14 Feb

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Dear Ed,

Wahoo!! Can’t believe it’s a year since my first contribution in Smash! The poem called “Smash”. I have travelled through the time and got 3 of my articles printed in the previous year. Can’t thank Smash enough! So much encouraged because of this mag. I am now more confident about my grip on words. I pay my thanks to the editors for boosting me up. The best Mag with the best team! Accept my heartiest congratulations for completing another way to go successful year!! You actually smashed it!

Sadaf Abbas, Sadiqabad

I found smash a complete package and i want to contribute in it. It is colorful and bright.


Dear editor,

I have been reading smash from years. It’s the best magazine I have ever read. It’s just perfect for young people to groom in a healthy environment, open minds towards evolving world and to refresh the updates.

I want to share my point of view with my fellow readers. We are tangled into different modes of life; many of us give up and dry themselves up. Life is short and colorful so instead of living lives in grey we should embrace some tactics and color it ourselves, make joy out of it and make it heaven.

I hope you like my article and publish it. I am eagerly waiting to read my own words in smash the coming month.

Imsal Fatima,Gujranwala

Heya Eddie,
How r u. I have to say smash is a total hit. I literally love the Short stories, and speaking of them I also sent one I’m really really hoping you’d print it.  I would love it if you’d give me a pin of Taylor swift, or Leon from resident evil. Thank you
Keep Smashing

Fatimah Tariq

Hey Editor!

I totally love Smash Magazine. I mean…it’s the best magazine for teens. I have been so interested in the novel; Paper Doll…every time I finish one section I am dying to get another issue with Paper Doll. Request Time: I would love a poster of Selena Gomez and a HUGE pinup of Taylor Swift….and lyrics to her song ‘Wonderland’ or ‘Wildest Dreams’…..thank you so much for co-operating with me and all I want to say is….Keep Smashing, love you guys.<3 🙂

MaheenMansoor, Quetta

Hi ED!

This mag literally rocks…..it is a complete mag for youngsters. I love the novel paper doll very much. Thank you sooo much for the poster of Shawn Mendes. I request you to please print a poster of LIONEL MESSI, I will be very thankful


MahnoorWaseem, Abbottabad

Hi Ed,

This is the first time I’m writing to you. I absolutely love your work. It is just the perfect magazine. December issue is the third time I’ve bought it. Thanks to smash, I’ve now started to read!!! I have a request. Please give Liam Payne’s poster or Niall Horan’s celebrity profile. Please do print my mail. Keep up the great work!!

Faareha Hasan, Rawalpindi

Hello Ed

I just wanted to tell you it is 22nd century and no one reads magazines but you guys have pull on such a great and mind blowing work that is just so unbelievable I just want to say just by reading your magazine my day gets a whole Lot of better. I love. I just have a little request please post this pic of one direction.



Hey Ed, I am a regular reader of Smash, I just want to say that it is an awesome magazine for young readers and I love it.It is very informative and entertaining; love the novel” THE PAPER DOLL”. Please print a poster of Emma Watson in your next issue; I would be very thankful to you if you do that.SMASH ROCKS!

Fasiha Khan

Dear AtikaMaisam,

I am actually speechless about smash it’s not because I have nothing to say it’s because I have a lot to say.I am regular reader of smash.You see,your magazine has become a part of my life now.Now I’ll jump to the request,I have a lot.Please print a poster of Cimorelli,Big Time Rush,Heffron Drive,Fifth Harmony,5 Seconds of Summer.And lyrics of ‘hearts on fire’ by Cimorelli,’24/7′ by Big Time Rush and ‘#unlimited’ by famous YouTube singers.Please fulfill atleast one of these.Thank you.


Please put poster of ShehryarMunawar Siddique in New Year January edition. Pleasepleaseplease

Neha Sheikh

Dear Ed,
I’m getting excited for your mag day by day! It’s just GREAT. I wonder how ya get such ‘cool’ ideas. I want to appreciate everyone working for it. Thumbs up! Requests: Lyrics of Wildfire by Demi, Call My Name by Cheryl. Posters of Theo James, AtifAslam, Nagisa Furukawa and Tomoya Okazaki from Clannad. Please also print my poem in your mag which I sent you earlier. That’ll mean a lot.
MaidahBinte Tariq, Peshawar

Dear Ed,
Salam. I am a new reader of your magazine and all i can say is that it is simply amazing and full of knowledge. It is really the complete magazine for youngsters. I’ll be also sending stories and articles and look forward for them to get published.

Muzaffar Khan, Karachi

Hola Ed! 😀

It hasn’t been long since I’ve started reading Smash and I must say that I’ve missed a lot. You already know how much your readers adore you so I don’t really have to say anything on that. I’ve sent you this story of mine and I really hope you’d print it in your next issue. Also, it has a little challenge for the readers and I’m really looking forward to their response.

Just keep rocking, keep shining, and keep smashing! Best wishes for your team.

HaniahNawabi, Islamabad

Hi Ed!
Smash is awesome and impressive and I must say I love it! Smash is full of entertainment and every month, the thought of a new issue overwhelms me with excitement. I have a small request. Can please give a poster or pinup of TAYLOR SWIFT and ATIF ASLAM .I am very thankful to you if you fulfil my request .
UroobaAdeeb, Islamabad

Dear Eddie,

This is my second time, I am writing you. Words can describe how much I love your magazine. Now coming to my request, please publish a poster/pinup of Zayn Malik as his birthday coming in January.

