14 Feb


Today’s life: Hectic or Pre-occupied?

By Aneeza Atif

Unfolding a page in the 1990’s, life was way more prominent on the planet earth. People used to meet and socialize more often, and most importantly they used to share joys and sorrows of one another! Then something that we call “technological revolution” occurred and as a result, people forgot to communicate with each other. Today, when anybody wishes to ask or inform about a matter, people immediately text the recipient. Moreover, the social media is the easiest and the most accessible source to find out what is happening in the life of our loved ones. Is this what relations are supposed to be based on? Looking at the current technological dependency, it makes me thing that although Oxygen was previously the need to stay alive, internet is rather replaced the noble gas! This might sound funny, but this is the bitter reality of our era. Technology has pre-occupied our minds and lives and we hardly get time to interact. Our lives have become unusual where we do not even get a minute to live freely! Are we puppets? I think yes. Whenever I see the world progressing in this way, a voice deep inside me shakes the reality out of me. It echoes about how our ancestors lead a life without luxuries; a time that was better than the current period; an age to stay happy. Today, individuals especially the youth has forgotten the value of relations where elders are disrespected and every advice is termed as an outdated prejudice.

I believe technology is so convenient that it has created a platform of inconvenience for all. We have ultimately become so dependent on the gadgets that we fail to look at the negative side to the revolution. Simply put, it is for the sake of machines we have forgotten our culture and values! In other words, humans are ignoring one another for non-living mechanical equipment!
I would ask you all to take out some time from your hectic schedules today, and have a look at the world which is advancing towards the shackles of darkness instead of a light of fate! Spare some time from your robotic routine to live your life to the fullest as Mark Twain has rightly said “Explore, Dream, Discover.” We should all realize how technology is drifting us away from our culture and values by making us to rely on every tool to lead a life. We certainly do not need this because as humans, we have enough strength and ability to live a respectful and successful life. Take a day off; keep your phone and computers aside, and enjoy the beauty of life.

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