27 Oct


Interviewed by: Nehal Khan

Siddhart Slathia, 24 is set to make his entry in the world of music. with his project with Pakistan biggies in musical performance worldwide. His passion with singing has earned him fame and prestige at a very young age.
“The entire efforts were mine as I won’t posses any inheritance in music and singing” said Siddharth while talking to a private newspaper.
Siddhart’s recent offer to lend his voice to a UK-based international album has come from Pakistani producers Tariq Yousaf and Khalid, who have roped him along with Mustafa Zahid of “Ashiqui 2” this album is likely to hit in the market.
“I am every excited with the offer and have signed it. I’m slated to perform in 10 shows worldwide,” said Siddharth.
The only son to his Parents has made his journey to the music at the age of 10 when he auditioned for his annual school function. An electronics and communication engineering student in 2009, Siddharth left studies to pursue his passion in singing much wishes of his parents and earlier living under constant annoyance of them for deviating from studies to take up music and singing.
He highlighted his talent nationally by putting his songs on YouTube, and uploaded some of the best covers of Bollywood original soundtracks. His efforts caught the attention of many producers, directors and musicians from Mumbai. Who welcomed his singing and lately boasting of 400k fans on Facebook?
Let have a chat with India’s new uprising talent.


Q: – Tell us about yourself (your date of birth, educational status and hobbies?

Siddharth: 25 – July – 1991.
I am originally from Jammu but I was studying Engineering in Jaipur, as my parents wanted me to be an Engineer. But I left Engineering in its first year for my passion i.e Music after being partly inspired by Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots. I am studying for Bachelor of Music from Jammu University in third year at the moment. My Hobbies are of course singing (its more like a profession now), painting and travelling.

Q: – Three words that describe your whole personality?

Siddharth: Simplicity, Hardworking, Emotional

Q: – At what age you started looking forward to learn singing?
: At the age of 10 when I gave auditions for my school annual function.


Q: – What are your plans for future?

Siddharth: My aim is to sing in Bollywood and also to bring back “pop” in India. To bring back the days when albums like Sonu Nigam’s Deewana used to be popular. At the moment, I am in the process of recreating old songs like “Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh” and “Abhi Na Jao Chorh Kar” for one of the top labels of India – Saregama. I am also working on my private album, which is being produced by British people of Pakistani origin. My private album will be releasing in India, Pakistan and the UK by the end of this year. I am also working on a couple of projects with an Indian TV channel called MTunes HD. Apart from that, I will carry on releasing my cover songs on YouTube for my fans in different parts of the world.

Q: – What’s the best thing about your personality?

Siddharth: However, others have often told me that my hard work and dedication towards my passion (music) is the best thing about me.

Q: – Who is your role model in music world or any personality that inspires you?

Siddharth: Mohd Rafi Sahab and Sonu Nigam Ji are my role models in music. Enrique Iglesias also inspires me a lot.

Q: – How many hours do you practice?

Siddharth: Depends on my mood, It’s not written anywhere that you have to do a lot of “riyaz” if you want to become a good singer. What is important is no matter how little “riyaz” you do; it has to be done correctly and with proper guidance. I generally practice for 2.5 hours to 3 hours a day.


Q: -What is the five things you can’t live without?
Siddharth: Music, Music, Music, Music and Music.

Q: – What Genre of singing you look up to?

Siddharth: Each and every genre is equally important. I aspire to be a versatile singer like Sonu Nigam Ji. A versatile singer should be able to sing everything. However, as I mentioned earlier, I aim to bring back “pop” in the industry.

Q: – What sorts of difficulty you singers have to face Since, there is a huge competition?

Siddharth: It is very difficult to make a mark in this industry as there is a huge competition, especially if you are trying to make it big through social media like Facebook and YouTube. I have been publishing my work on YouTube for nearly 3 years now. Difficulties like proper guidance, big breaks, exposure, opposition from parents, etc. 

Q: – Did your friends and family support your decision of becoming a singer?

Siddharth: My father did not support me but my mother always did…she always supported me.

Q: – What else you would love to be, If you had not been a singer?

Siddharth: I would have joined Indian Army. I love their disciplined life.

Q: – What message you would like give to your fans in Pakistan, who admires your efforts and singing?

Siddharth: Whenever I receive a message from a Pakistani fan, it always brings a huge smile on my face. I get a lot of messages from Pakistani fans. Many of them say that I sound like Pakistani pop singers. I am really thankful to them for their love and support. I would like to tell them that it’s my dream to perform live in Pakistan for them. 🙂

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