The One Direction Cross Word Puzzle

The One Direction Cross Word Puzzle
29 Mar


(Zaynab Amir)





  1. Live while we’re Young (shortened name)
  2. 1D’s second album
  3. The band that Zayn’s girlfriend Perrie is in
  4. Harry’s ex-girlfriend who works on X factor
  5. Niall’s food preference
  6. Harry & Taylor
  7. 1D’s 2nd book
  8. 1D’s first book
  9. The singing show One Direction competed in



  1. One Direction’s first single
  2. What place did One Direction come on the singing show?
  3. How many r’s?
  4. Zayn & Liam
  5. Louis’ girlfriend
  6. Harry’s favorite animal
  7. Liam’s girlfriend
  8. 1D’s first album
  9. Curly haired member
  10. Last name of female singer Cher that the boys competed with
  11. Louis’ signature clothing pattern at the UAN tour
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