12 Jan

The Qur’anic Reflections

Haiqa Hashmi, Islamabad


“The Quran asks to reflect, reflect and then some. Because this is not a book for casual reading, it has secrets of the world tucked in its intricate calligraphy. There are so many gems waiting to be searched.”


There are numerous ways one can fall in love with the Holy Qur’an. The rhythm, the linguistics, the precise placement of words and of course the message it lays out it the open. It is a reflection of everything good within you overpowering everything grim, and I believe the more reflective it is, the more effective it will be.

One does never simply read the Qur’an, he feels it. And this ‘feeling’ is no ordinary sentiment described by words. In fact such words have not been invented yet that would explain the emotions you feel while reciting the Holy Qur’an. Each Verse expresses it’s own ardour, such intensity that would cast a compelling spell on the reader. Studying each verse is an adventure of its own, holding such depths of meanings which is simple yet influential.

Let us start by reflecting what the Qur’an has to say about itself.

“A Book we have sent down to you so you that you might bring forth mankind from darkness into light….” (14:1)

The Qur’an isn’t just a book, it’s a guidance, an evidence, a discrimination between right and wrong and a manifest light for people to lead them to nobility. You must have never come across something as divine as it and indeed you never will. The Qur’an speaks directly with your heart, it supplies the comfort your soul seeks and it amples your mind with immense pleasure.

The Qur’an was sent to be our companion, not to accumulate dust on our book shelves. It is the miracle of Rasool Allah (PBUH). The Qur’an had rights over us; ones that must be kept superior than any other like and dislike:

IMAAN: The first right of the Qur’an is that we have Imaan (Faith) in it being the last Holy book of the Divine. No such doubt should ever arise for its every command, every verse and every word to be authentic. The Qur’an doesn’t hold questions, it holds statements. True statements.

TO BE READ AS IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE READ: Qur’an as stated before is supposed to be our companion, not accumulate dust on our book shelves. It holds the secrets of the world in its intricate calligraphy and yet, we still don’t have ‘time’ to recite it. It is supposed to be read pleasantly with eloquence because the quality matters, not the quantity.

TO BE UNDERSTOOD: The Qur’an, a book having more than 3 billion copies and translation in 50 different language. The most read book in the entire world and sadly it isn’t understood. Imagine reading any of your course books in another language. Would you be able to study it, apply its knowledge in your life or even prepare for the test. Of course not! It sounds even ridiculous to suggest such a thing than Why? Why do we read it but never with translation or Tafseer.

TO BE FOLLOWED: The might its words hold is unimaginable. It is thorough, intensive and at the same time extensive. What the world needs to be is the Qur’anic generation that lives and breathes the Qur’an and it will become that by following it.

TO BE SPREAD: The Beneficent completed his favors on mankind by sending his miracle, the Qur’an and sending his beloved, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Prophet completed his mission by bringing about the revolution of Islam but the thing about revolution is that it must be passed on or the spark dies down. The Qur’an asks to be reflected upon and spread. Spreading ‘Ilm’ of every verse is Sadqa Jariyah and keeping it to yourself is a sin. Teach the Qur’an, open the eyes of people and remind them the things they have long forgotten.

“By time. Indeed, the mankind is at loss. Except those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.” Al’-Asar (103)

Subhan Allah! The entire guidance is laid down in front of us. How a Surah’ so short can convey such a profound meaning is a testimony to precision with which Allah has built the Qur’an. The Qur’an changes you into a better person, and you change the world into a better one.


Special thank you for QUR’ANIC REFLECTIONS by Ataxic101 for inspiring me. It’s easily available on wattpad. Feel free to give it a try.

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