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Hey Afifa Baji,
I just love Smash, I’ve been reading it since 2011 and its awesome. It gets better every month. This is my first time sending a letter to any magazine. Please post a pinup/poster of the Twilight cast or do a celebrity profile of Kristen Stewart, thanks.
Fabeha Ahmed, Karachi


Dear Editor,
I’m a regular reader of your magazine. Your magazine is amazing. I’ve never seen nor read such a good magazine. I’m in love with your magazine. It rocks! The articles are really good and the recipes are really useful. I’m a diehard fan of it because it’s the best. I think everyone loves it. I have a request. I’d appreciate if you will fulfil my request. I really want a poster of Neymar Jr.
Laiba Safdar, Lahore


Hey Ed,
I have been reading Smash for about a year now and found it extremely amazing. All the articles are very informative and interesting. Please I have a request which I would like to be fulfilled please print a poster of one direction and a celebrity profile of harry styles.
Areeba Ahmer, Karachi


Hey Smash,
After a long time, I am writing to you again. Though I skipped writing but reading Smash never! Smash lives close to my heart I can never skip a thing of it! I have much to say and much to request so please Ed hold your breath! First of all, Sameen Hassan is going amazing as always. Each article of her is beautiful and her pictures in the happenings becoming more beautiful than ever! Aymen Arif’s new novel is brilliant. She is doing such a wonderful job. Alina Jawwad’s as always leaves me spell bound. Now as my request, I have been requesting this for moths and with big please, please add some poster or pinup of Okan Yalabik. Give some space to 5SOS guys as well. I wish you fulfil at least one request of mine.
Sadaf Abbas, Sadiqabad.


It’s been 6 years since I’m reading this best magazine ‘Smash’‎. I’m 18 years old. Whoever reads it once, gets addicted to it. Every month you surprise me by giving my favourite issues especially about science and myths. It’s the perfect magazine for youngsters. Keep telling us more about Pakistan. I love smash so much. Just keep doing what you are doing.
Ramsha Khan, Karachi.


Hello Ed,
This is the first time I am writing a message to you. I am reading smash since a very long time and I like it very much. I wrote some stuff for the magazine last month, but I think they were not good enough to be published. I am still trying my best to compose something better and I hope to succeed.
Zoha Zakir, Karachi


Hi Editor,
I am actually speechless about smash it’s not because I have nothing to say but it’s because I have a lot to say. Smash has been entertaining me for past few months. Smash is now a big part of my life, in fact life without smash is now just like a purse without money to me. Thank you so much, whoever is everyone collaborating with the magazine.
Iesha Faisal, Karachi


Hello Eddy,
I have been a regular reader of Smash since 2010 but have only now plucked the courage to write. You are really a complete magazine for young people. I appreciate all the efforts and Aymen’s novel is going amazing. I always find myself looking forward to the next issue. All the articles are great in their own place but my favourites are Sameen Hassan’s writings. Now to the request please print a poster or pinup of Orlando Bloom with his son or as Legolas Greenleaf. And trust me, Ed, I will keep poking you till you do! Looking forward to the next issue and seeing my request fulfilled.
Misbah Masoood, Islamabad


Hey Ed,
Just want to say that your magazine is perfect. It’s a great platform to promote young talent I love the October issue every article in each issue is just beyond words I love smash so much please print my mail it would mean so much to me. Please publish the celebrity profile of 1D.
Ramsha Aftab, Wah Cantt


Hey Eddy,
I am in love with Smash magazine. It’s superbly amazing. Please print a poster Fawad Khan. On 29 November is his birthday so please add his birthday in your birthday calendar.
Abeeha Butt, Lahore


Dear Ed,
I really like your magazine. It is totally fabulous. I have been your reader for more than two years and this is the third time I am writing to you. I really want you to publish something about One Directions new album ‘Four’ and post the lyrics of Steal My Girl or Still The One. Maham Abbasi, Lahore


Yo Smash!
Every single morning of the new month, I have been waiting for an extraordinary and staggering magazine. And with no doubt, it’s Smash! Yes, I truly want to tell you that I have been reading Smash for more over 4 years and I love it with all my enthusiasm. Articles that especially appeal me are the Beauty Tips, Trends, Quotes, Fashion, Celebrity Profiles and yes, Short N Snappy corner is always a super hit. The novel by Aymen Arif, Mystiko Diamante is going so well and good luck to her. And now turn for the request, so very simple. Please publish a poster of the cast of Twilight series.
Ifrah Rashid, Faisalabad


Hey Ed,
Smash is doing a wonderful job. Smash just rocks. I love all the new work you are doing. You are doing amazing job. All teenagers love your magazine. I love each and every issue of yours. I am a fan of your smashing magazine. I love everything of your magazine. I have request that please so please except it that please it’s a long time that you haven’t printed a poster of Emma Watson and a pinup of Paul Walker. Keep up the current work!
Zarak Khan, Rawalpindi


