14 Feb

Wise Advice

The Seeing See Little

By Ubaid Ullah, Islamabad

‘The Seeing See Little’ is a sentence that seems too small almost invisible because it has only four letters. In real, it means a lot. Helen Keller was a remarkable woman and a splendid author who lost her eyesight and her hearing at the age of 19 months because of an illness. The Seeing See Little; Helen said this particular sentence in one of her essays ‘Three Days To See’ in which she described what would she like to see if she was granted a chance to use her eyes for a short period of three days.

Keller tells that she was visited by a friend who walked for hours in wood but when she asked her of her notions, she said “Nothing in particular”. Keller wrote “I might have been incredulous had I not been accustomed to such responses. She continues “For long ago I become convinced that the SEEING SEE LITTLE”. By now most probably anyone who is reading this is able to understand what does the sentence means. If that applies to us, we who have eyes, it can easily be declared that Helen was accurate. Although, we are able to see everything, we are rarely thankful for our eyes and nature’s beauty that is spread around us in the form of beautiful flowers, leaves, trees, streams, valleys and break and break and break. Being ungrateful is quite common in people who have the ability to see. It is like seeing without the strength of sight. It would however, be a great thing to spend our free time escalatingthe nature surrounding us.

Whenever we get a chance to pass by a place and observe the depth of nature, we must thank Almighty Allah for He has bestowed numerous infinite blessings upon us, the value of which can only be truly recognized and felt by people like Helen. As a matter of fact, the blind individuals are not deprived of thinking. Helen was grateful and appreciative of nature as she felt the texture of leaf, birch, twig and flower. Also, she used to touch trees to feel a bird along with the cool waters of brook that rush through her open fingers.
While looking at ourselves, we will realize that we put no effort trying that. We are so occupied and busy in the hustle of life that we fail to see the things that often go unnoticed. For instance, how often do we see and appreciate the height of a mountain or the depth of the sea? Everything surely has a message engraved. For it was not ailment, we would have never realized the importance of health.Looking at the manner in which we often struggle to praise simple and pure things in life, I would advise all the readers to spend some time scrutinizing nature in order to enjoy its serenity and be grateful for the various blessings given by Allah and thereby thank Him for the gift of sight.

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