12 Jan

Teen wolf facts!

Barqa Fida


The whole universe is aware of the hit American MTV series Teen Wolf which was aired on June 5 2011 and is back with its final 10 episodes of season 6b! Teen Wolf started in 2011 by Jeff Davis loosely based on 1985 film of the same name. It has total 6 seasons with 97 episodes. Its genres are teen drama, comedy, supernatural, action and romance. But unfortunately the series is ending soon and it is declared that this will be the last season. (Crying). But for the Teen Wolf lovers, I’ve got some facts about the series that anyone would barely know other than Teen Wolf Fans!




♥ Dylan O’Brien and Holland Roden originally auditioned to play other characters.


♥It’s hard to imagine a world in which O’Brien isn’t Stiles Stilinski, but the actor originally auditioned for the role of Scott. He was drawn to the character of Stiles, though, and for that we should all be eternally grateful.


♥Reed was the first actress to audition for the role of Allison. Apparently the producers liked what they saw.


♥Those banshee screams are fake. Like most things on TV, Roden’s banshee screams are fake. In fact, she’s been faking them for a while now. “I think a year and a half ago [I] stopped screaming,” the actress said, explaining that they have a lot of screams banked and she just stage-screams now.


♥Most of the actors who portray werewolves have also stopped growling in their scenes. Posey and Hennig are method actors and still growl, but Hoechlin has just been hissing for a while. So next time you’re watching, just imagine that instead.


♥ Season 5 begins with a cold open featuring Lydia

After being somewhat. Lydia is the front and center when the new season begins.


♥Crystal Reed pushed for Allison to tell Scott she loved him as she died

“I kept insisting on saying it,” said Reed. “The moment I felt the most grief was when she said that.” Now you know who to blame for all your tears.


♥Tyler Hoechlin isn’t a series regular anymore, but Derek Hale (probably) won’t be killed off

Although Hoechlin is no longer a series regular, don’t expect Hale to go the way of Allison Argent. He said he wanted to try new things. … [But I] wouldn’t give him a complete goodbye. I try to keep my hook in everyone,” Davis explained. “You’ve not seen the last of Derek Hale.


♥ Malia is living with Stiles in Season 5

“She’s a full-on moocher,” Hennig said, when asked about Malia’s living situation. “Stiles doesn’t seem to mind, [and] her adoptive father doesn’t seem to mind.” Speaking of which: You can expect to see the return of Mr. Tate at some point this season.


♥ Season 5 focuses on the gang’s senior year, specifically Scott and Stiles

“[Season 5 is] all about senior year and the fear of losing your friends after graduation,” Davis explained, noting that the series will definitely refocus to spend more time on the Scott and Stiles bromance at the heart of the series.


♥Davis teased an episode in which the duo — who has proven to be quite the brilliant pair of detectives when they work together — will take a trip to Eichen House in Season 5 to interview someone. Now that we know Eichen House is basically the show’s gallery of rogues, which should be pretty interesting.


♥As for whether or not Stiles and Lydia will ever be more than just friends, Davis had this to say: “We know they make good friends. Who knows where their relationship will go?” So, keep on dreaming, I guess?


♥Dylan O’Brien wouldn’t change a thing about Stiles

Why mess with perfection, you know?


♥It takes four and half hours to get Tyler Posey into full werewolf makeup!


♥Holland Roden went rock climbing with the cast. She doesn’t have a fear of heights, but she does have a fear of falling. So, once she got to the top of a particularly tall wall, she started freaking out and fell off the rock wall “like a rag doll.” The actress had whip lash for a week.


♥Meanwhile, fellow cast member Colton Haynes was filming the whole thing on his iPhone…which he of course to all the MTV executives. Looking back, they all – including Holland – had a good laugh. Colton loves making videos of just about everything on his iPhone


♥Crystal Reed loves horror films because she loves the feeling of a good jump after a good scare.


♥During shooting there was a flash flood in and around the set. The cast and crew kept shooting up until the last minute and ended up losing thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. Luckily no one got hurt.


♥There are word for word one liner from the original Teen Wolf film that starred Michael J. Fox sprinkled within the show. Can you find them? You’ll have to watch the series to see!


♥When asked which of all Scott’s powers Tyler Posey would want most, he chose “the ability to grow hair.” Apparently he can’t grow a beard… at all.


♥The guys of the cast compare themselves to the guys on Friends. With Tyler Posey as Joey, Dylan O’Brien as Chandler, Colton Haynes as Ross, and Tyler Hoechlin as Richard.


♥Tyler Posey offered everyone at our press table cinnamon Altoids. He swears by them. And by the way, he has A LOT of energy and it carries through in the show.


♥When Dylan O’Brien came in to cast for Stiles he brought a blank piece of paper and two YouTube links as his resume.


♥ Dylan O’Brien won’t be back for most of 6b

Considering his schedule, any Stiles appearances in Teen Wolf season 6 already seemed like a stretch, at best. However, his severe accident (he’s getting better though, don’t worry!) on set of The Death Cure means that the movie’s production has been delayed for about 2 months. That, in turn, means no time for Teen Wolf.


♥Season 6b is ended and it is confirmed by Jeff that this will be the last season.


♥Stiles’ name is revealed in season 6 which is Michislaw Stilinski.


♥Claudia Stilinski will be back.


♥Teen Wolf‘s track record when it comes to inappropriate relationships (Derek/Kate, Lydia/Parrish, etc.) is pretty heavy so we’ll have to see where this goes!


♥Arden Cho isn’t returning.


♥Tyler Posey is the producer of season 6.


♥Jackson and Ethan are returning in season 6b in an exceptional charisma.


♥All the cast members said a farewell to the show in Stiles’ Jeep ‘Roscoe’ explaining their great and memorable time together on the set.



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