14 Feb

Young Verses


 Sara Javed, Lahore

Ashes fly everywhere, in all directions.

They make my eyes sting,

and coat my flesh and cascade of hair.

My throat stings with pain,

as I see my house in ruins.

Fire, dancing a wild waltz of death,

among the bricks and ruined possessions.

Everything, buried beneath concrete.

Life squeezed out of the content souls,

that howl and holler in pain,

and jab me with their hands.

As dark ashes of death fall upon the land.

And I sink onto the rubble,

placing my head onto my knees; sobbing.

Then raise my head to the burning sky,

And give an animal scream.

And; I wake up,

my forehead matted with cold sweat.

It was all a nightmare, hush.

Or was it?

Pen and Paper

MishalHumayun, Rawalpindi

When I pick up my pen and force it to write,

thenI realize that I have nothing to write,

thenI force my mind to think hard,

and then I think of the different phases in my life,

which start hurting me like knife,

but some moments i see,

where there are you and me,

but then I see some horrible curves and turns,

which make me stop,

thenI realize that the most dangerous things in your life are paper and pen,

they make you think your pasts and the mistakes you made,

they make your secrets come out,

specially the paper it knows all your secrets,

just look at the diaries made of paper you will understand.


SumiyaJatoi, Hyderabad

I was bold and young when I first met him,

caught in the undertow of the waves coming out of him,

myArmor never worked against him,

becauseI knew I loved him, oh I loved him!

the love which he never thought about,

the love which I never wanted him to doubt,

I kept my mouth zipped in front of him,

and he never knew I loved him, oh I loved him!

now that he is gone I miss him,

I regret I should have told him,

how much I loved him, oh I loved him!


Amina Shoaib, Rawalpindi

Under the wild raging sky
See I though a bunch of people going by
Story fathomless and untold
Awe-inspiring act of gallantry,I behold
Between the crosses row by row
In prodigious fields,dawn’s glow
I’ve always heard ’em say
The war shall begin anyway
A tinge of sorrow we’re surrounded by
Such hazardous arms, my my!
Whirled thoughts,dreadful sight
Reckon their strength,fight for their country’s plight
Heroic livings rendering their lives
Shedding their blood,a mark of legacy,for liberty they strive
The nation’s triumph,the martyrs lay in parts
Their mortality was rather an exemplary art
“For country’s fortification,my child has been martyred,”says a pleased mother
The murky night shall pass,rise will another
Victory is theirs,opponents are now inanimate
Proud we are for the lives we’ve laid
Oblate their lives,combat for defense,under the witnessed sky
They were soldiers born to die


Hareem Ahmad

I use to remember the days

which we spent dancing rains

running down the hills, jumping from beds

singing songs, laughing on our jokes

now I just simply smile and walk away

with a wish to be young again

Alone in this world

Maidah Tariq, Peshawar

Bear footed, walking above the cold sand
Finding my way through the horizon
Loneliness edging me around every corner
Still I could hear screaming inside my head

Empty handed, a continuous battle between my mind and heart
Raging deeply as I wash upon the shore
A war for love and hate
A war for life and death

Double minded, running for an answer and falling for the other
Trying to keep my scars hidden from the world
Regretting all the foolish choices I made
Leaving my soul half way dead-

In my Backyard

HiraNaz, Lahore

I have a bony Skelton

In my backyard…

It’s made of bones but it’s peculiar

As often

It tells me it tales

Tales like

In its head reside memories and moments

Memories that it cherished once

And moments that brought him pain…

When night falls

It often cries in wilderness

It often begs me to smash it bones and blend them with poison so that it’s does not has to go through the hurt over and over again…

In daylight

It produces symphonies

It tries it’s best to give tunes to the suffering…

In evening

It write poetries

Deadly poetries

As if it is taking revenge through words…

Often I see it painting

With its crooked fingers

It paints a figure of unknown existence

Perhaps it paints

It’s once cherished beloved that it has lost during the course of its life…

Once it was crying to the moon

When some adjacent residing skeletons heard it…

To my surprise

They all came and join it

And then my backyard

Sounded like a haunted place

As if

Many wolves were howling to the moon…

Now it happens every night…

Now I don’t have one but many skeletons in my backyard

Skeletons with the peculiar abilities of telling tales…

“A Murderess”


In a battle I am,

To kill or to live?

Only, that I’m confused,

“Would I be a murderess

If I kill my own soul?”

I have a fear


I have a fear

Dangerous sounds I can hear

Also the sounds of a dear

And the shade of a big bear


When I have fear, I cry

My mother asks me why

But I become shy

And the fear is my


Fear is at night

When there is no light

Seems I am on a height

But I cannot fight


SawairaSial, Multan

Whenever I sit alone,
I think ‘why?’,
In all sleepless nights,
I think ‘why?’,
Whenever you come around,
I want to ask you ‘why?’,
But then I think ‘why?’,
As I know you don’t care,
But I don’t know ‘why?’,
I know nothing is same,
I don’t know ‘why?’,
I want to ask you ‘why?’ but ‘why?’,
Do I still care, but ‘why?’,
All this happened and only you know ‘why?’,
Let me ask you ‘why?’ , but then ‘why?’,
It won’t make you care so ‘why?’,
It is all over but ‘why?’,


Fatima Tehreem, Islamabad

The word of seven alphabets

For which the person faces difficulty

The aim of every hard worker

For them, it is an entity

Facing ups and downs of life

They get it as an ensue

Having it as a reward

For the hardworking person, it is a due

It is the word of success

It is the word of shine

Which the person gains

Then never feels the pine


FajrFalak, Lahore

My heart, my soul,

The love of my life

Only for you, I am still alive.

For you I try, for you I shine,

Once you are mine, everything is fine.

You light up my heart and

 Save me from despair,

Don’t even look at it,

Don’t you dare!

And everybody out now

My love, my Coffee is here.

Happy New Year

WardaRasool, Islamabad.

In January, be excited,

In February, be joyful,

In March, be happy,

In April, be hopeful,

In May, be thoughtful,

In June, be creative,

In July, be gorgeous,

In August, be adventurous,

In September, be genius,

In October, be awesome,

In November, be careful,

In December, be enjoying,

And at last let me wish you,



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