please keep publishing more Exo and BTS (or other k-pop groups)…. THANKS!


Keep Smashing!

Sarah, Peshawar


Hey Edi!!

Youare doing a great job. Keep it up…I know its hard to fulfill a request when they are so many people putting forward their requests…. well I’m among them please print a poster or pin up of the golden trio(harry potter)

Maya masood

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