30 Aug

Talented Pakistani Comedians

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By Sadaf Abbas

With the world getting too much involved in the glam of social media, people surely are dependent on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for their entertainment dose. Keeping this in mind, some talented Pakistanis rose up to entertain and make thousands of people smile and laugh. They not only entertained Pakistanis, but a massive population of the world and got much popularity. Some of the famous comedians or Youtubers are presented below. I am sure you know them all. If not, check them out!


1- Zaid Ali Tahir

The very first guy to make short videos over YouTube has been entertaining us for long. Zaid Ali, was the first one to show videos comparing brown and white people. These comparisons became our favorite and we began loving Zaid Ali for his work. Currently, Zaid has also started out vlogs. They too are getting loads of success. Zaid’s YouTube channel and Facebook page has millions of followers. His better name is Zaid AliT. Log in now and subscribe to this amazing guy!


2- Sham Idrees

Smashers must remember the time Smash got to interview this talented comedian. Sham is also a very successful You Tuber and was the first one to start out Vlogs. Mostly, Sham’s new videos feature him, Zaid Ali, Shah veer Jafry and Reckless Beauty (her name isn’t disclosed). Sham is also a flawless singer and you can hear his songs over his verified Facebook page or YouTube Channel. ┬áMost of his videos feature life after marriage or girls problems. Do watch a few!


3- Shaveer Jafry

Not only famous for his videos, his good looks and his eye-catching personality too attract many to view his work. Shavi is the most charming of all. He is admired for his way too classy dressing and beautiful smile. His snapchat stories and short Instagram videos are everyone’s favorite. He’ll soon hit a million. His videos with Sham and Zaid are a proof of their amazing friendship and never-ending fun. Just like Sham and Zaid, he too is a Canadian Citizen originating from Pakistan.


4- Furqan Shayk

Furqan’s another good looking Comedian! There used to be a time when people supposed a rivalry between Furqan and Zaid. However soon they announced a collaboration video and things got clear. Furqan though very funny and talented, had a massive fall in popularity recently. His increase of sponsored videos failed to attract people and mostly thought he was only making ads. Yes. Furqan’s Vids standard did fall. However with a few of his new videos we expect him to get better. Furqan Recently shifted to Pakistan from abroad.




5- Bekaar Films

Driven by another group, Bekaar Films are famous for their innovative ideas and new vids. Ghazanfar, who occupies the main lead gives adorable yet funny expressions and you roll on the floor with laughter while you look at him. Gaining massive popularity for their long and entertaining vids, Bekaar Films are getting way too much success very quickly. Best of luck to these talented souls!


These were some of the best comedians from Pakistan. Do watch a few vids of all leave some feedback. Have a good Laugh!




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