Summer Reading

Summer Reading
17 Aug

By Madiha Yameen

We recently celebrated World Book Day, and to honour it we asked our dear readers about their favourite books which inspired them and preference among paperbacks or and e-books. Read on to get ideas for the perfect summer reads.

Madiha Yameen

I prefer print books/paperbacks with my weird chronic insomnia/disruptive sleep cycle; I don’t want backlights of gadgets. As for a favourite book, I’d am at a loss! Ian Rankin’s DI Rebus series and all titles by Simon Kernick are on the top my favourites list. It may sound unheard of — but I, being a 16-year-old girl prefer thrillers and crime-fiction over romance novels. I’m going to choose Found Wanting by Robert Goddard for its fast-and-furious-type-fast pace, Welcome to the World, Baby Girl by Fannie Flagg for its heart wrenching plot, V. C. Andrews for her intriguing titles and the list goes on. But if asked about a book which inspired me, I’d say: The Giver by Lois Lowry, hands down. Why? Read and find out.

Nicholas Nikkinen (Finland/Argentina)

My recommendation would be The Shipping News by E. Annie Proulx. I’m not really sure what it is about this book that makes it so unforgettable; I remember reading this particular work back in high school, and it’s stuck in my mind ever since. Perhaps it was the landscape created in my mind by Proulx; perhaps it was her depiction of poor Quoyle. All I know for certain is that reading this book was like fuel for the fire that is my desire to read, and it is to this very day that I still search for a book that burns with intensity such as that of The Shipping News.

Steven Kunkel (Uruguay)

I like Huckleberry Finn because his story has great adventures and as I like to travel, reading it makes me want to travel different places. I also like the Prince and the Pauper because of the story of boys who look identical so the two can switch from one another. I’m more of a classic reader.

Hiroto Hosoda (Japan)

String Theory is my favourite book. This book is introduction of string theory. We can understand from fundamental level with this book, and there are some advanced topics. I’m reading this book again and proceeding next level texts.


John Narawa (Japan/Philippines)

I prefer print books because they feel more natural to hold and it really gives me that reading feeling. A book that inspired me is The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho). It taught me that I should pursue my dreams and never give up them and build my lifestyle around it.

Michelle Imran

The book which inspired me is Million Dollar Mates because this book defines my feelings and the characters in this book are just like my friends. I can understand the feeling a person can have having their friends close to them. The book has inspired me to never come under anyone’s bossiness and I love that!

Hamza Waseem

Gulistan by Sheikh Saadi inspired me and had a great impact on me. It’s one didactic treasure I was lucky enough to come across. The way Sheikh Saadi incorporates morality and wisdom in his anecdotes is brilliant. He provides the reader with bitter medicine of advice but along with the sweetness of honey. That is how his book inspired me.

Bakhtawar Karim

The book I mark as my inspiration is Fangirl. A story of a young and introverted teenager, who is very passionate about writing, now has to live in a hostel for higher studies. With every passing day she learns to cope with new environment, makes new friends and also finds love in friendship. During all this, her passion in writing has grown to whole new extent. Really loved it and would want every teenager to read at least it once.

Aeliya Fatima Talpur

The books which inspired me are the Sherlock Holmes series. It was absolute pleasure reading. It will never ever bore me even if I have to read it a million times. It inspired me by its adventures; the most intelligent mind in fiction history and the most famous address of the world 221B Baker Street. It also tells you the story of friendship between both the main characters. The main reason of inspiration is the love of someone to his work and being sincere to it till the end.

Happy Reading!

To be continued.

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