Dear Ed,
This is for the first time I am sending letter and I want to say that, I love this magazine and the material in it. This magazine is overall awesome and I have a request that please give a poster of Messi, Neymar or Ronald and I would love if you would print biography of any footballer in sports portion.
Irfan, Karachi


Hi Ed,
I just got my October issue of Smash! I love your magazine and it delights me to an extent. It has been more than a year that I have become a fan of yours. I want to say that please increase the number of pinups and posters. Now request time, print anything about Victoria Justice, Colton Haynes, Enrique Iglesias, Mawra Hocane, Asim Azhar and James Rodriguez and include their posters too. Also give the movie review of Victoria’s upcoming movie The Outskirts. I know that’s a lot to pile up, but please do.
Wahaj Arshad, Gujranwala


Hey Ed,
I would like to thank you for publishing my story! I accidently wrote ‘Reham’ instead of ‘Rehan’. Anyway, I’m really happy that you are doing an excellent job for the youth. Your magazine is very informative. People like Sameen Hassan and Madiha Yameen are writing such amazing articles for us. All the best for Smash!
Shanzeh Rehan


Dear Ed,
Again another awesome issue! I want to appreciate Sameen’s motivational article this month. It was again beyond my expectations. The article shared by Hassan Abbas was also a good one. Keep up the good work. You have really proved Smash as a complete magazine.
Saman Kazmi, Islamabad


AOA Dear Editor,
I am your regular reader from the year 2012 March and I found much good and informative stuff in it. Your last issue was awesome and as September is my birth month so it is always special for me. I liked the articles by each and every writer and new novel by Aymen is fantastic.
Dania Sarosh, Lahore


Hey Ed,
I just read the October issue. To be honest, Smash is the most astounding magazine in Pakistan. Star Bites was amazing and the story Begin Again was really heart touching. All the articles were really helpful and the puzzles were also fun to solve. Now, time for the requests please print a poster of Adam Levine, and of Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) and Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) from The Fault in Our Stars. Please fulfil my requests as everyone would love to have a poster from this bestseller book/movie. Lastly, thank you for publishing a letter of mine earlier and also for fulfilling a poster request I made few months ago. Keep smashing!
Abiha Imran


Hi Ed,
Smash has been entertaining me for about two months. I am really addicted to it now. It really inspired me. I have a request please print a poster of Avril Lavigne as I am a diehard fan of her.
Yumna Hafeez, Karachi


Dear Editor,
Thank you for sending Smash to everyone because its filled with knowledge, information, activities and lot more the last month was my first month to buy this magazine and after reading this magazine I became a big fan of it I love this magazine a lot.
Aneezah Shehzad


Hello Ed,
You see, your magazine has become a part of my life now. I crave every new issue; I wish you published it weekly. It’s so great to see such talent in Pakistan. Smash makes me and I’m sure many others proud. I’ve a few requests to make, please print a poster of the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, celebrity profile of Avril Lavigne and a poster/pinup of Adam Lambert.
Izna Fatima, Hyderabad.


Dear Ed,
I want to say that Smash is my favourite magazine. It is really very informative and interesting. I love the novel and now waiting for the next issue. You are putting a great effort to make this magazine best really appreciate you. Now coming to request please I want a poster of Ahmed Shehzad and Harry Potter characters Roan, Harry and Hermione.
Mariam Jafar, Lahore


Hello Ed,
I’m a regular reader of your magazine. I just want to say that your magazine is super. I have a request that can you please print the poster of Taylor Swift or Demi Lovato. Keep smashing!
Maira Muneer, Lahore


Hi Eddy,
I am a really big fan of Smash magazine. This magazine is just so awesome. The information is so wonderful. I like to read your magazine because it’s quite interesting. I would be really thankful to you if you print a poster of 5 Seconds of Summer and lyrics of Salute by Little Mix. Hope you will accept my request.
Anusha Khan, Peshawar


AOA Eddy,
Your October issue was super hit. I really enjoyed the articles and the pinups. Thanks for the lyrics of shake it off. The thing that I want to discuss with you is that the novels that Aymen Arif writes are always of love story. Please write something informative and different.
Ramsha Tariq


Dear Afifa,
Here I am the first one, for the very first time narrating few lines for your magazine so “Smash” is that worth regarding its recently increasing number of readers. I leafed through magazine pages and each and every article just touched the stings of my heart and now I have beautiful glimpse of several of the memories which it gifted. I’ll surely appreciate the section of “Short Stories” and informative “Amazing Facts” and how can I ignore the pieces of poetries at the end where as for poetry. I request you to publish my poem. I want to say much now but it seemed as if what I am only left with; “I am proud to be a part of Smash!”
Fatimah Masood, Wah Cantt.

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