27 Oct


Article by Ayesha Farrukh

The world is so dark I want to find the light, but unfortunately failed even to find a ray of light that brings hopes to people hearts. Now a day’s nobody is loveable and nobody is trustable. Only ALLAH is here to be trusted to be loved.

I don’t know why people are so silly now a day’s. I feel sorry about the new world. People have lost love, simplicity, sincerity, brotherhood and affection for each other. Now a day’s people have gone wild, mean, malicious, self-centered and jealous. They all feel pride in being a successful one. They can’t differentiate between the good and the bad they do what they want in honest or in evil way they don’t care. They forget about the world, about the life. The life is merciless and the death is the best leveler of everything. They forgot that one day all that money all that gold and that money will be left on the earth and nothing will help them after death. Then they will be standing in the court of justice in the world after death. They will be standing there in front of ALLAH ALMIGHTY with shame. HE ALMIGHTY will ask us questions that we can’t answer because we know that we have done bad things in our life because we know that we have done bad things in our life. They played with the realities of life. Now they are going to be punished in the hell. They are not going to touch the gate of the heavens.

They will feel guilty, but will remain helpless. Until then they will realize the good and the bad still they are in the hell facing the hardships of their fortunes they have done in the journey on the earth.

Moreover, this punishment will let them realize that what they have done in the journey on the earth and why they are punished.

As we all Muslims know ALLAH ALMIGHTY has blessed us with uncountable blessings that we can’t thank Him for being so nice and softhearted. But those sinners played with these blessings and use them in the negative way. After all, as that will make them realize their mistakes that will make them guilty and they will be feeling sorry and as ALLAH ALMIGHTY is merciful and the most bivalent that will forgive them and let them allow going to the heavens and they can live in heavens in after life.




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