Ten Famous Super-Villain Teams

Ten Famous Super-Villain Teams
14 Nov

By Osama Ijaz, Rawalpindi

A villain is that individual whose only mission is to create chaos and destruction in a society in order to achieve his goal of world domination. In carrying out these goals, the villain comes into conflict with a hero who is bound to stop him. Sometimes the hero triumphs and sometimes a villain has his day. Imagine if a group of villains is formed and challenges the hero, this is a big task for a hero or even a team of heroes. Villains make groups in order to achieve their ultimate goal together. Here I have compiled a list of ten famous super villain teams of DC and Marvel Comics which pose a very greater challenge to heroes like Batman, Iron Man and X-Men.


Legion Of Super-Villains

First appearing in Superman # 147 (1961), this team consists of a group of villains belonging to 31st century and they are the main arch-rivals of Legion of Superheroes. These great criminals almost share the same powers as those of the heroes. The three core members of this group are Lightning Lord, Cosmic King and Saturn Queen.


Serpent Society

This group made its comic book debut in Captain America # 310 (1985). The members of The Serpent Society rarely operate on their own, preferring instead to overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers. Though they are primarily enemies of Captain America, they have gone up against The Avengers, Spider-Man and Daredevil. The members possess identities based on different snakes, and their powers correspond to those identities. Members such as King Cobra, Black Mamba, Bushmaster, Puff Adder and Anaconda remain core members of the group.


Frightful Four

Making their debut in Fantastic Four#36 (1966), this team is the anti-thesis to Fantastic Four. Led by the both brilliant and evil Wizard, this group relies on the elements of intelligence, strength, energy control, and body manipulation. Prominent members are Wizard, Thundra, Klaw and Trapster.


Secret Six

This mercenary team from DC Comics made its debut in Secret Six #1 (1968).This team has mostly been comprised of current and former super villains, and their methods usually set them at odds with various super-heroes. The Secret Six have always revolved around Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll and Scandal Savage, Bane, Harley Quinn and Cheshire.


Injustice League

This super villain team made its debut in Silver Age Showcase #1 (1999). Consisting of some of the most feared archenemies of the seven primary Justice League members, this team of villains nearly succeeded in defeating the entire JLA. Lead by Lex Luthor, the Gang consisted of the Joker, Dr. Light, Circe, Mirror Master, Ocean Master, and the alien Jemm, Son of Saturn.


Masters Of Evil

Very few villain teams are as successful, as dangerous and as feared as the Masters of Evil. Making their debut in Avengers # 6 (1964), this group formed by Baron Heinrich Zemo to take down the fledgling Avengers, almost always relied on raw power over reputation, counting nearly as many members as the Avengers themselves. Over the years, the team has been lead by villains like Ultron, Egghead and Dr. Octopus, with their most successful incarnations almost always united under Baron Zemo.


Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants

This group made its debut in Uncanny X-Men #4 (1964). In many ways, the Brotherhood are very similar to their classic enemies, the X-Men. Both are groups of mutants united behind a visionary leader, with the intent of preserving the mutant race. The Brotherhood have often attempted to save mutant kind by eliminating humanity, rather than attempting to peacefully co-exist. Originally founded by Magneto, the Brotherhood have been led by Mystique, Exodus and Toad. Other notable mutants include Mastermind, Blob, Sauron, Black Tom Cassidy, Avalanche, Sabretooth, Pyro, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.


The Rogues

This is the name given to the group of villains who are adversaries of the superhero The Flash (Barry Allen). They are a collective of the Flash’s most powerful individual foes who band together to get the best of the Scarlet Speedster. One of the most unique things about them is the modus operandi, which binds them together. Rogues follow a strict code of conduct, and will not grant membership to those villains who refuse their rules, believing that adherence to this code is what gives them an advantage over heroes, and even other villain groups. The Rogues core members have almost always been Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Captain Boomerang, Heatwave , Trickster, Abra Kadabra, and Pied Piper.


Sinister Six

This ultimate gallery of famous Spiderman villains made its comic book debut in Amazing Spiderman Annual #1 (1964). The Sinister Six are one of the most effective and dangerous villain teams ever. Led by Doctor Octopus, the various incarnations of the team have challenged not only Spider Man, but Iron Man, Captain America, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. Core members include Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio and Sandman.


Crime Syndicate Of America

This super villain team made its debut in JLA# 29 (1964). Hailing from an alternate earth where everything is reversed, the CSA are twisted, evil versions of several core members of the Justice League who represent everything that the JLA stand against. The core members of the CSA are Ultraman, a violent, sociopathic version of Superman; Superwoman, a domineering, seething opposite to Wonder Woman; Owlman, the murderous, corrupt flipside of Batman; Johnny Quick, a drug-addicted, arrogant version of the Flash; and Power Ring, a weak-willed, cowardly counterpart to the Green Lantern.

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