To Think – Make Your Pocket Money

To Think – Make Your Pocket Money
08 Mar

By Ayesha Husnain, Multan

Hey, guys let’s make coming summer vacations worth earning. It is always best to plan things ahead. You can change your life style by making money in different ways. You can now enjoy your pocket money or salary by starting a job or business. Making money for you is not a bad thing to do rather it is the most creative and beneficial experience. You can earn money by bringing your skills in use. I assure you that when you will start working to generate your earning you will obviously realize that sitting barren is regretful. Studies should be given the most priority but giving some of the time to your job or business work is not a bad idea comparatively. You will really feel good when you will have your salary in your hand. It is the one of the best feeling in the world. You feel like you have grown up and are capable of doing any possible work. I by myself assure you that this is the best work to do. There are some of the best ways for teenager.

Open A Tuition Centre
Opening a tuition centre in your home is the best way of earning and helping your society by teaching the children. This type of services is required everywhere in the world. You can start your tuition centre by promoting it in the nearby society. As the people will gradually beware of it then you can have addition in your tuition centre strength.

MYP (8)Freelancer
This job is one of the best and easy ways to earn money. This is an internet associated job. You just have found a viable company and then get started. Here you have to write articles, writing assignments, proof read the assignments and writing other academic work.

Handmade Jewellery
If you have the needed skill then you can start a business of handmade jewellery. You can make your own website or page and market it on your favourite prices. By making handmade jewellery and selling it to girls is very much suitable business for the girls. As it is common that girls are more interested in jewellery than any other thing so, your business will flourish day by day. People will surely admire your work if it is remarkable. You can give a little time to your co-curricular work and see the results of your hard work.

MYP (6)Photography
If you are a good photographer than you can start a business on local level photography by capturing your friends, family relatives, acquaintances golden memories in the form of photos in your camera. As people are busy enjoying their party, weddings and birth days etch you can help them and yourself by capturing their important memories in your camera and making them automatically happy. You can make the people pleased if you have a good photography skill. You can surely generate a good amount of money to support your pocket money. Gradually as you and your skill will be known by your society you will became popular in the business.

When you will be enjoying your summer vacations make a habit of working to make your pocket money as well. This is a good habit of making money for you. You can change your life style by earning money which will make a big difference in your way of living. You can deal with your expenses with ease without bothering to ask your parents to give you extra money so you can hang out with your friends. When you know that you have extra money in your pocket then you can always plan to buy something new or give your friends a treat. Extra money always helps and that money which your parents are not aware of give you a different kind of freedom that can only be experienced when you have that money in your pocket.

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