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The Adventures of Ali


Name: Zain-Ul-Abideen

Chapter: 1 The Boy’s Dream
Once Upon A Time,
There was a greedy, ignorant teenager who wanted nothing more in life than money .He would do anything to become rich, his goal was to be filthy rich even though he didn’t plan what will he do with it. This man’s name was Ali Ahmed who belonged to a middle class family. After completing his matriculation he decided to pursue further studies as he wanted to be rich but didn’t want to work hard and spend years of higher education then try to earn a living, was rather adventurous and wanted to see the world instead of studying about it in a book. After completing matriculation he told his family he wants to go to Balochistan, from their go to Iran and discover the Arabian Peninsula. But coming from a middle class family, he’s father wanted him to pursue further studies and became an engineer, while his son was rather adventurous, wanted to travel around the world & above all become rich .The Family was against the idea of sending him away, while he had a plan to be a journalist and record everything during his trip and
Record events from other countries which are not usually covered by professional journalists. Start a business at most countries he plans to travel in order to cover his expenses. Then return all the expenses back to his family & achieve his ultimate goal .His father had saved money for his College but because of his son’s wishes he decided to give the money to him. The Family supported Ali but his father instead of being angry, was rather sad to see his son doing such an act. After weeks of
He studied many languages; he got an Atlas and studied about all countries .A month later Ali was leaving his house to go on a bus to Balochistan. His father told him, “If you come back spending all my money on waste don’t even dare to step in this house & call me your fatherr”. After hearing such harsh words from his father he was driven to accomplish his goal.
Chapter 2: Road to Baluchistan
After leaving on a bus from Karachi to Baluchistan, he encountered several balconies & Native citizens of that respective town. As the bus stopped by several towns & cities he saw what other people around Pakistan were like. As he was an amateur journalist with no real experience, he decided to record everything he observed in his journal one of the things was that Balochis had high respect of their culture & heritage if a citizen from another region spoke roundly of their culture that man had no chance of leaving from in the same condition as before. He observed many things in those towns as well which were not known to the rest of the world. After reaching Quetta he decided not to wait & from there he got on another bus which was used mostly for trade but after giving bribery to some workers they had let him came along with them. After leaving for Tehran, Iran. When finally reaching he taught of seeing people speak Arabic but as he was an ignorant boy he didn’t had much knowledge about the country. He saw them speaking Persian which was the language from which Urdu is derived from. He had practiced Arabic and was disappointed to learn that the language was of no use in that country. As he was a Sunni Muslim he didn’t knew about the Religion of Iran. On His to The Masjid he saw some people worshipping on fire! Amazed and curious about what their religion holds for them, he had knowledge that Zoroastrians were treated very badly and were not respected by the majority. He asked a man what is it like to live in Iran as a minority .He said “What the media publishes about ourselves is pure rubbish we live as Iranians we do not differ from them, we live peacefully” Afterwards Ali went to the Masjid, When the Jamaat was called he came, then the Namaz started being a Sunni Muslim, He saw everyone around him with their hands not around their waist, confused by how the Iranians were praying. He didn’t know what to do he prayed the way he does; he was scared what people would think about him. But he was rather calm after seeing nobody really cared about it. He was sad to see such split in the Ummah. He decided stay in Tehran for a few more weeks to observe their cultural living and make money. He started working as a Clark in a glossary store. He was amazed to see how people admired Dates as it was culturally obligatory for them to eat dates along with their food .He had money to travel forward but he thought of investing in a Dates stand and sell them and start a business, make money then leave. He risked all his money by investing it in a date stand. The first few days he thought he made a mistake but later on realized his marketing technique is wrong, instead of acting a local he realized he needed to act like a foreigner, as a Pakistani he started to sell Dates by chanting in Urdu “lelo sasti khajour le lo”. The citizens had no idea what he was saying but were amused to see him speaking differently, soon his Date stand was a hit, he made 3 times more money than he had invested .After spending a few more weeks he didn’t sell his stand as originally planned but instead hired a Pakistani worker to sell the dates for him. The deal was 75% profit would be kept by him, while he can have the rest of itches left Iran to go to.
