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Your Mail
05 Feb

Dear Ed,
I have been reading Smash since 2010 and I feel like I am addicted to it. Smash is a magazine where I can find everything, from beauty tricks to movies. Good work Aymen Arif Malik for a great novel. Like everyone else, I have a request. Please print a poster of Ansel Elgort or Theo James. Keep smashing
Soha Saleem, Lahore

Hey Ed,
Smash is the best magazine in the world.  It has helped me a lot improving my work and reading skills. I have a request please post a poster of any arsenal player.
Mohib Ahmed, Lahore

Dear Ed,
Just want to say that you’re doing a pretty great job so thumbs-up! Your December issue was amazing. The best thing was the Louis Tomlinson poster. The album review of Four was cool too. Now here’s my request to you. You must have known by now that I am a big directioner.
Maham Amin, Rawalpindi

Hey Ed,
Your magazine is just stupendous! Words cannot express the awesomeness of this magazine. Now I don’t have to log in to Tumblr or even Facebook to find information about celebs, which I give more importance than studies. Anyways, I have a desire to know more about Lorde’s new song “Yellow Flicker Beat”, the soundtrack of Mockingjay Part 1, as it is my favourite one. And also please about the song “The Hanging Tree” of Jennifer Lawrence and I also wanted to know about fictional books for teenagers. And plus, I badly want a poster of Mockingjay cast or just Jennifer Lawrence. It would be a great pleasure if you could fulfil my requests.
Ujala Hussain, Islamabad

Hi Ed,
I want to tell you that I started reading Smash from August 2014, actually I used play too much games. Then my friend told me to read Smash. When I was reading it, it was so amazing there was star bites, news, cool gadgets etc. I really love fun facts which you have posted. I’m just addicted to it. There are also celebrities profiles, dudes just keep smashing!
M.Sahil Khan Chandio Malik

AOA Eddy,
December issue was great and thank you so much for the profile on Leo. Please print a poster or anything about late Paul Walker.
Sarah Iftikhar, Rawalpindi

Hi Ed,
I saw December issue I love the Games Review and Gadgets Review. You are doing a great job. Please can you print a poster of Chris Jericho and a pinup of Daniel Radcliffe.
Muhammad bin Hassan, Faisalabad

Hey Ed,
The spectacular December issue is just in front of my eyes right now! It was so perfect as always especially the game review and Quaid’s quotes. And the amazing novel Mystiko Diamante comes to an end. It was wonderfully composed no doubt. Now coming to my request can you please print a poster of Benedict Cumberbatch or Johnny Depp, please it is a keen request. Thank you so much, keep smashing.
Zoha Zakir, Karachi

Hello Ed,
This is my second letter to your magazine and this time I hope that it will find a little space in the letter corner because I was really disappointed when I didn’t find my very first letter in December issue. The December issue was fascinating. Celebrity profile of Leonardo DiCaprio was just amazing in itself. I was so happy when I saw the pinup of Louis Tomlinson. And then yes in the Wrestling Mania The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose was superb! 1989 Taylor Swift, Year 2014 for 1D were also some of the articles I liked very much. Now coming to requests, please print a poster of Percy Jackson and a celebrity profile of Mahira Khan the cutest actress in my opinion.
Amina Basharat, Sarai Alamgir

Dear Ed,
December issue was fabulous. Aymen’s novel had such a cute and romantic end I honestly loved it. The articles “Winter Clothes to Suit your Style” and “Stay Beautiful this Winter” were very helpful. Thanks a lot for printing the pin up of Iggy Azalea, I really liked it. The album review of 1989 by Taylor Swift was awesome, I was so happy to see it. The “Year 2014 For One Direction” article and the quiz “Magical Maleficent” was very nice.”Star Bites” were amazing as usual. The article “The Privacy Invasion” was great. I was so happy to see the lyrics of my favourite song “Notice Me” by Alli Simpson. Oh! I almost forgot to mention your website. I visited it and found it very interesting. You are doing a great job. My request is to please print a pin up or a poster of Justin Bieber in his new blonde hair. Thanks!
Zaroya Amjad, Wah Cantt

Hey Ed,
Your magazines are so awesome. I am writing you the first time. I will be very glad to have a poster of Frank Lampard and Alexis Sanchez. I hope my request will be full filled. I am a big fan of yours.
M.Taimur Jahanzeb, Rawalpindi

