Young Verses

Young Verses
08 Mar

By Shehzeen Adnan Siddiqui

As the sun went down,
And all was dark,
He wore the crown,
Of the evil’s mark,
MotherI lay on the side,
Clutching to a shoe,
Filled with fright,
As he came stomping through,
Then burst in he,
As I screamed and thrashed,
Along came my mother, as she,
it a hammer and it crashed!
She held me tight,
Like she always do,
Filling my heart with light,
Of Love all the way through,
She cares for me,
And guides me as well as my brother,
Helps me grow up, as she is my Mother

My Smash

By Farva Ejaz

The name of my favourite magazine is Smash,
It shows many people a big flash,
It makes everyone smile,
Even we are away from world a mile,
My SmashThis magazine is very unique,
We can’t buy it from boutique,
It never makes me bore,
We don’t have even any sore,
It always has a new view,
And we always learn something new,
It gives me as fun that even I cannot run,
As soon as my siblings looks,
It seems them an interesting book,
I like its way as it is beams of sun ray,
I had it from my past and it will remain the last,
It energize me to refresh my mood,
Even if it is a slow food,
Even in the darkness of night,
Always motivate us to bright,
The happiness that I get from Smash,
Can’t be bought by cash

I Waited For You

By Fakiha Rohab

I Waited For YouYesterday was Valentine and I waited for you,
But the day was over and I hadn’t seen you,
I should knew that there must be a grave,
Beneath the heart to bury memories of our mate,
I looked upon those guys with jealousy,
Who bought big and red roses simply,
To show their love and care,
I just looked upon them with wide stare,
I know one day you will repent,
When you’ll remember the days we spent


By Zainab Ahmed, Islamabad

Fashion is just a craze,
That ends after some days,
People have forgotten their religion,
And commencing to do new with some praise,
They are replicating English and Pakistanis,
And somehow acting like Canadians,
Tight jeans and short shirt,
Sleeveless and miniskirts,
We must speculate what we are,
And meditate what Islam says

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's DayBy Atiqa Shehzad, Lahore

Valentine’s day is a sweet one,
Giving out cards receiving them is so fun,
Flowers and hearts are the decorations,
A day to show you care is reason for celebration,
Chocolate and candy are sweet presents too,
I love valentine’s day, how about you


By Batool Zahra, Lahore

It is pain, that you regain,
After every incident, or maybe accident,
When you are hurt, everyone is alert,
And you suffer alone, until your worries are gone

New Year New Hope

By Bakhtawar Ejaz, Islamabad

New Year New HopeWhat done has done, in the previous year,
Things we done in joy and fear,
But now the God has given us another chance,
The ride to scream or dance,
And opportunity to make our dish delicious,
Not the life is ridiculous,
Have to reach mountain with supreme mentality,
Our talent our ability,
Never waste a single moment of the good day,
As sun spread its ray!

My Cat

By Neyha Mehtab, Faisalabad

My CatMy cat is fat,
She runs after rat,
She plays with me,
She flees on me,
And catches a bee,
She is afraid of sea,
She sits on my knee,
And climbs on tree,
Now she is of three,
She snatches my tea,
And helps me find my key,
She is a partner to me,
She is equal to my friend Karina,
I love you Tina

Terror, Terror
By Fatima Usman, Gujranwala

Terror, TerrorTerror, terror all around,
Dead bodies lying on the ground,
Children screaming,
Mothers dreaming,
Of their children’s arrival,
Receive the news of their death,
Failed to accept the news yet,
Daring officers, those who strive,
With all their might to save our lives,
So we study and do our best,
And in peace let everyone rest!

The Beast

By Zuhaa Fayyaz, Lahore

Red, black and way beyond,
Flashbacks of constant breakdowns,
Shall I not be white with fear?
When flames are inextinguishable,
A hunt of a vicious figure,
I’m an angel with a devil’s heart,
Shall I be a fathomless mystery?
When the animal cannot be tamed,
The BeastA monster imprisoned within,
Might eventually rip you apart,
Shall I learn to live with it?
When inclinations are somewhat divergent,
Weapons with stains of blood,
The endless misery yet satisfaction,
Shall I die to conclude the sins?
When the truth can only get worse,
They say beasts are myths,
Wild and noxious creatures,
Shall I tell them the bitter fact?
The real one lies inside

When The Reaper Wails

By Sara Javed, Lahore

When the reaper wails, the soul cries out,
It screams and shuts inside the body,
”Thine last place has arrived, thou shalt not survive!” he screams,
The soul, it hugs the body, utterly distressed,
”Nay, thou cannot survive the reaper’s curse, when he wails,” the cold voice booms,
When The Reaper WailsLike a knife scraping against a rock,
The fire burns out, and darkness engulfs the human,
The reaper, he touches the soul with a thin finger,
The soul gives a last deep wail,
And understand into nothingness,
The reaper removes his veil,
There is nothing, just darkness,
”The reaper is nothing…just a cloak with scenes of delightful death…” he laughs,
He clasps the soul quietly in his elongated hand,
He stalks way, only the limp body is left,
Waiting to be buried, under a cold, dark mound

Love You Mother

By Atiqa Shehzad, Lahore

Love You MotherMy mom is really great,
She’s sweet as she can be,
When I need some help,
I know she’s always there for me,
Mom loves me all the time,
Even when I’m a sick,
She always takes good care of me,
My mother is the best!

Oh Water

By Mohammad Ahmad, Rawalpindi

Oh WaterRain rain everywhere,
Hail hail everywhere,
All around us is water,
A lot of water to drink,
But not well clean,
Water water everywhere

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