Chapter: 3 Seeing the Truth
Things were looking great for Ali he was the owner of a stand which was making a lot of money for him. He was happy that now he could easily return his expenses and still have a lot of Money left for him he decided to not go off Iran from a bus or a train but rather on a commercial airplane. From Iran he went straight to Qatar as he knew it was the richest country in the world. After reaching there he expected to see Locals, but the country was mostly filled with expatriates who came to Qatar to make a better living. He wasn’t looked with good intentions by the Qatari nationals who he thought didn’t like to welcome all the immigrants coming to their country. Ali had planned to start a small business in Qatar as well but it was not that easy to open a Fruit Stand or anything in Qatar. A lot of paperwork had to be done to accomplish that goal. He knew Arabic well and started to dress like an Arab. Then make deals with Qataris. He had a family member residing in Doha, who was the CEO of an Oil company. And was one of the richest businessmen in Qatar. It wasn’t easy meeting him as he had cut all relations with his Family. It was hard for Ali but coming in terms with the office members he got an appointment with the CEO. After hours of waiting he got a 5 minute appointment with him. He went to him and said” Uncle Altaf how are you? I’m your nephew from Karachi” and he said “Do you know how important a minute of my life is? I don’t have time for my family”. Ali got angry and said “Do you even have any idea who I am, do you even talk to your family anymore? After seeing his Uncle like that Ali realized that Money Can’t Buy Happiness”, seeing his Uncle being an arrogant & selfish man. He now knew that the goal he is trying to accomplish has no purpose as he didn’t wanted to be filled with arrogance & be selfish. From then on he realized to not go after money but rather go after something that makes him happy. Now he didn’t really care about how much money he gets from businesses. His purpose was just to travel around the world and have one hell of an adventure. After coming out of his Uncle’s office, a black van was parked right outside.4 tall muscular men came and kidnapped him. A few moments later Ali shocked said “What? Where am I? Who are you people? Ali scared asked a lot of questions, A Syrian Muscular man with a lot of scars on his face said “You are related to Altaf Ahmed the CEO of SGC one of the richest man in all of Qatar”. Ali Said “Yes I’m his nephew but you can’t get any money from him he doesn’t care about me, he barely knows who I’m”. The man said “I don’t care he is a family member and I’m sure he will come for you”. A few hours passed by Ali had no idea where he was it looked like a war torn land defiantly not Qatar. He gave them his contact number but there was no answer. The Syrian man got angry and said “If your Uncle isn’t going to come for you I will kill you”. Ali Quickly said “Wait! Wait! I can perhaps help you if you let me go to my Uncle personally and ask him”. The Syrian man didn’t agree & said “you are no use to me as a dead boy I’d rather let you work as a slave you can help me save this land from war”. After those statements Ali was curious to know where he wassail asked the Syrian man “where am I in this so called war land’. He said you are in Syria and you will help me fight Assad’s army. Ali was petrified by knowing what he got himself into…..
Chapter 4: Tourist to Soldier
Ali was now on an entirely different situation. He thought of a million ways to escape from Syria, he had no money left as The Syrian man’s allies took all of his money.
