28 Aug

Terror – The Night Of Terror

By Shan-e-Zehra Siddiqui, Karachi


It was a cold, dark night. The wind blew with all its force and the clouds made sounds as if they were roaring and screaming. It felt as if no sooner the clouds will start to shower rain making the night more cold and scary. In the middle of all this was Alex, who was walking on an empty street trying to find a place to spend the night. He was looking back and forth and then walking. Suddenly those rains bearing clouds started to shower, cold water on him making him sneeze and cough. At that moment, he saw a big old mansion. He knocked at the door, but to his surprise the door was opened. He pushed the old, big mahogany door that made a squeaking sound on opening. The house was empty and dark with spider webs covered all over the walls and furniture. As Alex entered in, the door shut close making the house darker.


The light of the moon through the windows was the only source of light that made him see things inside the house. Nearby he saw a couch covered in dust and a bed sheet with patches on it. Alex could no longer stand on his feet as he was cold and tired, so he lay down on that couch and covered himself with that bed sheet. It would not have been long as he started to dream when he heard someone laughing and running towards the stairs. He jumped off the couch and he stood up. Lately he had a chilling feeling as he entered the house which made him feel somewhat uneasy but he ignored it. Now he had started to regret that ignorance. However, he mustered up the courage and went up the stairs to the first floor. On that floor there was even darker as there was only one window to provide the light of the moon. Luckily, Alex had a torch. He opened it and started to investigate each and every room. That laugh was constantly echoing in his ear, making him curious as well as scared.


Suddenly he heard someone scream that sent a shiver down his spine. That voice had been heard from a nearby storeroom. He headed towards that place, but was on the verge of fainting when he saw a lady with tousled hair and a wicked smile standing in front of him. She started to laugh and he could match this laugh with the laugh he heard the first time. He ran down the stairs, but was frozen to death when he saw that same lady standing in front of him. He quickly ran from her side towards the door, but the door was locked. Then he saw a piece of wood and an idea crossed his mind. He pulled up that piece and headed towards the window. But suddenly the hands of that lady stretched towards him taking that piece of wood from him. He could not understand what to do when suddenly all the doors of the rooms in that house started to open and close making him more scared than he was before. He ran his eyes towards the stairs, but him heart started to pound on figuring out that the lady was not there.


He tried to open the windows, but they were stuck and once again tried to open the door but it was still locked. He couldn’t think of what to do when he felt someone breathing near him. He could not move as fear froze him and could not scream as the words were stuck in his throat when he heard someone saying, “Hey Alex, trying to find your way out”. He quickly turned back, but found no one over there. Then the door of a nearby room opened. On entering, Alex saw that lady rocking on a chair. By that time some of his fear had faded. He gathered some courage and asked that lady that why she was haunting this place. She silently kept staring at her for a minute or so and then spoke “They killed my boy, I will not leave them, they killed him”. “Who, who killed your boy”, he asked in a timid tone. “They came in my house and took him away from me, those kidnappers, they snatched him away from my hands. Then the other day I got to know that they killed my son. From that day onwards I haunt every person that enters in my house. I am warning you too to get out of my house before I kill you like they killed my son.” After hearing all this Alex started to feel very sorry for that lady, but at the same time wanted to tell her that whatever she was doing was wrong. “Haunting people would not bring your son back. What is lost cannot come back. I can understand your pain and what you would have gone through, but what you are doing is not right. Scaring people will not give you anything but uneasiness.”


“No, these people took my peace from me. How can I let them stay in peace”, she said in an angry way. “These people will be punished on the day of judgement but you don’t have to do this anymore. On hearing this her anger had cooled down and she quietly walked towards the backyard. When Alex reached that place she wasn’t there so he just turned back and headed towards the door that was already opened. When Alex came out of that house he was quite satisfied instead of being frightened when he saw a group of people passing by. He asked them about the house and the lady. On hearing the name, lady, they were quite confused. They said that this house had been empty for the past twenty years. Back then a lady used to live in there with her son. One day her son got missing. The other day she got to know that the people who had kidnapped her son had killed him too. She became really disturbed on hearing this and the other day the people found her body in a bathtub, covered in blood and her wrist was cut with a knife. From that day onwards no one went there and that house after that incident remained empty. Alex was quite shocked on hearing that there was no lady in that house. He again went inside that house and to the backyard, but he was shocked to see that lady’s grave and it also felt as if it had been dug twenty years back. Alex came out of that house with a worried face. He couldn’t understand anything at all. Now his satisfaction had turned into fear, and according to him it was the night of terror.

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