Young Verses

Young Verses
14 Nov

My Mother
By Bazigah Murad
A song of love,
And a cute dove,
A lovely star,
Shines wide and far,
She always meets half way,
As a sea of bay,
She works so hard,
To protect us as guard,
Hopes are lightened,
Because of her softened,
My Mother,
Is I can never ask for another,
I love her a lot,
Don’t know if she loves me or not?
Loosing You
By Raania Babur, Karachi
My heart and I are crying again,
My face is full of tears,
Please love, you just can’t leave me,
After all these years,
Thinking about our good times,
Slept with tears in my eyes
Wondering why did I hurt you?
When I knew hurting you was the worst crime,
I know I have made a few mistakes,
But loosing you is too much for me to take,
Your love and your smile is what I crave,
I’ll see you in the summer,
Then you’ll come back to me,
And we’ll be together for eternity,
You’ll be with me for infinity

I Promise You
By Rabia Ahmed
I promise you,
To be with you each night,
Each moment,
Dull or bright,
Each second of my life,
I promise you,
To never leave you alone in this world,
Full of hate, deceive, revenge and torcher,
I promise you,
To love you all my life,
More than anything else,
To love you more than this world,
Even more than myself,
I promise you,
I will never forget you,
Even not to think of deceiving you,
Leaving you,
I love you!



Football Fever
By Youza Asad, Karachi
The big match,
The big day,
The big hit,
The big kick,
The big goal,
The big game,
The big prize,
The big change,
The big star,
The big freeze,
The big break,
The big win,
This is called football feast,
This is called a million night for players,
This is called football draft,
This is called football flukes,
All are crazy, we are funky,
This is called football fever!
Magical Pillow
By Amna Khalid
I have a magical pillow on my bed,
I saw myself in a music set,
This is the world where you go everywhere,
And you can buy coins and fancy pair,
Scholars come from this wonderful land,
And you can see ghost holding pan,
I have a magical pillow on my bed,
You can see flying dogs,
Have you ever seen crying frogs?
This the world where you are the head,
Where you saw on the pillow on your head,
I have a magical pillow on my bed

By Fatima Tehreem
Music shakes your body,
As a feeling of soggy,
Soft music makes a relax feeling,
As opposite as problem dealing,
Music changes you from sorrow to pleasure,
As a shiniest chest of treasure,
Music makes you feel in love,
As a feeling of peace in dove,
Music makes you flagrant sometime,
With a long passage of time,
Music shakes your body,
As a feeling of soggy

Make Sure
By Irum Zahra
Make sure to run over all the broken stones,
Fallen from the statue of your ego,
Make sure to come to me with a stone heart,
Hardened from all the time passed,
Make sure to see the world as it is,
Bitter sweet, wretched and divine,
Make sure to love unconditionally and completely,
In all ways, inappropriate and proper

O’ Angel Of The Night
By Mehwish Rafi, Peshawar
Make my home, your sight,
Please give me the rains of hope,
Fulfil the dreams of my life,
Beyond the sky, there is a world,
People call it Paradise
I know the world is smart enough,
But I choose, not to be wise,
My wishes are coloured,
My heart needs to glow,
O’ Angel I pray to you,
To make me a rainbow,
I want to win the hearts,
I want to wipe the tears,
Make me strong enough,
To fight the lasting fears,
I want to be loved, till I die,
People miss my soul, and I make them cry,
O’ Angel Bless my dear one,
And keep me their near one,
Promise, to make my last day so special,
That they miss me, as the wind blows,
Even if I am gone,
I still remain close!

A Rainy Day
By Fariha Warsi, Hyderabad
It was a rainy day,
Rainy day is a beautiful day,
Our elders and children are very much happy on this day,
All of sudden dark cloud appeared from the north,
The streets were soon full of water,
The air become cool and weather is pleasant,
A rainbow appeared in the sky,
The trees and the leaves began to glitter like piece of green glass,
Rainy day is very important because it fill our felling full with joy and happiness

When I Was Not Well
By Sara Noor, Rawalpindi
When I was ill,
Days seemed to pass like weeks,
Minutes like hours and seconds like minutes,
Every moment was terrible,
With Autumns inside me and springs outside me,
I felt a desire in the depth of my heart,
“Can I live my life one more time?”
Yes, inside me it was saying,
I wanted to live one more time,
Wanted to see the sun shine,
The moon in the night sky,
The stars I had never sighted,
I wanted to see them one more time,
I wanted to live one more time,
The sparrows chirping,
The koel in the cage guavas on the trees,
Flowers blooming, flowers withering,
The crow’s sound I hated in the morning,
I wanted to hear it one more time,
I wanted to live one more time,
I wanted to get scolded by father,
To have a light quarrel with brother,
I wanted to live one more time,
I wanted to get punished by a teacher,
To watch my fellows laughing at me,
To stand in front of the whole class,
To be late to college one more time,
I wanted to live one more time,
I wanted to get wet in the rain,
To hear the whistle of a moving train,
To wait in a long CNG line,
I wanted to live one more time,
I wanted to play my favourite game,
To give excuses to mother so lame,
To read “Smash” one more time,
I wanted to live one more time

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