05 Jul

Young Verses

My Mom 
By Warda Asif, Multan

My mom is my light, in her company, I take delight
She loves me and holds me tight, she taught me how to write
She teaches me what’s wrong and what’s right, and tells me not to fight
She is my hope, my dream, my light, she wants my future to be bright
And helps me reach great heights,
she pours her love in every meal, every bite, She sleeps with me at night
She wants me to be full of might, she teaches me how to recite,
If I have pain, big or slight, she tells me things will be all right
She can complete ant task over night, she is very kind and polite
I am happy to see her sight,
Sometimes she is very quiet, when it is night
She says, “good night, sleep tight”
My mom is my light, she is my treasure, my delight

Exams Are Over
By Muzammil Jawed Shaikh

Exams are over so is your stress,
Now just go and take some rest,
Stop hiding your fear and wipe your tears,
Just go and chill, don’t take any pills,
Take a deep breath, and let go of your stress

By Eman Babur

Days of our life will pass us by,
With unsaid words and endless desires,
Life cannot be a fairy tale,
Which ends with a happy ever after again,
It’ll make you feel every taste of love, happiness and pain,
Only then the kingdom shall break,
That will be the time for you to fade.

Playing Games
By Vaneeza Shahzad

I love playing games
I love to play
Not with toys or clay
I love playing games on my iPad
Whenever I am happy or sad
Many games I used to download
I also take pictures and upload
I love to play games of fighting and gun
Playing games is a lot of fun

The Call

By Emerald Fille

A bird is singing at a distance,
Calling others to return home in the evening,
Because it’s time for a family reunion and they know,
That nothing is more important in the world than the strength of an unbroken family.

Dream Land
By Moiz

The roads are made of precious stones
The sea is made of ancient bones
The grass is like sharp spikes
The moon is beautiful in dark nights
The houses are sharp and tall
The sky is going to fall
The people are running because of fear
The moment of dying is almost near
Listen to me I am a bird
Angels talking I have heard
No need to fear the falling sky
If your inner spirit is high
The place where I live is grand
People call it the Dream Land

Forget The Past
By Warda Rasool, Islamabad

Forget the past whether good or bad,
Stress on the present and think for the future,
Just think its past, leave it and go on,
Always do your best then leave it to God,
Perform your duty even if others don’t,
Forget the past whether good or bad.

A Day At Sea
By Kashaf Zehra

It was an unusual day
The sizzling sun frying the beach
Splashing in the sea was a girl named May
She swam as gracefully as a swan
While the sea opened its mouth trying to gobble her up
But she kept riding them like they were thin air
She was soaring high on top of the world
She couldn’t stay forever so it had to end
A tidal wave arose and took her by surprise
She cried for help, she struggled to get out
The wave was too strong and took her with a gushing sound
For May had been queen of the waves for far too long

Back to Life
By Osama Basheer Mayo

Bright like a twinkling star,
When you come in my hopeless dreams,
I feel like I am young again,
Like a breeze teasing a flame,
When you tease my scattered thoughts,
I feel like I am loved again,
Like a stark light of the day,
When you pass through my soul,
I feel like I am alive again

By Faiqa Ejaz

I have a little angel
But she’s not stranger
She is beautiful child,
Sometimes like strawberries wild
She is always present in my mind
Because she’s so kind
She is my youngest sister
And she’s a best creature

By Taimoor Hassan (TK)

The books are my knowledge, they take me to college
They gave me the chance to create friends, with superb different trendsBut I think this is a good life, without a dangerous wife
Scattered knowledge is awesome, I refer it to the blossom
My teachers are most terrifying, I always run back to them just for clarifying
However, I think school is the best, because it gave us rest
In school there is no name of a test, I think that life was just a guest
I always relay on this life, because I don’t have a dangerous wife
I am alive because of my mom and dad, their screaming is not so bad
They just give us lessons, to create good impressions

The Sun
By Mishal Humayun

The beautiful sunlight,

and the sun rays so bright,

That they will make you blind,

They are harsh and not kind,

they are very hot, like a burning pot.


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