09 Oct

Solar is the new trend

Section: Update

By Zainab Naeem


The world is shifting towards renewable energy in order to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The most common and abundant form of renewable energy is solar energy which we get directly from sun. This energy is being harnessed in most parts of the world as it is readily available. Solar panels are being installed in cars, buildings and house roof tops, hospitals, restaurants, street lights etc. Usually photo voltaic cells (PV) are installed in solar panels which converts the solar energy into electrical energy.

Nowadays a new trend is being introduced which is not only Eco friendly but also is sustainable. This new fashion trend is ‘Solar Bags’. These are commonly used hand bags or laptop bags or backpacks but the most fascinating are the hand bags. These are specially made for ladies who like to carry themselves according to the latest fashion trends. These bags are made with renewable materials or simple cloth or even rexine and leather. There are sections in which one facet is completely covered where all the wires and PV is stored while the other section provides enough space with pockets to put things.

Now ladies don’t need to carry their mobile and laptop chargers with them because these will be automatically charged when placed inside bags. Moreover, PDAs, tablets, ipods, smartphones, torch lights and so many other devices can be charged without the charging cables. So, the main advantage is that it will help reduce E-Waste as there will be less wires and charging ports needed. Furthermore, these bags are not so expensive as they are made with reusable material. Hence, it is an eco-friendly and sustainable fashion trend. There are so many companies and brands that sell these bags around the world such as Yingli Solar, Rene Sola, Solar World, Sun Tech, Voltronic power, SMA etc. So hurry up ladies, get yourselves these new bags and be stylish.


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