27 Oct



Muhammad Nosherwan Gill

May be black maybe white

But clearly the darkest night

Accept the difference

With great tolerance

Or die with anger

By killing the unfamiliar

So, the day when everyone is dead

Realize we all bleed red

Despite get the ultimate freedom

We are all son of Adam

Wake up before its too late

It’s not human nature to discriminate





A father is a person who fulfills all your requests.
A father is a person who solves all the quests.
A father is a person who works all his life to get the things you like.
A father is a person who told you how to interact.
A father is a person who told you how to react.
A father is a person who told you how to manage a situation
A father is a person who gives you a standing ovation.
Every single day you make me feel glad.
All I want to say is that I love you dad.



How can I forget?

Aemal Ashraf

Those scintillating eyes
Awaited at my doorstep
The ache behind that aesthetic grin
Our spellbound evenings
With all your outspoken vows
When you used to chase
Me through the meadow
Your tantalizing savor
Engulfed my soul
The way you let my
Minimums slip away
After our last handshake
Stranded I stood in the timberland
Of hopes and dreams
Soul less as a mannequin
Pale as the winter
And you never looked back again
Or did you?


Rabab Vadivala

The day I lost a competition

I loosed all of my motivation

Then a teacher came and gave me an explanation

That’s why he became my inspiration

This year was full of memorable days

I’ve seen my inspiration in you in so many ways

Every single drop of knowledge you gave is precious to me

You made me a person that I really wanted to be

Your time, energy, talent and all your contributions

All were the building blocks of the institution

You planted a seed that will grow into a tree

You always pushed me till I got the victory

I think in every place there should be a leader like you

At last all I can see is Thank you!!




My Country Now a days!


Yesterday as I walk away while, visiting my country,
I Found an injustice way,
Rich seems to be a lord,
their favorite game is the poor emotions to play.
As I walk forward,
I found wet clay,
wet because of our patriotic blood,
whose names are only remembered on a particular day.
As I walked towards the mosque,
I Saw a man who was grey,
I asked him the reason for his condition,
He told that he have nothing left to say,
On the April he have family of 5,
“but because of blast he have nothing left this may.”




A Bond Of Friendship

Shizra Al, Attock

You came as an angel of light
made my life cheerful and bright
Showering your affection over me
So that my face is full of glee
Taking away my complete loneliness
and giving me back all the happiness
With a slight touch of your care
to keep me away from despair


Maryam you are my best friend

Our friendship always will extend


I’ll never leave you on the midway
And the tales of our bond people will say





Remember That Time

Dedicated to Osama

From, HadiaZafar.


Remember that time when we were both young,

A chapter of our lives had just begun.


I fell for your voice you fell for my laugh,

Slope of our love went up on the graph.


Life was perfect and love was strong,

But then fate decided that the time was wrong.


Mistakes on my part I wish I could erase,

Life made us go through a difficult phase.


I failed to find a love so pure,

Finally realized that you were the cure.


You stole my heart with our first kiss,

I could feel the spark and an eternal bliss.


Do you remember when I gasped for air,

The pain in your eyes showed how much you care.


You were my strength and I was your weakness,

It was time we said goodbye to our emptiness.


Tears were wiped away with hugs so tight,

Nothing in the world could feel so right.


In your arms I found a home so warm,

Like I’d been homeless all along.


Now that you’re going so far away,

For your success I’ll always pray.


Stare in my eyes for a moment too long,

I can no longer pretend to be so strong.


Hold me tight but kiss me slow,

Before you leave let the feelings grow.


Let me in your soul so deep,

Feel my presence in everything you keep.


Promise to come back soon my love,

I will look for you in the stars above.






That’s my ruined life 

That’s my ruined life

That’s what I know

That’s what I feel

The life with no success

The life with no true love

That’s not enough

That’s my life

The life with no meanings

The life with no feelings

Just arguing against it

That does not effect

That’s my life

The life which is ruined

That’s my ruined life







Tell Them

SawairaSial, Multan

When people ask you about the rain,
Tell them you have seen my eyes,
When they ask you about the changing weather,
Tell them you changed even faster,
When they ask you about your favorite story,
Tell them ‘ours’ is your favorite,
When they ask you about its end,
Tell them “true love never ends”


You are my everything

Owais Khalid

You can’t leave me alone

I know just for a while you are gone

But keep informing me about you

Cause its very dreadful to wait alone


I want to see your face

Only I know its beauty and grace

You’re my life, my soul

Of someone else there’s no space


I only know you’re mine

You’re my apple; I’m your mela-pine

My life is nothing without you

Talk to me or give some sign




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