14 Nov

Your Love Chased Me To Death

By Maryam Noor

“Oh! Let’s go,” I along my friends went to the nearby restaurant. Looking around casually my eye caught him sitting at the left. Confusingly, I turned. I had been three consecutive years I haven’t seen him. We entered the place and I made every possibility not to see at the left. I chose to sit a few tables distance from him, still showing that I didn’t saw him and I don’t know what made me sit in front of him. I was nervous, knowing I still loved him the same way. Everything flashed in my mind our last talk or that sounded more like a fight but everything about him crossed my mind. Thinking of him, in front of me got me those mixed feelings I couldn’t explain. We started gossiping and I was quite.


“That man in white looks like a jerk,” Amna spoke. “Who?” Aima asked, “The one staring Mishal?” My name, I thought. I moved my eyes towards him. He was smiling, still the same way. Nothing has changed in him these years, thought after thought stroked my mind until I couldn’t resist but smiled back. He left his place and moved towards me. He still had the same gait, same attitude. Gosh! He was still handsome not a jerk but my hero, I thought. I left my place and moved towards him just like the magnetic field has started working. Finally, a few steps and we were close enough. We weren’t strangers but we seemed ones. “Hi! What a surprise?” he started. “Oh yes! Hello,” I mumbled and we laughed. I was nervous like every time in front of him. “Come have a seat with me.” He requested and I followed him without another word. All the way, I played with the keys to avoid my shivers. “How are you here?” he asked.


I was stalking you, I thought I should tell him. “For lunch,” were the only words I spoke, silence. It made me hear my heart beat more clearly so I thought of breaking it this time.

How about your fiancée?, I asked him. I am here to meet her and to finish some business stuff. “Okay! That is good. So have you met her? How is she?” “She is pretty good. Not yet, she is busy with some work.” “Well! If I would have been in place of her, I would more prefer to meet you first.” “I know right. So, how is everything?” “Best like always,” I replied calmly. “You haven’t changed.” So about you! “I miss talking to you,” he confessed. “I thought of texting you but then I backed off. I don’t want anything to go wrong for you guys.” Nothing wrong would have happened. “She is a girl. I know what would have happened.” Your friends are staring at us, he spoke again after a few minutes while looking around the place, so are yours! Haven’t you told them about me? “Have you done that?” No! And I won’t. “There was nothing to tell, new place, new friends and new stories. “How are the old ones?” I don’t know. It’s hard to forget everything that had happened. “I am sorry!” “Now it doesn’t matters. I think its proceeding the wrong way, I should leave.” Don’t! Falling from heights, trust me, not this time. I am strong.” “I won’t let…”


“I should leave,” I stood up. It’s over between us. I want you to be there instead of her, he pulled me towards him. It looked awkward so I quickly took my place back and tried my best to loosen his grip. “That’s impossible and leave my hand you are hurting me.” Marry me? he told me. I saw him into his eyes. I couldn’t believe the words he spoke. I thought he was kidding but his expression was mature enough explaining it was no joke. God has some plans and I don’t think so this is one of his plans, was all I would say. I just want you. The moment you left I realized how important you are. You helped me become who I am. Those faiths, that trust everything I am today is just because of you. That rudeness, anger, depression, sickness everything I suffered was all because of you, I pressed the tears hard inside my eyes not to show him he was getting me back. “I want you,” he spoke slowly.


“You always wanted me but you never loved me. It’s too late,” I tried my best to convince him, slowly moved my hand out of his and left as quickly as possible. In hurry, I thought of seeing him again. I turned and there a truck smashed into me. The next moment, I found myself in hospital, all covered in white sheets, surrounded by people wearing masks and getting me treatment. My whole body has been paralyzed. “She will be dead in a few minutes,” one of them spoke and others gave up on me. I realized the only person I named was him in unconsciousness and the next moment I saw him standing there. He came close to me. I noticed that he had been crying. “I am sorry. Please don’t leave, I love you,” he spoke heavily. “I wanted you to stop me, hug me tight, never give up on me, scold me and I still love you madly. I would always say yes, every time.” “Don’t leave.” Marry her! I want you to live, forget me but have a good life. Don’t make the mistakes I have made,” I took the last breath and there I was dead”.

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