Warm Steering Wheel Cover

Warm Steering Wheel Cover
27 Dec


Warm Steering Wheel Cover 

One of the worst things on a morning drive to work during the cold months is finally warming your car, and putting your hands on a freezing steering wheel. Some prefer to wear driving gloves to keep their phalanges at a normal degree, but there are those of us who despise having hand coverings for reasons such as hating the texture, or being afraid our hands will slip when driving. If you want your steering wheel to be warm by the time you grasp it, the Heated Steering Wheel Cover should be able to assist you. This is exactly what it sounds like, and has the capability to keep your hands toasty for up to 35 minutes. The temperature range is anywhere between 95-110 degrees Fahrenheit. Recharging it will take three hours, and it can be plugged into the car’s 12-volt adapter. This is made of rubber, which means you’ll have both heat and grip.


Multi-Sensor Activity Tracker

Sporting a slim design, the Jawbone UP3 will feature a patented multi-sensor platform which will do its job of collecting and analyzing a wide range of biometric signals, and after making its own analysis of the collected information, it will then deliver a bunch of actionable insights that are specific to the wearer. With the above mentioned Multi-sensor Platform, it will comprise of a spanking new tri-axis accelerometer, sophisticated bioimpedance sensors, and skin and ambient temperature sensors. Such technology enables the Jawbone UP3 to deliver your resting heart rate, which more often than not, happens to be a key indicator of one’s overall heart health, and it will also be able to capture additional health data via future firmware updates. Not only that, with an Advanced Sleep function, the Jawbone UP3 will be able to keep track of detailed sleep stages that range from REM to Light and Deep sleep, hence enabling it to provide in-depth information on your sleep as well as what you are able to do in order to improve on the situation. New smart algorithms will also let this activity monitor automatically identify workouts and classify your activities, where they include running, cross-training, and tennis, among others.


Mini-Clutch Speaker

It will incorporate a wireless speaker as well as a speakerphone, where it can be opened up in order to show off a mirror and has adequate amount of room for daily essentials. It can be deemed to be the perfect conversation-starting accessory when it comes to parties, weekend getaways or nights out. Your ears too, will definitely be able to enjoy the kind of tunes that the lightweight Mini-Clutch streams audio sans wires, thanks to high-quality Bluetooth that brings the party and music wherever you go. For those who think that they might have seen the Mini-Clutch Speaker idea somewhere before, this is because it predecessor, the Clutch Speaker, has been designed to be an official accessory in Rebecca Minkoff’s spring 2013 Collection. Ever since then, Stellé Audio has continued to grow from strength to strength when it comes to delivering groundbreaking wireless audio products where women are concerned, including the DwellStudio Pillar Wireless Speaker as well as the brand new Mini-Clutch.


World’s First Smart Deodorant

Have you ever thought of it? It’s amazing to see the world is going digital by all means. If you’d prefer to avoid streak marks, putting on too much spray deodorant, or having a glob of aromatic gel clinging to your shirt, then you might like the ClickStick. We’ve finally reached a point where even our deodorant is smart. This has a push-button system that will give you the exact same amount of antiperspirant with every press. It syncs up with your Smartphone, and can follow your personal habits to let you know through a phone alert when you need a refresher. Seeing that your phone will know how often you use it, it will also know when you’re starting to run low, and will give you the option to purchase refills. For whatever reason, these can light up pink, blue, or green if that’s something you’re into. The bright side is that your phone will alert you when you start to smell ripe rather than realizing it a little too late.

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