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14 Feb

Celebrity Weirdness

Smash introduces you to the real world of celebrities. Enjoy!

Selena Gomez confesses her bizarre ‘crush’ on Barney the purple dinosaur

Selena Gomez used to have a bizarre crush on Barney the purple dinosaur.

The Come & Get It singer appears on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and tells the presenter about how she fancied the man in the suit when she was younger.

Working on the Barney show when she was a child, Selena explained that at just seven years old she had the “awkward” crush. Selena enjoyed this experience and attraction that was especially depicted while conversing with the presenter. She also mentioned her recent Miami airport experience where the crowd started to yell vile stuff at her. She dislikes such behavior especially when she is a people’s pleaser. She wants to explain a lot but it looks as if the audience is too ready with their judgments

Celebrity and Auctions!

While we might call ourselves techno-freak, it is rather weirder to scrutinize the items being sold online. The world is so fascinated with celebrities, that everything these individual possess, is idealized by the society. No, I am not talking about Jimmy Choo shoes and Gucci bags. It is something unusual.

Nikki Grahame‘s used shoe may have sparked shock when it was listed on eBay- but it’s certainly not the most bizarre item to go online.

And with everything from half-eaten toast to gum and even Brangelina’s BREATH, we’ve seen it all.Big Brother star Nikki was snapped as she stumbled out of the Little Mix Black Magic Party looking slightly worse for wear this week, losing her shoe en route.And thanks to some speedy fans, it’s now made its way on to eBay – and is already up to more than £50 after just a few hours.But with teenage girls bidding up to £65,000 (which can get you a two bedroom apartment) for a piece of Niall Horan’s unfinished Vegemite toast, and more going all out to get their hands on Britney Spears’ GUM, it’s fairly tame in comparison.Even more disgusting than Britney’s unfinished bread was the sale of Scarlett Johansson’s used tissue on eBay which made £3,320. I don’t think I will ever be up for a used tissue, will you?

Perhaps worse was that Scarlett knew it was going to be auctioned, so gave her nose a good blow on US program Tonight in 2008, before sealing it in a bag and handing it to host Jay Leno.Beiber is also in the race. After cutting off his famous fringe in February 2011, Justin took a lock of his hair onto the Ellen Show to auction it on eBay for an animals’ charity.There were 98 bids for the hair – which came in a signed box – with one lucky/instable teen taking it home for £25k

Furthermore, we come across another peculiar yet eyebrow raiser. James Blunt was so addicted to eBay back in 2004, that rather than helping his sister get to a funeral in Ireland himself, he auctioned her off online to see if someone else could take her. James never revealed how much his sister went for, but the nice man who turned up with a helicopter and took her to the funeral ended up proposing and they are now married. Whewww… You have to admit – that one is priceless!

Weird celebrity habits

We all have some weird habits that we hide from others, but when it comes to celebrities, private often becomes public and sometimes, even strange practices are admired

Victoria Beckham- The former Spice Girl and soccer star David Beckham’s wife maintains her soft skin by putting moisturizer on her hands and feet and covering them with socks.

Eminem- The Detroit rapper completely covers his hotel windows at night so he can sleep in complete and total darkness.

Sandra Bullock- If you’re looking to keep your skin as glowing and beautiful as A-list actress Sandra Bullock, we’ll let you in on one of her favorite tips: putting hemorrhoid cream on her face.

Cameron Diaz- In a bout with obsessive compulsive disorder, Cameron Diaz feels the need to open every door she goes through with her elbows.

Lady Gaga- If you thought Lady Gaga’s emergence from a giant egg on-stage at her awards show performance was strange, wait until you hear this. The singer kept the egg and now uses it to meditate in.

Simon Cowell- America’s favorite TV villain connects with his childhood in an odd way; he makes sure to climb a tree as part of his daily ritual.

Jessica Simpson- She’s never been a smoker but that didn’t stop Jessica Simpson from getting addicted to nicotine gum, something people usually chew to quit the unhealthy habit.

Demi Moore- An example of yet another weird method celebs use to look and feel their best, actress Demi Moore lets leeches suck her blood as a way of detoxifying.

Catherine Zeta-Jones-Catherine Zeta-Jones uses crushed strawberries to clean her teeth. She claims the practice keeps them white but we can’t imagine it’s great for preventing cavities.

Katy Perry- Speaking of cavities, Katy Perry’s so scared of them that she carries twenty toothbrushes everywhere so she can always brush six times a day. We seriously question why she needs twenty…

Jason Segel- Jason Segel’s puppeteer character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall was actually loosely based on himself. The funnyman has a room in his home brimming with puppets.

Jane Lynch- Actress and comedian Jane Lynch drinks nighttime cold medicine every night to help her sleep

Jennifer Aniston- Jennifer Aniston helps overcome her fear of flying by always entering the plane right foot first, and touching the side of the plane as she boards.

Christian Bale- The exact opposite of superstitious, Christian Bale makes it a point to walk under ladders, cross black cats, and challenge every other bad luck no-no there is.

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