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Your Mail
29 Mar


hey ed!

I absolutely love smash and all its articles! i want to thank you for all the kpop posters. i love them! i just have one request, please print an f(x) poster or f(x) amber liu poster. i will be extremely happy.

maham khawaja, Lahore


Hey Eddie!

I’ve been ready this perfect and incredible mag since more than 1 year and its simply AMAZING…!!!its the best mag and has got everything we people want.I don’t have words to describe this.Your tips,hacks and posters e.t.c are the main reasons i buy this with LOTS OF LOVE,

Fareena Amir



hey ed!

Smash is the most interesting magazine I have ever read . Everything in smash is very interesting and amazing . I have sent you many letters but unfortunately not even one of them is published and every time I requested for the poster of Laura Marano  but I hope this time you will fulfil my request. If you will publish her poster I will be so grateful to you . Thanks

Urooj Jamshaid , Multan



I love this magazine, it is amazing ,you are doing a great job, I am reading this mag from 3 years, I have some requests for you please print poster of Armaan Malik, he is my favourite singer, I hope you will fulfil my request .


Dania Irfan

Lahore, Pakistan


Hi editor,

I just wanted you to know that I’m a big big fan of SMASH. I have been reading smash about almost two years, I know it’s less but still I’m a huge fan of it. I want to know that how are you handling articles of a hundreds of people. You ROCK



This is the first time i am writing to ya ED.I simply want to say “THIS IS AWESOME”.Reading smash is way more fun than my hobies.The K pop and lyrics were good than any thing in jan’s mag.The posters have decorated my room alot.So never let smash down.


Hassan Ali,Rawalpindi


Hi Smash;

I just wanna say that your magazine is fabulous. The articles are very heart touching and they are worth reading. Thanks for such great articles. Now coming towards my request I want you to publish a poster of Jeon Jungkook or Kim TaeHyung from BTS(Bangtan Boys). It’s my first time writing to smash so I hope that it gets published and I also hope that you’ll fulfil my request. Thanks in advance.

Ayma A, Islamabad.


Hey ed

I am writing to you a very first time. YOU guys are doing great job. I have been reading smash since 2007. Now come to my request, please print the poster of Andrew Garfield or a pinup of Batman/Superman. Thank you. Keep smashing.



Hey ed,

i have been reading mag for 4 years now and it has never stopped amazing me.this magazine has everything a teen needs like gossip,posters(of hot guys!!!)and amazing stories.i must say i love the posters and pin ups. i know you soo many requests but, i was hoping you time for mine as you see February’s mag was a k-pop edition i was hoping the next one will be on american actors and singers. so now to my request i was hoping you guys could give me a pinup or a poster of francisco lachowski. He is very famous on wattpad so yeah i love him so much.keep smashing

Unsa Ahmed, Rawalpindi.




I am a big fan of your magazines.They are awesome.The thing I wanted to say that can you put Roman reigns bio and prints some posters him,and can you print some posters of twenty one pilots.Can you put some posters of Taylor swift can you do that because this is my wish.

Smash please please please print some posters of any of these three if you want only twenty one pilots posters and Taylor swift. Best of luck for your next magazine

SHAHZAR Sheharyar


Hey Editor!

I am reading this magazine from 5 months and what I experienced was that its the best magazine a teen could have and I must say that I loved it . Thanks for publishing travel tips and for publishing the lyrics of Sia-the greatest .Now lets come to requests .Please publish the lyrics of Blank space or You belong with  me .Anyways,Keep smashing


Dear Eddie!

Smash is the best magazine a teenager can have.It is full of interesting tips,quotes,jokes,facts,articles etc .And it wouldn’t be unfair to say that I’m love’n it.You guys are always working hard,making sure that every reader’s request is let’s come to requests .Please publish the celebrity profile of ”taylor swift”.Anyways,Keep Smashing


To the editor,

Hey, I love Smash. I have been reading it forever. In the next March issue could you please publish a poster or celebrity profile of Brendon Urie?

Keep Smashing.

Anusha, Gujranwala.


Dear Editor!

I’ve been reading smash for a while now and I love it. It is a great magazine for teenagers and I enjoy reading it very much. This is my first letter to you so I have a tiny request that can you please print a poster/pinup of Niall Horan or One Direction as I’m their huge fan.I hope that my letter finds a place in your amazing magazine. Keep up the good work. #KeepSmashing

Abeera Shahzad, Rawalpindi


Hi Ed,

Annyeong! I have to say that the February issue was the best issue of smash not that other issues were not good but it was the best because it was a KPOP EDITION:-) What can a kpop maniac ask for more? I am glad to see smash posting Korean related things…..It makes me feel so good and of course other Korean fans feel the same. I am soooooo thankful to smash for publishing BTS poster because I m huge fan aka ARMY of them. And thanx alot for publishing my work. I was so happy to see my work. Lastly I hope you will post more kpop and kdrama related articles and posters in the future. I have a request, please publish a poster of LEE JONG SUK or LEE MIN HO. I will be so happy. Hope you keep up the good work! Hwaiting!!!

Salmi Abbasi


Hello Ed!

Smash is a wonderful magazine which fulfills all needs for us teens . I love all the things in it especially when it comes to one direction.You see, i’m a big big big,BIG fan it would be just wonderful if you dedicate the net issue to them.Please keep posting stuff about them as much as possible  as smash never dissapointed me . I also sent you a few articles and would be wonderful if you publish them. Looking forward to the best and hope you will fill my request.Thank you .

zara usman , lahore


Asslam O Alikum ed! I’m reading this mag since three months.i must say that it is the one of best mag of Pakistan.This mag has increased my vocabulary very much.This is my second letter I hope that u will give my letter some space I Smash.I don’t have any kind of request cuz everything which is in yr mag is my favourite.And thanks for wrting about kpop I really lv it.In the last I wanna say that may Smash touch the height of success.Im anxiously waiting for the next issue.Keeeeep SMASHING.  ALLAH HAFIZ.                                 Zara Qazi from Lahore


hi ed

I have been reading smash for almost 3 years and its the best.From stories to celebrity news every thing is perfect.Like everyone i have some requests for poster.Can you print a poster of melanie martinez,shawn mendes or divergent.It’ll give great pleasure to me and the other smashers.

Sara Tariq Faisalabad


Hey ed!

Haha as the subject says, this is another one of my thank you letter. Well I really wanted to type the whole thing in caps since I’m screaming rn. The whole issue dedicated to Kpop and SO MUCH BTS IN DAT? IM JUNGSHOOK (lol an ARMY joke) you just make me so happy and it’s always incomparable.

All my requests get fulfilled already so it’s just that pls post this letter of mine? 😉 and also, start a picture segment in your magazine as I requested before. (Begin with BTS hehehe)

Also, I wanted to contribute for smash. I needed to know the criteria and if I can write anything for or about BTS. Cause I’m literally an encyclopedia and I’d like to share it. Plus, are you guys on Twitter or Instagram? I don’t use Facebook that actively and so I always miss stuff. So please make an account on Instagram or Twitter as well. LovE YOU SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU THINK!

Shiza Khan 🙂

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