27 May

Short Story: My Absolute Treasure

 By Rida Akhtar

Raina was wearing a purple dress with silver studded earrings dangling around her beautiful white face. Everyone was greeting her, unlike most of the events in their family. She had always been the pretty shy girl in the nook of the marque. But that day, was her favorite and closest cousin’s reception. She was gliding like a cloud in the pool of sparkling people. There was always something about her skin. It was white like snow and milky soft. Her moist and warm handshake could not be treasured for anything. I had always been watching her like that but that Friday evening was more than special. I was just an ordinary cousin who hardly ever bothered her. She being the silent soul never dared to. I had worn my favorite tie, mauve with a tinge of royal purple and the audacity was invincible. We were already bonded in color. I tightened my grip around the black case in my pocket as my mother winked after sending Raina in my direction. She seemed perpetually confused and fantastically cute. I asked her to stay there while I bent down on one knee in front of her and brought that black case out of my pocket. She heaved a long breath and asked me if I was kidding. She was half sobbing, astonished and looking everywhere around except for where I yearned her to see, that ring. At that particular moment in the limelight of that big fat wedding, I realized I had ruined the presumably stupendous day of a young girl. But suddenly she brought her hand towards my direction. Out of the blue, I slipped that ring on her left ring finger. That little piece of sapphire was now gleaming in glee. There was a roar of clapping and I looked up at her sobbing face. Somewhere between bewilderment and tears she managed to give me a little smile. That day my belief in fate wore another shawl of optimism. Love is real and God is very Merciful. Now that a year has already passed since our marriage, but that evening was my absolute treasure. I attained my very destiny, then and there.


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