The Lunatic Fringe

The Lunatic Fringe
27 Dec

By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is always evolving with its storylines and with the emergence of new talent, which it refers to as the WWE Superstars. Over the past year, several new Superstars have walked into the squared circle to show off their skills. Where some were better and others were good, one Superstar did make his mark the moment he began his solo career in the WWE. With his erratic behaviour and an aggressive wrestling style, Dean Ambrose has risen himself to main event status. He recently fought against Seth Rollins, his former partner in Hell in a Cell match at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

Ambrose’s real name is Jonathan Good, and he always had a connection with wrestling from an early age, even before he became a professional wrestler. He used to work at the Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA) rendering his services for setting up the ring for the wrestlers and by selling popcorns. In 2004, he took the ring name of Jon Moxeley to make his debut at the HWA. Moxely fought against his competition as a solo competitor and as part of the team called The Crew. He became the HWA Tag Team Champion with King Vu and won the HWA Heavyweight Championship. Good later joined the Insanity Pro Wrestling and became the IPW World Heavyweight Champion. After being with the IPW for four years, he joined the Combat Zone Wrestling where he remained from 2009 to 2011. At CZW, Good, still performing as Jon Moxely, became the CZW World Heavyweight Champion. For two years, Moxely also fought at the Gradon Gate USA before joining Florida Championship Wrestling, the developmental territory of the WWE. He gained fame by making his debut against Seth Rollins. In the WWE, Jonathan Good shed his ring name of Jon Moxely and got a new persona of Dean Ambrose.

With a few months, the WWE gave birth to The Shield, a stable (team) consisting of three Superstars, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The Shield rose to fame by attacking every WWE Superstar and delivering the Triple Power Bomb, which was given when the Superstar was hoisted by Reigns on his shoulders and the other two members would assist in delivering the Power Bomb. The Shield went from a heel (villain) to face (hero). Their last match as a team was at Payback 2014 against Evolution, the team of Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista. However, on the next night on Monday Night RAW, Seth Rollins attacked both Reigns and Ambrose with a steel chair to join The Authority, the stable of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Corporate Kane. This was also the night when The Shield was dismembered and the singles career of Reigns and Ambrose began. Since then, Ambrose has become a fan favorite because of his ability to leap himself off the ring into his opponents and because of his irate behavior, which makes him unpredictable. Ambrose got the nickname of Lunatic Fringe for his instable mental behaviour. He brought a hotdog stand inside the arena and sprayed ketchup and mustard at Kane and Randy Orton and recently attacked Cesaro with the microphone.

In the WWE, Ambrose became the WWE United States Champion when he was part of The Shield and remained Champion for 351 years, the longest by a Superstar under the WWE banner.

After the dismantling of The Shield, Ambrose began his feud with Seth Rollins, where he wants to take revenge from Rollins attacking him and Reigns. On an episode of Monday Night RAW before Night of Champions 2014, Rollins and Corporate Kane, both working for The Authority, put Ambrose out for weeks when Rollins delivered his signature move, The Curb Stomp, on to Ambrose while his head was placed on top of cinder blocks placed near the announce table. Ambrose, however, made his return to the WWE a few weeks later at Night of Champions where he attacked Rollins and continued his rivalry with his former tag team partner. Ambrose did face Rollins at SummerSlam 2014 but lost the match.

He wanted to fight Rollins at Hell in a Cell 2014 however, John Cena also wanted his hands on Rollins, for he did interfere in the Cena vs Brock Lesnar match at the Night of Champions 2014 for the WWE Championship. The Authority booked a match between Cena and Ambrose in a ‘Contract on a Pole’ match at Monday Night RAW. The first Superstar to grab the contract would get Rollins in the Cell. After a grueling match on RAW, Ambrose was able to get the contract to face Rollins inside Hell in a Cell. It was perhaps one of the most anticipated Hell in a Cell matches in recent memory when Rollins and Ambrose were set to fight inside the steel structure. Even Mic Foley, the Superstar to have taken part in the first ever Hell in a Cell match in WWE history, came to Monday Night RAW to give some advice to both Rollins and Ambrose before their big match. At Hell in a Cell, Ambrose gave his best to put an end to Rollins. The two Superstars while climbing the Cell hit each other and both fell down, crashing on the announce table, a sight that brought back memories of how Mic Foley was thrown off in a similar way by his opponent, The Undertaker, at King of the Ring (1998).

Ambrose has now become a prominent part of the WWE Monday Night Roaster where he is has fought against the big names of the industry. He has gone against Randy Orton, Kane, Mark Henry, CM Punk, John Cena, and Cesaro. A few days before their Hell in a Cell match, Seth Rollins’ personal security team of Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble went to assault Ambrose; however, he turned the tables in a big way. He delivered an elbow drop on both Mercury and Noble through a table. At Hell in a Cell, Ambrose could have won the fight against Rollins; however, Bray Wyatt emerged from underneath the ring to assault Ambrose that led him to lose the match. Since then, Ambrose has set his eyes against Wyatt. Where Ambrose’s in-ring persona is appealing, his signature move, Dirty Deeds, an under hook DDT, is a swift move that also looks brings the audience to their feet Moreover, Ambrose has established himself as a Superstar who can take giant leaps off the stage and the turnbuckle into his opponent. His hardcore wrestling style and his spontaneous communication with the microphone has made him a must-watch WWE Superstar.

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