Winter Clothes To Suit Your Style

Winter Clothes To Suit Your Style
27 Dec

By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar


The winter season brings with it the happiness of having hot chocolate and dry fruits while being cozy inside the blanket. Bonfires, road side desi food, and mid night snacks are other activities people do in winter along with having soups of a variety of flavours. However, winters also give us the opportunity to wear bright coloured clothes that are attractive and keep us warm. Where girls have a range of attire to choose from, boys too are not behind in choosing the best wardrobe for them to look cool and trendy as winter sets in. In this article, we will look at some of the clothing boys and girls can wear this winter.


Woolen Skull Cap

The skullcap is an attire worn on the head that covers the entire head and ears. It gets its name as it takes the shape of a skull once worn. Since it is made of wool, therefore, it keeps the head warm and covers the ears so you can keep away from the freezing breeze that hits the ear and the forehead like a knife.



Gloves are worn specially during outings in the winter season or if you go on a picnic. They are handy enough to keep in a pocket when you don’t need them.



Jackets are necessary winter attire for all those who like to look trendy at school or a party. Jackets come in a variety of texture. Leather jackets look good in black but now they also come in a variety of colours. Denim jackets are also popular. Moreover, you can also choose from a jacket that has a zipper or buttons in front.



Sweaters are a piece of clothing that adds charisma to the personality of both boys and girls. Boys normally like to wear v-neck or round neck, full sleeve sweaters on top of their shirts while girls normally wear sweaters that have buttons in front. Sweaters come in exciting colours that add liveliness in the gloominess of the winter season. Half-sleeve sweaters are also available however, they look somewhat boring and are more suitable for the older age group. For boys, sweaters suit well with jeans and joggers.



High-necks are an elegant piece of winter clothing that suits both boys and girls. High-necks are also available in a number of colours and are worn inside shirts or jackets. However, wearing them with jackets is more appropriate as it gives a trendy look. Boys can also wear a jacket or a coat on top of a high-neck especially for parties.



The hoody can be a sweater or a jacket with a hood to cover the head. This looks extremely fashionable for both girls and boys. Some jackets have the provision in which the cap detaches via zip and you can wear it separately. In extreme winters, you can wear a skullcap and cover your head with the hood to give you more warmth.



Sweatshirts are a must have attire especially for boys. This piece of clothing is not a sweater but is made of cotton or wool not resembling a sweater, but is more of a shirt. It can be worn on a pair of jeans to give a stylish look. Sweatshirts are full sleeve shirts and come in v-neck and round neck.



Mufflers aren’t worn that much, especially in the winter of Karachi, however, boys and girls do wear them to add style or to keep their necks warm.



Shawl is a piece of winter clothing that prevents from cool breeze and one can cover themselves while sleeping. It is mostly a female attire and boys tend not to wear it as it conceals the colourful winter clothing they are wearing.



Coats are also in fashion. They are the shape akin to a coat worn with a tie, however, they have large buttons and a pointed collar that adds design value. They cover the entire abdomen and extend to the thighs to keep the entire upper body warm. Girls have the variety to go with many bright colours.



Jeans is a must have clothing for both boys and girls. Jeans keep the lower part of the body warm and it goes well with any kind of top, weather a shirt, sweatshirt, high neck, or a coat. Moreover, if girls wear kameez, then jeans can be worn to add some flair to their style.



People normally wear socks all the time in winter. Socks for winter are normally made of wool that extends to the knees for both boys and girls. These days indoor shoe-like socks are also in fashion but they are made of soft material not hard like shoes. Toe socks are also common which have provisions for the five toes of the feet to be encased in each socket of the sock, much like a glove.


Winter Boots

Winter boots are sturdy looking boots that are made of cotton or wool and extend above the ankle to keep the feet warm. They have a broad sole and look quite heavy. People wear them specially when its chilly outside with breeze blowing at night.

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