29 Mar

The Forest Trip


“Where should we go Della?”¬† A huge group of my aesthetic children from my class asked excitedly.


“That’s a good question, Maybe we should consider a forest?” I gazed towards the children who roared in excitement.


I was an exchange student from Ireland and I had choose teaching as a good summer job this year.I always wanted to go somewhere I could explore nature just like the traits one have when they are kids.


“Forest it is kids” I smiled and they started to pack bags to go home.The forest was said to be spooky which made all of us further anxious for the trip.


It was told that some people never returned from the forest down to a “Emerald Curse” or sort of something they named it.


It was noon and I received an email from the school allowing us to finally go this Saturday and safely return on Sunday.


“Sounds fun” My roommate Avery spoke up coming with dinner. We were like sisters and we bonded swiftly.


“I’ve heard of this place, Its not so safe though” She said biting her lip incertain to explain me what she experienced.


“What do you want me to know?” I stale towards her and she looked at the floor.


“What is it?” I spoke again with a higher pitch so she could finally respond.


“The curse is real Della” She finally managed to look at me with a weird terror on her face.


“How do you know if its real?” I raised an eye brow waiting for an answer


“I don’t know that’s up-to you, Go ahead and experience it” She murmured and went to sleep leaving me clueless with her awkward looks.


“Fine then” I lifted towards my bed knowing tomorrow is a big day.


“Don’t come to the emerald forest, we’ll haunt you without giving a trace, Think again and again until you make sure you know what you’re doing”


I waked up with the screaming sounds in the air, maybe just a nightmare? I looked around and realized there was no one there.


“What was so uncertain about this place?” I thought to myself trying to sleep but couldn’t help it.


I woked up at 6 in the morning and made went to school with a lot of sandwiches in a basket to surprise the children.


As soon as I entered the school I glared at the children who seemed to have their excitement flushed away leaving them with a drowning face of sadness.


“Whats wrong?” I asked suspiciously looking at them.


“We had a terrible nightmare Della” One of them spoke up attempting to be confident.


“There are aliens there” the other spoke up and I laughed at his words.


“There might be dark unicorns” A little girl looked at me with concern

and I couldn’t control my laughter.


We all entered through the rusty old gate and our gaze went towards an old Church. It started to rain heavily so running their felt the best down to present circumstances.


“Harold, Be careful” I advised as he ran towards church door which was closed.


“Hello Children” An old man greeted with a fine black suite and the children all smiled good morning.


“Rain got you here?” He chuckled and we all nodded in agreement. “We wanted some place to stay until it rains.We came here to have a trip”


“Feels good” he gave a grin before heading to a cabinet getting some food out.


“Here’s some milk and cookies” he smiled heading towards the kids and later towards me.


It was getting darker every minute to a point where nothing could be visible.


“Here’s the candle” he made the light embark in the dark field since the weather was terrible we had to stay here tonight.


The thunder clapped several times making the timid children cuddle themselves in disguise.


“We’ll be out tomorrow” I fake smiled trying to sound genuine.


We could hear horrible voices of Animals screaming in the darkness and all we could do was to pray for everything to turn alright.


Unknown to how we slept, We waked up in a land with a gray and green sky with clouds meandering upon us in a beautiful aligned manner.


“its beautiful” I whispered gazing at the beautiful place wondering if this was heaven. Everything was wonderful, The sky the unusually long trees and the ground.


We looked around with feeling miserable and magical while having bit of a walk I fell down to something on the ground.


It was a wooden Star being thick and having a lot of sparkles. I lifted it and looked around a little engraving.




I held it in my pocket and started wandering around thinking what to wish for.


The kids were lost in the meadow of perfect while I was left here trying to make a decision.


Leah was right about this place¬† it seems fine though “but” there’s no ending.


It started to turn night and things started to turn black.


The sky had become horrifying pitch-black.


There was a red mood giving a terror shade on the ground. Suddenly I realized the children were missing.

My hands started trembling and my body started to become cold.

I held the star out and made a wish.


I wish with all my heart that I could go back to time to fix it from the start.


“Della, Wake up” I heard my mom calling me from the kitchen.


I ran towards her and gave a warm hug.


“Honey, its your last day of school today then its all about you and holidays” she chuckled and I stood there wondering if what I saw was a dream or reality but it was a good trip perhaps!

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