Scared and anxious to get out of that war torn land but he had no other choice but to fight and get out of there during the battle. He was kept in Syria and was trained as a soldier for a month. He was now a fully trained soldier. At noon the plan was to stay put and after seeing Assad’s army the rebels were to ambush thermal was along with them. Soon after ambushing there was blood everywhere sounds of Bullets flying throughout the air .Ali didn’t even try to attack anyone, breathing heavily & scared he ran away as quickly as he could. Running in a desert after walking a few miles he was full of thirst and didn’t have the energy to walk further. Luckily he got a ride from a Jordanian local, who was kind enough to let him go in his Jeep. Saddened & Depressed after what he saw in Syria he realized how cruel the world is constantly a voice was heard in his head reminding him of the words his Father said to him. He had no idea what his next destination would be he didn’t even had the money to travel back to Pakistan, he thought only Allah can save him now from Jordon he planned to go to Saudi Arabia and go to Makkah AL Mukaramah. He didn’t have any money to travel further. For a few weeks he begged on the streets of Amaan starving all day long, didn’t take anything for granted anymore and was a much more mature man. Eating once a day only, saving the rest of his money for the journey. Luckily he got a job as a laborer. For a few more weeks worked hard trying to make a living. His food was free as part of his work routine. Sleeping where he worked .He was depressed regretted the decision of his horrible journey which put him in such a situation, crying while sleeping he said to himself “No I can’t live like this I have to go somewhere make a living start a business earn money and get right back on my track”. Soon after saying those words Ali quickly got up ran from the building into the highway at 3 in the morning. He came in a deserted area where a trading truck came taking all dates from a Palm Tree. Ali spotted that on the truck it said “Saudi Arabian Trading Truck”. Soon after seeing those words without hesitating he quickly hopped on the huge truck there was a lot of space and it was night time so he wasn’t spotted. It was a 13 hour journey, after reaching the Saudi Arabia-Jordon boarder the police came to check under the truck. Ali quickly got up punched the Officer in the face and knocked down two more officers, His training from being a Black belt in Taekwondo & his army training paid off well. Quickly he ran in the desert .Seeing a small town; from where he bought a Camel to travel further .He had the money to handle most of his expenses now as his journey was illegally free. He traveled on the Camel thought out the villages of Saudi Arabia he was looking like a true Arab; he knew Arabic well dressed in a Tope. Looked like ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. A foreigner trying to blend in with the Arabs. After days of traveling on a camel. He finally reached the metropolitan city of Jeddah. After traveling in a desert he was amazed to see such huge skyscrapers in a desert country. Like Qatar there were a lot of immigrants living in Saudi Arabia especially Jeddah, as it was the closest Metropolitan city near Makkah & Madina. He decided to stay in Jeddah for a few days, he had a lot of relatives who lived there, and they welcomed him with open arms to Jeddah, Ali told his relatives to not tell his family in Pakistan about the conditions he’d been through, how he lost all of his money. He didn’t tell his relatives the truth about what he had been through in Syria, Instead he told him he was robbed by someone in Qatar and came to Jeddah through an airline. His relatives agreed he had a lot of great time in Jeddah; he was amused to see the town or ‘Aziziyah’ where a lot of Pakistanis & Indians lived. It was like seeing another city of Pakisyan.It was a great feeling for him seeing Pakistanis & Indians working together in peace & harmony. He had a Lot of fun with his cousins. He stayed in Jeddah for a few more weeks, during his stay his birthday came. His cousins surprised him with a huge birthday party. He received a lot of money from his relatives, after getting the money he was relieved that now he could handle his expenses. He made a few calls back to his home country. His entire family was worried and relived to see that Ali was doing well in his journey and wished him luck for his future, but his father didn’t talk to him saying that he would not see his son until I see him as a mature man, who could handle his expenses by himself. Ali was though relieved as he had survived a lot in his 7 month journey. He thought to himself saying that “I now have the money to continue my journey but I need to go to Makkah to make a Pilgrimage instead of my ultimate goal being to travel around the world it should be to go Makkah & Madina.
