14 Nov

Upcoming Music Albums We’re Excited About!

By Rubab Ali


October, November and December are going to be full of excitement as lots of our favourite artists are launching new music over the next few months, especially Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas, One Direction and Fifth Harmony. There are also others like Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber has worked on an entire album of collaborations, but it doesn’t have an official release title or date yet. Selena Gomez says you’ll hear new music from her before the year is over, fingers crossed for a single! Lorde has been working hard in the recording studio, but she hasn’t said anything about an album. Still, you can hear the song she wrote for Mockingjay, called “Yellow Flicker Beat”. But here’s what you can definitely look forward to hearing before 2014 is over.


Taylor Swift’s 1989

The American sweetheart’s fifth musical offering is dubbed as her “first documented, official pop album”, unlike her previously country pop records. “The idea that you can do what you want, be who you want, wear what you want, love what you want – bright colours, bold chances, rebellion. The idea of that was so inspiring to me,” Taylor spoke of ’80s culture. “In thinking about that, and thinking about how this new album is a bit of a rebirth … I’ve never really made these kinds of changes before,” she said. Combine that with Taylor’s birth year, and you’ve got the title ’1989.’ The lead single from 1989, “Shake It Off”, debuted at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. “Two years gives you enough time to grow and to change, and to change your priorities. Change where you live, change your hair, change what you believe in, change who you hang out with, what’s influencing you, what’s inspiring you. And in the process of all of those changes in the last two years, my music changed.” Anything Swift will do! The album is scheduled to be released on October 27.


Nick Jonas’s Nick Jonas

It’s been quite a while since we last heard tunes from the youngest Jonas. His first solo album Nicholas Jonas came out in 2004, and an album, Who I Am, made with his band, The Administration, in 2010. Now after his stint as a creative and musical director for Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights Tour, Nick turned his attention to his upcoming solo project. “I came in really wanting to make a record that was different from anything I’d done in the past, but that was true to my influences: Stevie Wonder, Prince, Bee Gees, and then, more recently, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. That whole vibe of alternative R&B/pop. It just fell into a really natural place really early. I came in really sure of what I wanted to do” Nick told about his new record which also features a collaboration with his fellow pop singer Demi. So far two singles, “Chains” and “Jealous”, have been released that we absolutely adore! The self-titled second solo album itself will be released on November 11 that we just finally can’t wait for!


One Direction’s Four

This past July marked four years since Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis were brought together to form what shortly became the world’s biggest boy band, and now they’re fittingly commemorating their time together with the title of their upcoming fourth studio album, ‘Four.’ Zayn told Billboard, “It’s a progression of the last stuff that we’ve done. We haven’t tried to go too different with it. We tried to keep what is our sound, but just grow with it, as we’re obviously more grown up. Grown a bit more facial hair,” he joked. “Our lyrics need to get a little bit older as well. We want to grow with our fan base.”“We’ve all taken a hand in the writing this time, and we’ve literally written almost every song,” Liam said in an interview. Though ‘Four’ has already hit No. 1 on iTunes charts in 67 countries a solid two months before its release, the album mostly remains a mystery. ‘Steal My Girl’ was released as the lead single and ‘Fireproof’, both co-written by Louis and Liam, was released as a free download to thank fans for their ongoing support. Four is nothing like what we’ve heard on their previous records. It’s a bit edgier which is why we’re more excited! Also, Ed Sheeran will feature on the album, and the album will drop on November 11.


Fifth Harmony’s Reflection

Reflection is the upcoming debut studio album by American girl group Fifth Harmony. After finishing in third place on The X Factor USA Season 2 and releasing debut EP titled Better Together, 5H announced a full-length album in fall 2014. The group said that the album is less pop and has a more mature sound than Better Together, which had debuted at #6 on the US Billboard 200. “Boss” was released as the lead single from the album, which became their highest charted single. The girls also performed other songs, “Reflection”, “Over”, “We Know” and “Going Nowhere”, from the album while opening for Austin Mahone’s tour in summer 2014. The album will be released in December 2014 by Syco Music and Epic Records. Let’s see how their first shot goes…

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