10 Dec

Travel : Family Fun!

By Editorial Team

We get only one life to live, and sometimes once is enough! In the hustle ofload shedding, career decisions, sibling rivalry, and academic competition, the youth often forgets to enjoy the most important tenure of life. One advice: Avail it, before it gets too late. The year 2015 is about to end. When exams are over and holidays commence, your result can be a plausible excuse to demand for a vacation. The world has a number of hiddentreasures waiting to be explored. Run to your parents and plan a destination. Let us take a look to the options you can explore

Las Vegas

Las Vegas maybe popular for the casinos and night-life, but in real, the state has a lot more to offer. At a distance of 15 minutes from Vegas, Ethel’s Chocolates is not only an array of milky and dark chocolate morsels, but December is the perfect time to take a glimpse of Desert Winter Wonderland having 300 types of Cacti pathways. When it comes to chocolate, the place has something more. Las Vegas has the famous M & M’s World where the four-storeychocolate emporium has M&M Toyota race car on the display. Get ready for a complete candy adventure that has an added advantage for the automobile lovers. Las Vegas also has the world’s largest collection of cars; The Auto Collections Car Display, that has all sort of unique vehicles. Thus, Las Vegas has to offer a complete package for girls, boys and obviously,family.


The best place to visit this year is the all-in-one destination. Mauritius is an amalgamation of different cultures each presenting their succulent cuisine. The place is not only limited to honeymoon couples as it can serve as a best example for families. The country will surely enhance your love for the flora and fauna. Visit its Botanical Garden in Pamplemousses. It has mesmerizing water lilies and palm trees. Every corner of the country appeases the eye. In addition, you can expel and experiment your love for water by opting for wind-surfing, paddle-boarding, and kite-surfing across the crystal clear lagoons of Mauritius. The water is blue and green, something we usually die for. The moderate temperature of the country makes it easier for all ages to enjoy. If music is your life, the traditional African folk dance commonly known as Sega is of a nature to suit your mood. Vigor and energy is what you will experience. Enjoy mountain-biking, buggy rides and the forest canopy of the lush reserves of Mauritius. This time, call it a journey to relax!


Copenhagen is amongst the most favorite vacation spots of teenagers and the kids. The city has the world’s second oldest amusement parks known as Tivoli Gardens. With its inauguration in 1843, the park is situated in the downtown Copenhagen and is an inspiration of Disneyland. Rides have always been a source of pleasure and fun where not only kids, even adults enjoy. In addition, the 20-plus acre Tivoli Gardens is an epitome of perfect architecture where the place is surrounded with a variety of amazing restaurants.Among other areas to look at, Hans Christian Andersen speaks of rich fairy tales such as The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling. Probably it has been the favorite spot for the authors where the statue of the mermaid at the bay is itself an announcement of beauty. Copenhagen has the Lego Land that inspires the teenagers. Denmark has awesome, colorful, and trendy clothes for the youth that are affordable and easily available. Therefore, visiting Copenhagen this season will surely get you an edge of fashion, serenity, and adventure.


Chicago is one of the most visited family holiday destination mainly because of the things you get to do all under one roof. Don’t forget to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo that invites you to take a look at the strolling bear, the huge python, the lovely swans, and the spot-on giraffes. Free of cost evening zoo lights make it more appealing and grandiose. This place has a number of plays, concerts, museums, and festivals to explore. Along with musical performances, the city hosts the Chicago Blues Festival that features great legends. Moreover, the Printer’s Row Lit Festival is an event for readers and writers where the festival is accompanied by book signing, readings, and speaker sessions as attended by famous individuals like Rachel Ray and John Green in the past. Will Chicago be your pick? Spot on!


For the young generation, London is a place for discovery and mystery. Thanks to literature and film; the best of examples include Sherlock Holmes and Peter Pan. For young history buffs, the Tower of London is an unforgettable experience, where 23,578 gems can be found in terms of the Crown Jewels. You can also take a Yeoman Warder tour that includes hair-raising stories from the tower’s history, spot the six ravens who make the Tower their home and, according to legend, whose presence assures the continuity of the kingdom, and of course let individuals explore the interactive prisoners exhibit about the people who lived and died in this most iconic of prisons. Not only this, At Madame Tussauds, you’ll come face-to-face with some of the world’s most famous faces. London has another side to it too. The place offers you to soak yourself in the depth of that seaside sun, enjoying your overwhelming drink while resting on the deckchair. London can therefore, be your choice for this year!!

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