Short Story – Regret

Short Story – Regret
08 Mar

By Eisha, Lahore

“How do I look?” asked Zara as she came down the stairs spinning around to show off her new dress. “You look…gorgeous…Where’d you get that dress?” asked Ella eagerly. “Oh this one?” said Zara looking down at what she was wearing. Ella nodded. “Yuck…I can’t believe you like this.

My mom made it. I mean, it has so many flaws yet I still don’t want to break her heart so I’m wearing it.” “You’re so unbelievable…” “Whatever!” Zara and Ella went to the cinema, with Ella’s father at the driver’s seat of his car. Both the girls were best friends. One odd thing about them was that Zara was impressed by Ella, and Ella by Zara. R (3)The thing was that Ella came from a wealthy family as compared to Zara, so she wore clothes and stuff from well known brands but she was a girl of average looks and grades, but according to her BFF (Best friend forever) she lived a perfect life, but of course she didn’t. Both her parents worked in the same company and they were so busy they rarely had time for her. Even that day, Ella had begged her father to come with her.

On the other hand Zara was a beautiful girl, good at studies and almost everything else. But one thing she wasn’t good at; was controlling her temper. She had no father, he died when she was a little girl but her mother was always there to take care of her and so were her aunts and uncles. Zara loved her mother but she just didn’t know how to express it, like all teens. She had her own problems with communication with her mother, the thing was that she thought her mother was “old-fashioned” and too “traditional”. She wanted her to incorporate the change in her lifestyle like everyone else’s parents. Zara thought her mom was too simple and in the act of telling her this, she seldom went too far and hurt her feelings. Zara often fought with her mother, being outspoken at times, she had little control on herself. She always ended up regretting what she said, often harsh things like “I hate you.”, “I wish dad was here, not you.” Etc.

But in the end, being a down-to-earth and forgiving woman, Zara’s mother forgave her every time even though it hurt her so much inside, only to welcome another striking quarrel. That day, after Zara left, her mother went to her neighbour’s house where lived a kind and wise woman who was her friend. Actually, Zara’s mother had heard her daughter’s comments on the dress she had made with so much love and care, and that made her quite unhappy and realize that she must do something to change this awkwardly unbearable behaviour of her daughter’s. So, she went to her friend’s house in hope of some valuable advice. She returned home, successful. That night she decided to go to her sister’s house, and not tell her daughter as it was part of her plan. When Zara returned home she was quite surprised to see that her mother was not at home. She looked all around, called her but she didn’t find her. Then, suddenly she noticed a small note pasted on the refrigerator. She took it off and read it. It said: “My Dear niece, I don’t want to hurt you and your feelings by saying this but your mother is in the hospital. She had a heart attack and she is definitely not in a good condition. Pray for her and don’t worry as everything will be alright. Don’t call me; I’ll pick you up tomorrow, your loving aunt.”

R (1)Zara put the note down as tears rolled down her cheeks. She couldn’t believe what she had read, it was too intense and heart breaking. She soon found herself recalling and regretting all the harsh things she had said to her mother. “If only I could go back into time; I would correct every mistake” she whispered. A minute ago she sat with her head in her hands, and the next minute she fell asleep. She woke up late and prepared her breakfast but she could hardly eat anything, as all this regret and sadness had made her lose her appetite.

As she got ready to go with her aunt to the hospital, she couldn’t help but think about what would happen to her if her mom left her. That was the moment she truly regretted every other harsh conversation she had had with her mother, but for her this was of no use. If only, if only she could get one more chance to make things right, she would. She prayed continuously and tried hard to stop the tears. Then, suddenly she saw the main door of her house open and her mother walked in, she hugged her and said “I’m very lucky!” Her mother smiled at her, and it definitely took some time for Zara to understand what game her mother had played with her. But she promised her that she would never do anything that she would later regret, and Zara said she would always think before her act.

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