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Technology – On the Web

The Internet doesn’t have to be a big, scary place! Check out these fun and safe websites and apps — there’s something fun and educational for everyone.


Art Games This delightfully interactive and fun website is hosted by Buffalo, New York’s Albright Knox Art Gallery. Kids of all ages will have a blast creating their own masterpieces and playing art-spirational games.


This is essentially and ultra-simple virtual sketchpad that any creative kid would love. You can choose to publish the drawings on the site or older kids can share them to Facebook or Twitter. It’s also an iPhone and iPad app!


How Stuff Works This no-frills site is jam-packed with information to feed your knowledge-hungry kids. How Stuff Works is not geared specifically for kids but it’s hard to imagine a one who wouldn’t love it.


By Muhammad Sahil Khan Malik, Multan

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Fun Apps

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

For ages: 9 to 15 years old

Of course, we had to include Minecraft! This uber-popular game is a hit with older kids. Part fantasy game, part creative-building game, Minecraft is most educational when used in creative mode where you can flex problem-solving skills and (you guessed it) creativity.

Available for iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone or any Android device

Awesome Gadgets

Brian the Brain

Meet Brian the Brain, a (non-imaginary) intelligent friend who uses voice-recognition technology andcan tell your kids funny jokes, fun facts, trivia, or ask them to play a game. Brian is also MP3 player compatible and offers a retractable handheld keypad, digital alarm clock, light show, dictionary, encyclopedia, and a speaker phone to make calls.

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