Young & Talented

Young & Talented
08 Feb

By M.Y

Naveed Raza is a name you won’t be familiar with but this face, we associate this face with funny sitcoms on your TV channels. Naveed has a real filmy story of ‘how he got here’. Struggles, auditions and winning a talent show. Then, at once we started this young actor in multiple fun family drama serials commercials. But you may not know that his first ever photo shoot was printed in Smash! Magazine, ages ago. We chatted with him again, with him being a star now.

“Fame is a bunch of happy people showering you with love. That’s how I take it”

Q) Who is Naveed Raza? Describe yourself in three words/sentences.
A: An enthusiastic workaholic. Man with strong morals, thanks to my parents. I am extremely loving, whether it is with loved ones or fans.

Q) How did you start acting? How did you come in this field?
A: One day, when I returned from my university, I was just switching channels and I saw Ali Zafar in Tarang commercial in which he was looking for contestants in a show called “Hero Bannay ki Tarang.” I applied and was selected immediately. But the problem was that the auditions were in Lahore and they were not sponsored. I was not comfortable in asking my family for the money because they did not believe in acting. I was desperate, so I sold nearly every valuable thing I had but when it still wasn’t enough I tried to convince my family to pay for the rest of the expenses and my father agreed. So, I finally flew to Lahore, gave my audition, was selected and my journey towards acting began. I survived all 12 episodes and was titled “Winner Of First Season Of Hero Bannay Ki Tarang’ which wouldn’t have been possible without my mentor, teacher and advisor, my dear friend Faysal Qureshi.

YTT (1)Q) You won and came into showbiz, do you think this type of platforms help artists gain some ground and confidence?
A: Of course! When you are an outsider you know nobody in the industry especially when you also don’t have any background or anyone from the family in the field. It is platforms like HBKT that definitely help. This show introduced me in industry but unfortunately after the show ended, the organizers and officials did not take active interest to initiate or progress the movie as promised along with various other things.

Q) How different is acting in a serial and acting in a film?
A: The basic difference is of technology and the education of people working in both fields. In the drama industry people are more realistic and believe in reality but movies on the other hand, still lack technology but the good part is that they are based on fantasy and larger than life concepts. A drama artist is always known as an actor but a movie actor is known as a star.

Q) Which role, among all you have done so far, do you like best?
A: There have been many. But the hunger for a satisfying role is still there. Whenever I play a character I tend to go deep into it and sometimes when it finishes I feel like I have lost a part of myself. But I believe Ramzan Khan from Dil Toh Kacha Hai Jee was hilarious.

Q) Which character you played is most similar to your personality?
A: Each character that I do has a little reflection of my personality; you can never play a character efficiently without relating it to yourself.

Q) In some serials, we have seen a quirky and funny side you, does it come easily to you or it’s only acting?
A: People say comedy is a very difficult job to do but for me it is very easy and relaxing. I am always more comfortable doing comedy because actors also need to loosen up from everyday serial based characters.

Q) Your favorite co-star?
A: Shabbir Jan, Nabeel Zafar, Faysal Qureshi, Aijaz Aslam, Mansha Pasha and Javeria Saud because our sense of humour on the set when we are sitting waiting for our scenes is quiet similar. Shooting with them is enjoyable and loads of fun but at the same time extreme professionalism is exhibited by all of them during scenes.

Q) Tell us about your upcoming projects, what’s in the pipeline for fans?
A: My much awaited movie “Price Of Honour” is yet to be released. Besides that I am working on another movie script, two drama soaps and one serial is in making. Also, very soon you will see me and Nabeel Zafar in a very different and funny commercial of one of leading mobile brands in Pakistan.

Q) How do you deal with fame?
A: To be very honest, fame is a bunch of happy people showering you with love. That’s how I take it. And when you take it that way, you don’t have to deal with it. You enjoy every moment of it instead.

Q) What kind of roles do you like to play?
A: Any role as long as the story line is strong. But In future I would love to play Bashar Momin if they remake it.

Q) How would you describe your personal style? Where do you pull your inspiration from?
A: Wahid Murad Sahab and Faysal Qureshi in acting, Johnny Depp and George Clooney in styling. I love being stylish and that makes me a shopaholic.

Q) If one wants to pursue acting, what does he/she need to do? Give us your invaluable advice.
A: Focus, Determination, Confidence is greatly needed. Please don’t come to industry keeping in mind that it is easy to get whatever you want. It is all glamour outside but inside it is all hard work, madness and being a workaholic. If you want to become an actor start believing in yourself.

Q) Some career highlights?
A: Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain, Pepsi Commercial, Daraar, Dil Tou Kacha Hai Jee, Ye Zindagi Hai, Jahaiz, Ishq Ibadat, Telenor Commercial, dancing with Salman Khan on a ‘Being Human’ event, being Young Celebrity Ambassador for Dance4life Program of World Population Foundation and of course all the shows I must have been to up till now. Every project and every appearance on TV takes an actor up a further step in his/her career. These are just a few. The list is never ending.

YTT (2)Q) Any message to the Smash readers?
A: I want to tell all my fans that my first ever photo shoot was published in Smash magazine. Today writing this interview as a celebrity is a pleasure. Smash has progressed a lot in past couple of years on which I want to congratulate them. For readers there is only one thing I want to say: happiness is always internal, stop looking for external sources of happiness. Be sincere, love, stay positive, work hard and honestly no matter what you do and learn how to make others smile. The shortest cut to internal happiness!

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