Chapter: 5 Journeys to the Ultimate Destination
Reaching Makkah By road in a taxi. He did wuzu, put on his Ihram & went straight to Masjid-Al-Haram. After reaching their he said to himself “Truly this is the most beautiful place in the whole wide world”. Seeing the Kaaba his eyes were filled with delight. He prayed five times a day for a few weeks in Makkah, made Tawaf & Sahi a few times. During all this he observed that ‘Unity’ truly is still a thing in this world, after going through Iran where the country was filled with different sects & Syria where there was all blood and no humanity .He was pleased to see Makkah the home to every human that claims to be a Muslim standing in congregation praying alongside his Muslim Brothers realized that in the House of Allah, there is no politics, no sect, All United as Muslims, Regardless of Race, nationality, ethnicity & Sect. All Muslims united as one Ummat of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) (P.B.U.H).he didn’t feel to leave the wonderful city of Makkah. He could spend his entire life there worshipping Allah. In Makkah he truly became a Muslim, Listening to lectures in Masjids and seeing the true meaning of being a Muslim. During his journey he didn’t plan to get any souvenirs for his family. But seeing every man who had come to Makkah to perform the pilgrimage from all around the world. And taking souvenirs for their families, He thought of not taking his journey for granted but instead buying those wonderful bottles of Zamzam, Dates, Perfume & many things from that wonderful city.
After Makkah he went to Medina. There he saw the Tomb of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. He prayed in Madina for a few weeks, he had a lot of religious friends in Makkah & Madina, who said they would help him at any cost, as he was wanted all over Saudi Arabia and right after the pilgrimage he had to get out of the country ASAP. With the help of a few friends from Saudi Arabia his next destination was UAE traveling by sea thought trading ships, he came to Dubai did some journalism work there which earned him some money, In Dubai he came across a bank which alerted him that he got some money sent to him from Tehran. Ali remembered about his Dates stand in Iran, as promised he got the money from the bank, after getting the principal amount, Saudi security quickly fetched all information and found out the one who came to KSA illegally had been in UAE, Saudi security officers as always were very strict about their rules and were to find this fugitive at any cost. Ali knew that Saudis had sources all over the Arab world, After earning some money in UAE through Fruit stands in smaller towns and though his work of journalism. He decided to go to…
Chapter: 6 Arabian Peninsula to Europe
Now he had enough money to travel By road far away from the Arab world, he couldn’t travel by air because of security reasons, He decides to Turkey,(which is mainly located in Asia but the northern side is in Europe) from their he planned to travel all over Europe. It was a long journey which took a few days, but finally he reached Turkey. Seeing the Amazing country it was one of the most beautiful countries In the world. Filled with unique Islamic architecture, Buildings, Paintings & Textile. What was unique about this country was that the country’s population was Mainly Muslim but unlike other Muslims, Turkeys Muslims were more modern, sophisticated & westernized. Ali Spent a lot of time in Turkey admiring the great Mosques, Amazing food .After a few days in Turkey he came across an old friend who he recognized from a Turk-Pak school in Pakistan. His name was Ätúrk. Ali said to him “Hey aren’t you from that Pak-Turk school back in Pakistan I was your class mate back in grade 6”. Ätúrk said “Oh Yes! Ali how are you? Like Ali Ätúrk had passion for adventure ,and didn’t want to study further. Although unlike Ali he couldn’t achieve his goals and was studying law at a university. Coincidentally after a few days of Ali arriving in Turkey there was a Meeting between the King of Saudi Arabia and the president of Turkey, There was a lot of security on that day, Ali immediately after hearing the news panicky said “Ätúrk you have to help me get out of here I can’t stay here it’s not safe”. Ätúrk who was a pious person and hadn’t commit any crime in his life, hesitantly refused to help Ali he said “You have to face your problems, I can’t let you get out of turkey illegally but I can help you face your problems, I’m in my last semester of my university I know law to well I can help you get out of this problem easily”. Ali who didn’t trust Ätúrk’s Plan accepted his offer anyway and he had to go to Greece from there he would go to Albania to Kosovo to Belgium to Austria then Hungary.He saw all these countries from the bars of a prison cell.As he was being transfered all over Europe.After reaching Russia,A security officer named Anatóly felt pity for Ali after a few days in a Russian prison,He asked Ali “What Crime did you commit boy?”