Young Verses

Young Verses
27 Dec

My Father

By Bazigah Murad

We love him a lot,
Our relation is tied as a knot,
He works day and night,
With all his love and fight,
He is strict as a chief of police district,
He calm as a tree of palm,
For us, his care is a must,
Can never be sprinkle in dust,
May his shadow on our head stay forever,
We can’t think of losing him ever,
A bunch of flower,
For my lovely father!


When You Are Dying Inside

By Shanzay Alizay Kayani

When you have nowhere to go,
And you are left all alone,
And then you cry every time she says no,
When you do look okay to others,
But inside your broken completely,
Let me tell you what it is,
You are dying inside,
You are broken inside,
From eyes you have cried so long,
You fear oblivion might struck you,
And you do know this won’t get you anywhere,
Even it is what you are not summoned to do,
It is that you are dying from inside,
Your completely broken inside,
When you have been left behind,
And you know you have been hiding it from a long time,
And thus nobody sees your pain,
They do think you have gone completely insane,
Believe it or think its fake,
You have died inside!

By Faiqa Ejaz


Family is supposed to have your back,
Family is supposed to know you,
There are supposed to be no secrets with family,
There are supposed to be no lies with family,
Family is supposed to love each other unconditionally,
Family is supposed to be there for you,
There is supposed to be understanding in a family,
There is supposed to be trust in a family,
Family is supposed to be there for you,
Family is supposed to understand



By Michelle Qureshi
My vivid sight has witnessed roseate times,
My naked eyes has banished painful crime,
My thoughts have provoked million lines,
My abrupt mind neglected the most blissful grime,
I have nowhere to go, no place to hide nor to explore,
My bare feet burns as the scorching light shines,
I feel so nude as I enter my shrine,
My heart has been pulverized, crushed into pieces,
The integrity of my sorrows are greased with eases,
My dark soul’s plaintive increases,
I feel so perky as my breath finally decreases,
I flashback to those roseate times,
When once my glee was truly confine


My Mirror   

By Osama Basheer Mayo

Yesterday I met a black ocean,
With green waves emerging out,
I saw in them my heart beating,
And a big stone with sweet words,
Carved on it,
Yesterday I met an iceberg,
With a hot temper inside,
I felt in it my warm blood,
And saw my naughty sketch,
Frozen in it,
Today I’m dancing,
Swaying in cool breeze,
I’m feeling my tiny heart calling,
For someone with a sentence,
Stamped on it


The Funny King

By Rida Abbas Ranjha, Islamabad

Once there was a king,
He often used to wear a ring,
He loved to sing,
While swinging on his swing,
He was such a funny thing,
Once he found a bird with a broken wing,
So he sent his men to bring a piece of string,
To mend the bird’s wing,
Then he made the bird fly away in the season of spring


Whole New World

By Shanza Kayani, Mangla

Everybody wants to the master,
Everybody wants to show their skill,
Everybody wants to get there faster,
Make their way to the top of the hill,
Each time you try,
Each day you get a little better,
Each day you fly,
One more step on the ladder,
It’s a whole new world to begin,
It’s a whole new world to see,
It’s a whole new world,
With a brand new attitude,
But you got to keep moving on,
To be the best that you can be,
Everybody wants to keep on going,
Everybody wants to do their best,
Everybody wants to be the top at,
On anything that seems a test,
Each day you fall,
Each time you got to get up again,
Each time you fail,
Got to get back on it again,
It’s a whole new world to begin,
It’s a whole new world to see,
It’s a whole new world,
With a brand new attitude,
But you got to keep moving on,
To be the best that you can be.



By Sawaira Sial, Multan

The sun rises and sets,
The rain falls,
And slowly down the window it rolls,
The trees whisper when the wind blows,
And then all of a sudden you hear only your beat,
After the dark night,
The World lightens up with sunlight,
This is life,
No matter how much you fight,
At the end everything gets alright


Quaid-e-Azam Birthday

By Muhammad Hasan Khan

Quaid-e-Azam is the one, who saved us,
He is the only one, who had a big heart,
He is the one, who earned his life for us,
He is the one, who is alive for us,
He is the one, who did not stop to release Pakistan,
He was alive for us,
He is alive for us,
He will always alive for us


Mango Tango

By Arsalan Ullah Khan

I am mango, I am sweet,
I am actually summer’s treat,
You should eat me with the milk,
Otherwise I will give you heat,
I am king of all fruits,
I am admiral of fruits’ fleet,
All types of people enjoy me,
Either they are poor or elite



By Batool Zahra, Lahore

It is blue,
And almost glue,
It’s awesome waves,
Make me amaze,
The pretty sun,
Is also like a bun,
The slippery sand,
Is always at the hand,
It is the sea, which I can see


Life Is An Ice Cream

By Heeba, Faisalabad

Life is an ice cream,
Enjoy it before it melts,
It’s having different scoops round like hoopla hoops’,
It’s having different flavours,
But nobody will be in your favour

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