It has been only a few months since I started reading Smash and now I am in love with it. Marvellous is the time I spend reading this wonderful magazine. All I need to do is to open it up and then the magic begins. I get spellbound with some Smashy spell and I literally don’t realize how the hours tick by. Smash is a complete magazine for those who understand the countless assemblages of English alphabets and of course for those who admire the west. I have a few requests to make. Please print a poster of Zac Efron and profile of Hugh Dancy.
Huma Kulsoom, Sarai Alamgir

Hey Eddy,
I have been enjoying the articles and stories of this magazine since 2013. This is an amazing magazine! Everything in this magazine is mind blowing. I hope that you’ll publish my very first letter in your magazine. I have a little request that please print a poster of H.P cast or 1D or Beatrice and Four of Divergent as I am a diehard fan of these.
Saman Latif, Sarai Alamgir

Dear Ed,
I’m reading Smash since 2009. This is my first letter and I have a slight hope that my letter will find the place in mail section. The best magazine I ever had is Smash. Aymen Arif Malik’s Mystiko Diamante and her previous novel was just awesome. I love the Star Bites and Kids in the Kitchen. I want you to put on the recipes most of Chocolates and Cupcakes. Fun Facts were very interesting. I stored them in my head and wrote down on paper to read in assembly. Coming to requests, I would like you to give the Pinup or Poster of Avril Lavigne or Bashar Momin’s full cast. I also want you to give the lyrics of “Tu Hi Tu” the title song of Bashar Momin. Coming at the end, I would like to request that please print my article! Stay Blessed!
Naukhez Mazhar, Multan

Dear Ed,
Once again an awesome issue! I’m your regular reader and I’m love your magazine is the first time I’m reading to Smash. I love your all articles specially Arts & Crafts, Short Story (they are heart touching) Kids in the kitchen, Star Bites and that novel of Aymen Arif Malik was great. Your magazine is really informative, interesting and totally rocking. I would be really thankful to you if you print the poster of Ariana Grande or Katy Perry. Add a pin up of Mahira Khan and please write a celebrity profile of One Direction.
Saba Shahzad, Faisalabad

Hey Eddy,
I have been reading your fabulous magazine for the past three years and I’ve found it really interesting. Smash has now become a regular part of my life and the beginning of my every month. I really appreciate all the writers. Now I’m coming towards my request. I really please you to print a large poster of Cagatay Ulusoy, Beren Saat, Kivanc Tatlitug, Hazal Kaya and Ceyda Ates.
Nehal Majid, Lahore

Hey Eddie,
I don’t know where to start with hmm your magazine is wow I don’t have words to express how much I like it. And that I have completed a year and 4 months while reading Smash. The changes in Smash is amazing and the novel is wow. Smash is not just a magazine there is something crazy about it and I love it. Please print a huge poster of Justin Bieber or Angelina Jolie. Keep rocking!
Zainab Ahmed, Islamabad

Hey Ed,
This is the first time I am writing a letter to you. The December issue was awesome and I loved the beauty update and how to winter clothes to suit your style and I have a request will you please print a poster of Andrew Garfield and keep up the good work.
Natasha Ali, Rawalpindi

Dear Editor,
I am a regular reader of your magazine. Smash is a very awesome magazine. I really liked the short story “Your love chased me to death” by “Maryam Noor” in the November issue. I request you to please print the poster of ‘Angelina Jolie’.
Safia Brohi, Karachi

Hey Ed,
This is the first time I’m writing to the most perfect magazine for young adults. I appreciate your job a lot. Smash is the complete magazine for youngsters. Whether it is Sameen Hassan’s amazing articles, Aymen Arif’s stories or Rubab Ali’s celebrity news, you can’t stop until you finish reading the whole thing. Keep on the awesome work. I would like to thank Usman Tariq for the article ‘Three Stunning Young Guns’ about James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos. Now to my requests, can you please publish a huge poster of Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez or David Beckham and his family or the real Madrid team?
Javeria Shahzad, Islamabad

Hey Ed,
This is the first time I am writing a letter to you. I love your magazine so much and it’s so amazing! I always wait impatiently for the next edition. I love reading your magazine. I have a request that can you print the posters of Orlando Bloom, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev and the celebrity profile of Orlando Bloom. I hope you accept my request. Keep dashing and smashing!
Esha N

Hey Ed,
I just adore Smash. I just started reading it it’s been like 3 months. I just love it. Smash gets better with every new issue. I will soon contribute some articles. As for now I have some requests, as you people keep your magazine updated with the latest stuff so please print the lyrics of the new song of Selena “Do it”. I’ll be really glad if you also print her poster.
Aneesha Rashid, Sialkot

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