10 Mar

TV Shows : Top 3 Disney’sTV Series of 2015

By BushraIdrees

Hey Guys! We all grew up watching Disney shows, didn’t we? These shows have always managed to bring a smile on our faces even in the saddest times. Here is a list of the top 3 Disney Series of 2015.

Austin and Ally

Austin and Ally is a musical comedy teen sitcom created in 2011 by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert. It ended on 10 January 2016. Its main set is Miami and starts when Austin accidently steals Ally’s song and sings it. Austin gains sudden fame and begs Ally to write him more songs. Ally agrees and well their musical lives began. The show defines the relationship between two different musicians; Austin Moonand Ally Dawson. Ally has stage fright but she overcomes it in season 2. The show also revolves around the supporting cast; Dez Wade who is Austin’s best friend and Trish De la Rosa who is Ally’s best friend. The cast includes Ross Lynch as Austin, Laura Marano as Ally, Raini Rodriquez as Trish and Calum Worthy as Dez. It won 5 international awards in 2015 and was declared as the best Disney series 2015.

Girl meets world

Girl meets world is a comedy sequel of the sitcom Boy meets worlds. It was aired in 2014 and is created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly. Currently it’s airing its 2nd season. The series takes place several years after Boy Meets World in New York City, where Cory and Topanga Matthews moved to in the finale of the series, and follows their daughter Riley Matthews and her best friend Maya Hart as they navigate the challenges of life and junior high school. Following along with them are their classmates and riley’s younger brother. The show is heart whelming as it describes family. The show revolves around friendship and challenges of girl’s teen years. It also had a special episode that was aired in March 2015. Its cast includes Rowan Blanchard as Riley Matthews,Sabrina Carpenter as Maya Hart, Ben Savage as Cory Matthews, August Maturo as Auggie Matthews and Danielle Fishel as Topanga Matthews.

Liv and Maddie

Liv and Maddie is a comedy family sitcom created by John D. Beck and Ron Hart. It aired in 2013 and currently is on its 3rd season.Liv and Maddie Rooney are identical twins who have been leading different lives for the last few years. Maddie is a high school basketball champion in Wisconsin. Cool, confident social butterfly Liv has been in Hollywood for the past four years starring on a hit TV show. Liv returns to her house and the show begins. It high lights twin life and family relationships in particular. Sometimes it gets a little musical and a little sporty. Besides the twins the show casts their parents, both brothers and often high school friends. The cast includes Dove Cameron as Liv and Maddie, Joey Bragg as Joey Rooney, Tenzing Trainor as Parker Rooney, Kali Rocha as Karen Rooney and Benjamin King as Pete Rooney.


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