.Ali who looked awful,his face was pale & dirty.Ali was busy writing something in his Journal.Anatóly was curious about what Ali was writing about.Anatóly asked him a few times but Ali gave no answer .Hours later another officer angrily came and said ” Okay boy it is a good day for you.You are going to spend the rest of your time in a prison in Pakistan”.Ali who was shocked, didn’t want to back to Pakistan in a Prison!He thought of what will his family think.Ali angrily said ” No I don’t want go back to Pakistan you can keep me here in Russia in a hellish place but never will I return to Pakistan like this”.The Russian officer got angry and said “Who do you think you are boy nobody cares what you think”. Anatóly who wanted to rather help Ali said ” Hey stop bullying the boy don’t worry i am going to let him stay here”.Ali was still not happy he sat there in the cell sad,Anatóly said “Look boy I just helped do you even care to say thankyou,you know I can help you even more as from your eyes I can see you haven’t committed such a huge crime,and you’re just a boy you should be left alone”.Ali was relived after hearing such words.A few moments later Ali told him everything why he came from Pakistan,what happend during his journey. Ali and Anatóly became good friends after numerous conversations.Anatóly helped him by reducing his prison sentence to 2 months ,Living in prison He was no longer a boy anymore after 9 months of traveling and going through a lot.He was now strong enough to handle anything.2 month passed by he left the prison he was free to roam whereas he wanted.Anatóly said you can live with me for a few days until you know what to do further.Ali was thankful and said ” Well I did want to travel all over Europe and I have seen a few countries and now I can claim that I have been to almost every European prison.Anatóly did a side business aswell he owned a book store where he would sell Russian literature,he said to Ali that “you can work at my book store in the evening”.Ali agreed to the job staying in Russia he observed that the citizens didn’t like to talk about political issues or their past history.he was to work in the shop till midnight.When he was closing the shop he was late then usual,after getting out of the shop it was mostly quiet,he was going through a dark alley where a few Russians asked him in Russain ” Who are you,you don’t look like you’re from around here”.Ali said he didn’t understand what you are saying .They tried to rob him but now Ali fought back and beat them.After coming home he realized that in order to travel further he has to keep himself safe from muggers and thieves or kidnappers.there was a training academy in Tokyo,Japan,which promoted self defense classes.Japanese were famous in Pakistan and mostly all over the world for their Martial Arts Techniques.A few days later Ali packed his backbag,hugged Anatóly thanked him for being such a good friend…
Chapter 7:Land of the Rising Sun
Leaving Russia he went on numerous vehicles to reach Japan it took him a few weeks.He thought that he would get the chance of visiting many countries on the way but because of Russia’s vast size it was a long journey and he was traveling only though Russia.Reaching the sea of Japan where a few Japanese officers caught him and anxiously asked him a lot of questions such as”Who are you,where are you from,are you a spy for Russia?.He witnessed that Japanese didn’t really like Russians as there was a Land treaty which is disputed between the two countries.The Japanese kept Ali in prison for a few days to interrogate him on why he was coming from Russia.The Japanese weren’t impressed with Ali’s answers and kept him captive.Ali was singing a Pakistani song which a few ametuer Japanese officers heard.Curious about the song which was in an entirely foreign language.The Japanese officers enjoyed listening to Ali’s music.One Day Ali stopped singing ,The officers asked him “What happend why aren’t you singing”.Ali was a cunning person and he had a great plan,then he said ” Oh!,you don’t need me to sing in this language I know where you can download these songs,and listen to them as much as you want But I will only help you if you let me get out of here”.The ametuer Japanese were ignorant and