Young Verses

Young Verses
08 Feb

My Parents  

By Faiza Nadeem

Starting with your love and gentle smile,
Your true support every once in a while,
That one look which is always enough,
To stop us from something that is rough,
How balanced you always stay I wonder,
That anger turns out to be your tender love,
Giving us everything from food to cloth,
Working for us so that we may soothe,
Now I realize that whenever you scold,
It is to make us strong and bold,
Thank you for everything that you have done,
You are my parents second to none,
Thumbs up for every little thing you have told,
That has made us sturdy and wise to get hold,
Of each and every single matter in life,
So now we know how to survive,
Love you from the core of my heart,
My pearls and best life’s part


Tribute To Black Day

By Starless Night Dreamer

I am six years old and all I can see is red,
Around the classrooms on my friends and in my head,
I am six years old and my mommy can’t ever see me again,
I want to tell her that God will take care of me,
But the monsters make sure I can’t,
I am six years old and my daddy promised to take me out on Sunday,
And that he will be there when I graduate,
But the monsters make sure he can’t,
I am six years old and today is the day of my death,
I lost all dreams and plans for the future this happened.


To The Murderers

By Zahra, Bahawalpur

Voices that had welcomed the day
With prayers of peace and enlightenment,
Froze but just for this world,
Discord of your lunacy,
Bereaved you of truth’s call,
And as your guns rang
The songs subdued,
But there will be more,
To hoist your bedevilled flags,
You chose this innocent land,
Where angels spread their wings,
With reverence, even Satan won’t own you!



By Nimra Asad, Islamabad

Taking you through your life,
It would always be at your side,
It guides you through all tests,
No matter how tough they get,
It promises you success,
It relieves all your stress,
It might be hard to get,
But it is worth every bet,
It can be gained at any age,
It can’t be loose at any stage,
It gives you more than your expectations,
It is nothing but your education!


I ApologizeI Apologize

By Osama Bin Junaid

I apologize,
For what I am, where I belong to,
For what I did intentionally or unintentionally,
For the restrictions I have,
For the reasons I have,
I apologize,
For the past, for the future
For not being there where you want me to be,
For not giving time,
For having such an ignorant behaviour,
I apologize,
For making you alone, snatching your hope,
Now I can’t control my heart,
And after all I regret for this all,
Because I’m not with you, I apologize



By Mehreen Waqar

A beat of song that you listen up,
And can’t escape it up it touches my heart,
Deep inside I feel that I’m with someone,
Who’s just like me and I’m like him,
An imaginary one, who opens my heart,
And take me out of darkness,
And helps me find my way up,
Finally I think of myself,
Those lyrics that touches my soul,
I can’t stop dreaming of it,
Turning the volume up,
To keep it slow,
I go away from the people all the way up,
And feel the distance I made up,
I think of the music that changes my feelings,
All I remember is my willing,
I dream that I’ll shine like a star,
But I’m so far,
I wish I could stay in that land forever,
Forever and forever again



By Haram Zahid Gujranwala

They give me too much care,
They are not just fair,
They are a layer of a glare,
Good is not enough,
Marvellous is not enough,
Cannot explain, cannot explain,
Without them life is like a paralysed man,
Without them we can’t have a fruit pan,
They are more than precious,
They are my parents



By Namal Zaka, Lahore

Study every 24 hour,
Not a minute free,
Long chapters,
Waiting for holidays,
A long lasting paper,
Scary questions,
The clock ticking tic, tac, tic, tac,
My heart beating fast dub, dub, dub,
Praying to almighty Allah,
Can’t breathe till it finishes,
At last done, now better run,
But it was fun, now wait for the result


Fearful Dreams

By Sadaf Abbas, Sadiqabad

Sometimes dreams are full of fear,
When you see a ghost, a gigantic bear,
You see a giant moving towards you,
And there is a big dog too,
Then you run like a power shoot,
Yet you don’t know any route,
Then with fear you wake up and scream,
And your mother says, it was just a dream,
You realise that and get cool,
Having an adventure was wonderful!


White Stars

By Irtiza Qasim, Attock

Dark in the night,
Alone in the night,
Only with a white moon,
We all know them right,
They all are the friends,
With little shinning surface,
They come in the night,
We all know them right,
Children likes the a lot,
They all love them high,
They shine so bright in the night,
We all know them right


What Aliens See

By Ayaan Khan from Rawalpindi

Wars, fights and duels are we really such fools,
What would the ambassadors think, every blink after blink?
Where noise is not found, they touch the ground,
We take this world as nothing,
Because we don’t know what’s frightening,
They came to learn from us,
But we never give the time due to our rush,
Is this what they came for?
To see us fight and roar,
Only few people realize,
That we should stop to terrorize,
They are still not convinced,
Due to many convicts,
Then they realize that when one acts,
Others also start to react,
One persons action, can result in a chain reaction

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