10 Dec

Wise Advice : Children of today, future of tomorrow!

We often muster up our creative juices to come up with the best way to celebrate occasions with the life kids have lead so far. We must take a moment and think what are we really teaching our children; are we giving them life-long lessons? Do our kids have humility? Do they respect? Do our children have empathy? Most of all, everything they wish for cannot instantly come their way. When we critically think about it, we’ll come to realize that these basic things are now rare, and our children are probably like this because we are like that.

Children need love, care, attention, and guidance. While we sing our songs, color beautiful collages and mosaics of how we love our children and all the things children can do, and will do in the future, we should also take out the time for less fortunate kids who probably don’t even know its there day as well. This will not only inculcate the sense of responsibility, but also a realization that taking care of others is in fact the way forward. This aspect in a child’s personality can eventually save him from a lot of humiliation, bad decisions, and heartache.

If we truly love our children, it is vital to teach them something about life, and what is to come in the future ahead. Things are always not easy but we must have the will to strive for more then what is right in front of us so that we are able to celebrate everyday as a day for our children. Here are list of things that are not only enjoyable, but essential as well.

Firstly, tell a child to sing a song or a rhyme every day and encourage the activity to speak or act on things they like.It does not only buildtheir imagination, but gives a sense of confidence as well. Encouragement can take kids a long way, giving them the space to create their own personality and express themselves more. This self-confidence can take them anywhere in the future. Most importantly,it helps reduce self-doubt and incurs an innovative side.

Secondly, kids must read lots and lots of books. Books can be ones best friend. When one reads, they go beyond themselves entering into another world. It is whimsical as it compels kids to strive for more and discover things about themselves. Children tend to identify with people especially those individuals that inspire them. This develops a sense of achievement and confidence amongst kids. Having a role model enables them to look up to someone, to identify with, and to relate to.

Thirdly, develop a real hobby. Kids don’t always know what they will like but elders must explore different options for them. It can be anything; a musical instrument, dance class, painting, or sports. It’s a great activity because they get to leave the houses and explore; they learn to interact with new people. Moreover, they tend to express themselves more creatively. All such practiceswill help kids grow up as stress-free, serene adults.

Thus, there are many things that we as adults can do with our kidsto carve their future. Giving children a chance to explore their own individuality polishes their traits, and gives them an opportunity to become better individuals.

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