accepted Ali’s offer immediately.He got a stamp in his passport and went to Tokyo from the boarder easily.He was a stranger to the country having no idea where to go.It took him some time but after a a few hours of searching he came across as directed in the index.The name of the institute was “Kong Chow”,Which means ” the path to victory”.After coming all the students looked at him curiously, many were angry.Ali was scared seeing them like that he welcomed himself “Hey,My name is Ali Ahmed, Iam a Pakistani who came to Japan for training in order to protect myself”. The headmaster who’s name was Kazan was generous to Ali and welcomed him by saying ” It is great to meet you Ali you might be a outsider but a foreigner is most welcomed in the grounds of Kong Chaw “.After a few weeks Ali expected to learn Martial arts and do crazy Ninja techniques but he was disappointed as the headmaster told him to wash the dishes.It was his daily duty to wash the dishes ,mop the floor ,while the rest of the students were training.Ali tolerated this act for a few weeks.On a sunny day at 6 o’clock in the morning the students woke up to train while Ali was told to mop the floor before the training,Ali was moping the floor while the rest of the students were looking still at him.Ali had enough of it angrily he said”Enough I can’t tolerate this anymore I came here to became a warrior not be a servant and mop the floor”. Kazan said ” You are not ready to be on the same level as my students this is the beginning of your lesson ,you cannot tolerate washing dishes,how can you expect your self to fight against someone “.Ali Said “But I’m not the only beginner here”. Pointing out to a few students who were beginners aswell.Ali said “Why are they training while i mop the floor!?.Kazan said ” These students are Japanese they know what is it like to live in luxury and survive in the most bitter conditions.Your country with such a huge population ,many resources, though still undeveloped,your country lacks hardwork”.Ali was disappointed to hear that but he knew it was the ‘ugly truth’.for a few more weeks Ali tolerated everything his headmaster told him for the next few weeks.Kazan saw that now Ali was ready but there was one thing he lacked,he said “Ali you are now ready”. Ali excitingly said ” Really!!what do you want me to do now master?”.Kazan said I see something special in you,a goal which only you can accomplish .Ali Curiously asked “What is it master?”. Kazan said ” If you accomplish your goal certainly you will have accomplished everything “.Ali said I’ll do it” not knowing what is it.Kazan said “You don’t even know what I’m going to make you do and you say yes?”. Ali said ” I trust your decisions master surely it must be for the best”.Seeing how wise Ali had became,Kazan said “Your task is to climb Mount Fuji,the highest Mountain in all of Japan”. Ali laughingly said ” I’m glad to be here if I was in Pakistan ,I would have to climb the 2nd highest mountain I’m the world!”.Ali without asking any further questions accepted the task.Kazan said you will not climb the mountain like any other instead you will start climbing at mid night and you are to come back to the institute by morning.You will be given a Lantern during your journey.Ali asked “will there be any other companions along with me?”. Kazan said “no you are to accomplish this journey alone”. After dinner in the evening,the rest of the students wished him good luck for the journey.He left for the journey.On that day it was an odd day ,there weren’t any other tourists climbing so it was Ali alone during midnight climbing a Mountain.It was winter,the temperature was low,the mountain was filled with snowflakes.Luckily Ali spent a lot of time of his childhood traveling to the beautiful northern sides of Pakistan.The journey began he was well and had the energy to climb quickly.It seemed to him like an easy task.A few hours later He had a lantern on his backpack and it was the only source of light at that time.It was freezing.The task wasn’t so easy as Ali had though he took a break for a few minutes. He brought his phone along with him Vloging his entire trip .He started Vloging after leaving from KSA,he had a plan to post his vlog and earn money. While he was surfing on the internet, a news came to him about Mount Fuji that it was illegal to Climb the mountain on that particular day as chances of earthquake were high,and the temperature was lower than usual. Ali now knew why Kazan gave him this task.Ali didn’t worry about the news and continued climbing.As high as he got the colder it was. It was 3’o clock In the morning.Seeing the huge Skyline of Japan he was proud of the things he had accomplished during his journey. Finally a hour later when he reached the top he yelled,
