22 Jun

Unpredictable Love

He was standing beside his room’s window with a cup of coffee in hand. “Stella! Stella! I love you a lot, I miss you a lot. Please come back. I need you, I want you but I know you won’t come.” He said this looking at the sky with two big tears in his eyes.


“Andy! Andy!” said a voice coming towards him. He quickly wiped his tears. “Here’s your breakfast.” Oh it was his mother. Andy started eating breakfast with his mother next to him. “Son, you should not hide your tears from your mother. You should start a new life…….


“No mom never, I can’t forget Stella. She’s my life. I can’t forget the past. You all have moved on but I can’t. I still remember each and everything” said Andy interrupting his mother.


“I still remember that day, the marriage ceremony of a relative. We went in the banquet and I saw someone that stopped my time over there. Yeah it was Stella. I had seen many girls but none was like her. She didn’t have even a little makeup on her face, only eyeliner above her eyes that made it mesmerizing and gloss on her lips.


I couldn’t stop myself from going towards her. When I reach towards her, I couldn’t stop staring her. The silence broke up when she touched me and said, “Hello Mr.! Why are you staring me? I couldn’t think but said, “I love you.” She was totally shocked and said, “Are you in your senses?” I said, “I have lost my senses after looking at you.” She said, “Ok fine. If you won a fight with that guy, we would be friends” When she said this, her eyes were confessing that ‘I know you will win’ After looking at her eyes, I looked backward to see the guy and I was totally shocked to see such muscles of the guy, I was scared but I got energy after looking at her eyes.


“Hello Mr.! Want to fight with me?” I said. The guy and his friends laughed at me and the guy said, “You the kid would fight with me? I am sure you are joking right?” I didn’t answer but I slapped him. He got angry and the fight started. Once our teacher told us some tricks to win in the fight. I applied every single trick. In end he said, “Ok, you won.” We both were injured badly. Then I saw the whole crowd was gathered around us and someone rushing towards me.


She was Stella. She took my head and put in her lap and said, “I am so sorry. I thought you won’t fight but you fought and proved your love.” I could only say, “I can do whatever you want My Love.” And I fainted.


When I got conscious I could only remember Stella. I only said, “Stella! Stella! Stella!” Then nurse went out and in came Stella. She said, “How are you? Is it still painful?” I grabbed her hand and said with a smile on my face, “I can tolerate any pain for you.” She smiled too.


Then our families came in. So she grabbed her hand back. My parents asked me how I was. I told them that I was fine. Then I went to my home and Stella went to her home. Then I asked them that why they aren’t asking me anything or yelling at me. They replied, “Stella have told us everything and the best part is that she was my father’s best friend’s daughter.”


Then we started visited Stella regularly. We both talked for hours but never bored. Then one day we were roaming around the terrace of Stella’s house and I couldn’t stop myself and proposed her, “Stella, will you marry me?” She was shocked and her foot slipped and she fall from the terrace. I was totally shocked and went down shouting for help. My father called the ambulance. “Stella! Stella! I won’t let anything happen to you. You would be fine, don’t worry.” I said this to her while putting her head on my lap. “I love you too, I had never confessed you but now I am telling you. She said.


After sometime the ambulance came but she had gone. I could not stop crying and then I slept while crying on the bed. And saw a dream. “Andy don’t cry, look wherever I am, I am fine and I am praying for you to be fine. I love you more than a lot.” It was Stella.”


Andy stopped. His eyes were watered. He went again towards the window, “Stella! You are the best thing that had ever happened to me.” He had a cute smile on his face. Then he went out for his daily routine.



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