27 May

Young Verses: The Workers


By Abida Saleem

Carrying the bricks on their back
The barrels of tar, the cement in sack
Their face turns muddy, dirty &black
Stirring the mud to fix every crack
They nail the rack
They repair the track
They never cry
For what they lack
The men who are very strong & tough
Their work is never less than rough
They work for making our life better
Their efforts are always hard& greater.



Just pray to Allah

By: Hajra Salim
Just pray, pray, pray to Allah
Just pray, pray, pray to Allah

For everything, For everything, For everything, For everything

Whatever your need is
Just pray, pray, pray to Allah

Whatever you want to be fulfilled
Just pray, pray, pray to Allah

Whatever the circumstances are
Just pray, pray, pray to Allah

For everything  ,For everything, For everything, For everything



“Antiquity and the Song”

By: Neelum Afridi


The walls played my heart

I, passing by drooled, yet did not stop

It sang to it, the building a century old

‘There is nothing but cold.’

To my charmed heart I told.

It played another cord, again provoked.

‘You will be lost, it will rain and storm.’

I kept walking when the drops fell on my clothes

I succumbed, defied no more

To the rhapsody of antiquity, the rain drops and the inner storm

I danced and danced until I soaked…



Believe in yourself

By warda rasool, Islamabad


I have seen people,

Afraid of audience,

Afraid of stage,

And lacking confident,

But there is just one missing in them,

And that is the believe,

All you need is just,

To believe in yourself,

And your talent will probably,

Be reaching its height,

So believe is a magic,

Just say the right spell,

And look how it




By Alunia Syed



A relation beyond a friend, a mother, and a father

Is the relation with him rather

He is a sustainer, a friend and a lover

Every slip of man he would cover

He is aware of all prayers and covets

All unerring and erroneous, indigenous and forged

He is ghafoor, He is Raheem and a creator

He takes for a reason and gives sooner or later

He knows the minds and the hearts

And is versant to the revealed and the hidden

He is a love greater than seventy of the greatest loves

A listener in the skies far and above

He is the one who never misunderstands

To ask for forgiveness, when one lifts his hands

He loves, loves more and forgives with all his might

A true heart, true worship is all it takes for it to be bright

He listens, listens immaculately better

He, who gives to prayers, a shelter

A life of sins is the human’s birth

His benediction leaves the mortal in mirth




By Zinnia Ali
Once there was a field,
And on that field,
There lived a frog,
The fattest frog that you ever did see,
Next to the frog there lived a goose,
The smartest goose that you ever did see,
The frog and the goose were very best friends,
They wore the clothes of every trend,
They went to the park,
Where dogs bark,
They slept at night,
When they gained their fright.

Report card

By Rabab vadivala


Let me tell you about a nightmare

That we always hesitate to share

This is the book with a disastrous grade

From which every child get afraid

When we see the subject score

It makes us realize “what have we done before?”

At last there is a grand total and percentage

And after that a parent facing stage

This is the time when we can exactly predict the future

I mean a whole day full of torture

Then comes the time when we face teachers

And listen their same emotional lectures

Report card comes and kids get in trouble

And tension also gets double





By Fajr Falak, Lahore

Like a cure to pain,

‘Like sun in the rain,

I am cleaning these stains;

So wisely insane.

‘Happiness’, I gained,

Like childhood again.

There was nothing to explain,

Now I was out of the lane.

Fell in and out, but I didn’t complain,

Because my efforts were obvious,

Like a red bloodstain.



By  Momina Shakeel
The colors of light
The day and night
The birds in flight
The sun and stars
Are twinkling bright
They are all the wonders
The nature’s splendors
We are thankful to God
For a world that is
Very large and broad


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