I would be grateful if you print it in your next issue.

Keep Rocking Smash!

Tayyaba Noor, Rawalpindi

Hi Ed,

I have been reading smash since 2012. I have fall in love with your magazine. Believe me I read the magazine from A to Z. I request you to publish a poster of Zayn Malik. I am big fan of him. Hope Allah blesses you with all his blessings. Keep Rocking!

Muhammad Hamza, Rawalpindi

Hey Ed,

I have been reading Smash for 1 year. It’s a good magazine but it can be more good if you would add some more stuff in it .. You know.. Btw this is my first time I am writing to you so it’ll be amazing if you would fulfill my request. Please add a poster of Ian Somerhalder or Avril Lavigne. Please.
RohaFawad, Rawalpindi

Dear Editor,

I really like your smash so I just wanted Tom Cruise Biography on your magazine which I had sent this month and post this in the mail section. I hope you fulfill my request.

Mustafa Jaswal, Islamabad

Dear Ed,

The December issue of Smash was fantastic.The novel “Paper Doll” is amazing.I absolutely loved the Mystery and the Quiz.Oh and thanks for posting my drawing and poem.I would love to see my letter posted in the next issue.Anyways…….Keep Smashing!!!!!!


Hey Ed!
I hope you will publish my letter this time. I am an old reader of smash. It is such an amazing magazine. Great work by the team. Now coming to the requests please please publish a poster of Joe Root, Stuart Broad, Ed Sheeran and Nick Robbinson. I hope you will you will publish all my requests. Once again hatsoff keep smashing
Sameen Tariq, Lahore

AOA Editor,

Once again, great job with the December issue but I can’t help but feel the lack for game reviews since I am a big fan.Kindly, make this a regular in future issues.I really liked the advice column, Agony Aunt as it helped me in a rather unusual way,I have been having a rather hard time and have been whining about it,but once I read the problems of other people I thought My problems are nothing compared to what others are going through and this gave me a new attitude towards life and it is all thanks to Smash!

Sameed Ali,Islamabad.

Hey there Editor,

Do I need to tell you how amazing your magazine is? Because it sure is! I have been reading your magazine for like 6 years now and I am delighted to say that it is great. It shows Pakistan from a very positive perspective. Like everyone else, I too have some requests. Please print a poster, like a huge poster of either Harry Styles, Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey or Enrique Iglesias as I am a die heart fan of all of them! Lastly, could you please write something about One Direction? Like their break or their new album? Thank you so much! Keep smashing! You guys rock! ☺

Meeqat Fatima, Lahore

Hi Ed,
December smash is good and interesting. Keep smashing. Horoscope corner is my favorite corner.
Yours sincerely
shahzeen, Lahore

Dear Editor,

Smash is the best magazine available in the world. For me, the month never starts without reading smash. It would be an understatement of I said I love the magazine because it’s more than incredible! Your choice if articles and posters are all so good, I feel like a surprise is always in there once i open the magazine. Keep up with the hard work. I hope this magazine prospers forever. I have a request that print a poster of ZoellaSugg or a celebrity profile of Zayn Malik! It would be a birthday present for me to see this letter in January’s issue as it is my birthday in January.



Hi Ed,

I have been reading smash for quite a while now. I absolutely love it! Can you please put a poster of Selena Gomez or a pinup of Selena as I love her.And lyrics of revival by Selena Gomez. This is the absolute first time im writing to you. And i hope you will fulfill my needs….keep smashing

EemanAtif, Lahore

Dear Ed,

It’s the first time I am writing you and I love smash I have a request that please give the poster of any kpop star and I hope that you don’t refuse my request. Keep smashing

Sara Anjum


First of all, I salute Smash for being Fabulous as hell!

It’s very educational and pretty much helps in my debates. So Thank you for that.

Smash, My Best Buddy got me in tears and tons of smiles. It’s like Smash is based on my mood and I’m so glad today that I’ve been reading this magazine for 3 and a Half year! Thank you all for the fun experience and love. My request is a Poster of “Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox (Smosh) ” or Just a Pin-Up of Elsa from Frozen. I’ll be Thankful.

Marryam Kamran, Lahore

Dear Ed
I have been reading your fabulous magazine for over 2 years but sadly in the issue of December you did not publish my poem KASHMIR DAY that broke my heart. Kindly publish my poem KASHMIR DAY and KEEP SMASHING!
Hassan Abbas, Karachi

Hello Ed,

I have been reading your magazine since 2 years it is a lovely magazinei want you to publish a poster of AtifAslam and a pin up of ShahryaarMunawar and kindly write something about Shahryaar too

Ishmal Noor

Dear Ed,
Your magazine is awesome. Too many fun things to learn. The novels just love. I’ve been a regular reader. My month just can’t start without this glamorous mag. You are during superb job in entertaining the teenagers. Keep up the good work. I wanted to request the poster of Tom cruise or maybe Demi lovato. From khadija and Mariam, Rawalpindi

Hey Ed,
I have been reading smash from 2013 and it rocks I love it and it’s really informative and interesting.Please add simple recipes to kids in kitchen
Maida Shahzad, Rawalpindi

Dear Ed,
Your last issue of smash magazine was fabulous. I really like the poster of Jennifer Lawrence. Please print a poster of Teen Wolf or Tyler Posey as I’m a big fan of them. I’ve send you requests but you didn’t fulfil it but I hope that this time you will fulfill my request. KEEP SMASHING!!
Fatima, Rawalpindi

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