Alhumdullilah!.As he was thankful to Allah for Giving him the courage to accomplish such a goal.He brought Pakistan’s flag along with him,which he had set on the Mountain.After spending a few minutes on top ,observing the amazing skyline.The mountain was shaking after a while,scared Ali was protecting himself by hiding beneath a rock.After the shocks ended .He quickly picked up his lantern and backpack.While going down from the mountain it was quicker than climbing.As he was scared of another wave he quickly tried to come down.Another shock came a few rocks were falling upon him .Soon he got trapped between a few rocks,a rock fell upon his leg,for an hour trying to get out of there,he punched the rocks with his own bare hands,after a while he succeeded. The sun was rising ,Ali had to come back by morning.The shocks ended soon afterward he came off the mountain easily.After coming back,Kazan shockingly said “Well,you came back after the shocks i didn’t expect you to”. Ali angrily said ” You knew it was perilous to climb the mountain at that time though you still sent me to my death!”Kazan with a smile said “My boy I trusted you,.most students don’t survive trips like that you truly are one of a kind”. From then on Ali’s training began,he was trained in the art of Mahi Thai,which is by far the best Self defense art!He spent 6 months training to became a warrior,he learned how to defend himself ,how to overcome any obstacle without violence during his journey he went to China,where he was welcomed greatly by Chinese people.He was glad to know How much Chinese people appreciate Pakistanis. He went to Korea as well.Korea reminded him about Pakistan and Bangladesh’s relationship both were a strong country ,but because of political reasons ,both countries split apart.Kazan asked Ali for a favor saying that ” Boy,you shall have to travel to the Himalayas,to help a Village which is being ruled by a dictator,that village is where I spent my childhood,it is my home.But don’t worry,you wont be alone I will sent a few of my students to go to the Himalayas from other countries, while you go from Korea”.Ali said “Master,it will be my honor to help you & I always wanted to travel to the Himalayas it will be a great opportunity for me”…
Chapter 8:The Himalayas
After many weeks of traveling, travling through numerous vehicles,by foot covering a thousand kilo meters.it wasn’t a difficult task for Ali as he had gone through numerous Obstacles during his journey. He climbed the Himalayan range,the landscape from the top of the mountains was magnificent!Truly God has created earth to be a magnificent place for the mankind.A few of his friends from the academy came along, planing how to get rid of the rulers of the village ,they decided to infiltrate the village as traders,the take over. They all agreed to the plan.A day later they all dressed as merchants came to the village acting as traders who came to give fruits,vegetables & spices to the villagers.The Ruler immediately refused,his name was Mongo ,he was a Mercy less Trident who occupied most of the Himalayan villages,he Himself didn’t belong to a respective country during his childhood,his father was a criminal who traveled around the world being a fugitive.Soon after hearing Ali’s and his companions words Mongo said “who are you peasants to give free food to these villagers?”. Ali confidently said ” We came from the orders of Barban who told us to help the villagers in exchange for their labor”.Mongo agreed ,the village was joyful eating fresh food from Japan,they were delighted. But during the night the villagers had to work hard doing to earn a living.Mongo was impressed as before the villagers didn’t work as passionately as they did now.Mongo curiously asked Ali “You have made my slaves work for me ,quicker!What will you have for helping me?”. Ali cunningly said ” No thankyou,is is a great honor to work beside you.”