05 Jul

TV Time – K-Drama!

By Alishba Jehangir Mir

Most of you are probably familiar with K Pop already; bands like EXO, Girls Generation and Bigbang have worked hard in spreading it throughout the world. However, only a few, I’m sure, will have heard of K-Drama. To put it simply, these are dramas aired in South Korea in their native language – though some diehard fans like to refer to them as a way of life.

Out of the hundreds of thousands of international fans, only a handful actually understands the language – the rest make do with watching them with subtitles. Believe me, it may seem a little weird right now, but once you give it a try, it becomes the easiest thing in the world – as normal as watching it in your own language, and not at all irritating like dubbed series are. The English subbed versions are available online, on websites like Dramafire.com. Korean Dramas have longer episodes than Pakistani dramas; normally an hour long –excluding the time allotted to advertisements. They are produced as shows with a proper story line, and range from 16 to 24 episodes – there are exceptions, though – historical dramas can have as many as 50 episodes, or even more.

Here are a few K-dramas that will help you get started:


Based on an anime/manga called Hana Yori Dango; this is a show is a classic and is loved and adored by all. It depicts the story of a middle class teenage girl, who gets into a school meant for the top one per cent of the country, on scholarship, and the love story that develops between her and two of the most popular guys there – members of the group F4. Friendship is one of the main themes; we are reminded of its importance, and of our responsibilities as friends throughout the show by the way the four friends stand up for each other. The love triangle in this drama crushes your heart at times, but asides from that, it’s a really humorous show, and will definitely get you hooked.


If you’re interested in psychological tales like Jekyll and Hyde; you will love this drama! The main male lead suffers from multiple personality disorder and the female lead, being a psychiatrist and all, helps him overcome his fears and the disorder along with it. There are a total of seven personalities and each and every one of these has been portrayed really well. Asides from being a psychological drama, the drama is a combination of romance and comedy as well. You will come across several mysteries as it progresses and it will never fail to surprise you. Oh and the soundtrack is pretty cool too.


This too is a Cinderella story much like boys over flowers, where rich meets poor and the snobbish parents do whatever they can to keep the two away from each other. Despite of having such a typical storyline, the writers and the actors have done a great job and have achieved the position of one of the best k dramas ever aired. You will find yourself expressing varying emotions like crying and laughing in the same hour and will definitely fall in love with the two male leads. The whole drama is filled with inspiring messages, and the importance of family is highlighted throughout the show.


This is comical love story featuring an exceptionally handsome 400 year old alien and an actress who has recently lost popularity. This drama will change the way you view aliens forever and will also teach you to look at celebrities differently – with more respect and humanity. The main genre, asides from fantasy is comedy and this particular drama, will make you laugh like a madman! It will earn you several are-you-crazy looks from your family, but trust me, it’ll be worth it!

These dramas will definitely get you addicted; you could try watching Healer and City Hunter too, both of which have amazing stories and a little more action than the ones mentioned above.

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