.A few weeks passed by.Constantly every few days From over the mountains ,Ali and his companions brought fresh food for the villagers. Mongo then said to Ali “Boy you are young though you seem to have the spirit of a soldier.My next goal is to occupy Kashmir ,As that state is already dead.Ali who was a Pakistani had great passion for The state of Kashmir,Confused had a knife in his hand And Stabbed Mongo in the back.It was Ali’s first Murder.None knew about the death of Mongo except his companions,Ali told them all that he went on a journey to find mines.A few days passed by ,Mongo’s soldiers were furious they asked Ali ” Where is Mongo?,our master where is he?tell us the truth”.They had no other choice but to tell the truth Ali exclaimingly said “I killed Mongo,I finished his reign of terror ,Me and my companions came here for this purpose and we have accomplished that,now leave this village at once!” The soldiers didn’t had any weapons,as they were burned secretly ,by Ali’s companions .And then a battle,a weapon less battle,both sides knew martial arts,different arts were shown in the battlefield eventually the tyrants surrendered saying “it doesn’t matter now that Mongo is gone,there is no purpose in us conquering here.” And a smoking burst sound like ninjas they were gone.Later on the village was celebrating with joy and thanking Ali for his bravery,he was even given gold Himalayan coins by an elderly woman,Proudly Ali and his companions gave their farewells are each took off on their different routes.Ali packed his bag fully dresses up and left the mountains.Weeks later he a thunderous storm came which made him stay the night in a cave,unfortunately there wasn’t much raw material for him to burn he had to burn His shoes in order to stay warm.After sunrise,he left the cave his feet were freezed he couldn’t walk further,with a few pieces of rocks,he made a wagon,as it was a slope with the help of gravity he could easily go down the mountains.He settled in a city in India Leh,the Capital of Ladakh,India.The landscape from the city which has a population of about 35,000.It wasn’t difficult for Ali to start a business venture there.He quickly blended himself in as a Muslim, the city was mostly filled with Buddhists and Muslims.Luckily he had lots of sushi from Japan.He started a Sushi stand,it was an instant hit.His business was successful he didn’t spend much time in the city after his sushi stand he employed a worker and went of his journey.The karakrom highway was not far from the region,from their on he got a lift from a trader who was from multiple countries,sitting with him Ali curious asked him “You look like your from China, India & Pakistan.Where are you from really?”. He replied back ” Well you see I have been trading chickens through this routes between these countries for more then 20 years my name is Gorem,my father is from Pakistan,while my mother is from India & China you see my mother’s father is a Chinese but her mother is Indian,iam a Brazilian as well my great grand mother’s mother was from Brazil and her father was from Australia”.Ali then asked “Woh!so many ethnic background which country to stay in ?”. He said proudly ” Boy,I live here in the middle of my three countries,I have a passport of evert country I told you about iam welcomed in them all”.Ali asked him can he write about him in his journal,to which he proudly agreed.He reached back Northern Pakistan, coming back his him country after 2 years!after coming in the mountainous areas he hugged a stranger saying “Its good to see you brother”. He settled in a village for a couple of days.His goal now was to go back to Karachi,back to his home…
Chapter:9 Back Home
From Islamabad he took a bus to Lahore,it was an amazing journey for him he didn’t encounter any difficulties in the trip,easily traveling back home.
After returning to Karachi through Buses & Trains,he gave a surprise to his family,whom he said to that he won’t be back for another few months.it was mid night.He knocked on the front door,his mother opened the door exclaiming ” Who is it?”After seeing Ali she hugged him like never before ,his siblings started yelling Brother has come back home!! There was a lot of hugs for Ali as he came back home.Ali asked them where is my Father?His father was standing there still looking at him,he didn’t hug him at first but he couldnt bare it,they hugged each other.Ali settled down told his family the truth about what happened during his journey how he was kidnapped in Syria,how he fought a tyrant,how he was areested.For which he got a lot of beating.But Ali told them about the good side to,he said “I have a lot of money now I have a business in many countries.Iam rich!Later that day Ali published a story on his journal that he made during his journey about what happened during his journey ,it was an instant hit.
A year passed by,Ali was now studying Journalism in a university in Pakistan on his own expenses,the great thing about the university was that every semester they went to a different country to explore ,which made Ali eager to take admission in that university. Ali was proud of what he had accomplished and encouraged everyone else to do the same..The End!

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