17 Feb

Section: Book Review Topic: The Wizard of Oz.


By: Hajra Salim

13 years old, Rawalpindi.



The Wizard of Oz is a High Fantasy, Magic and Wizardry children’s novel. The author of this novel “L. Frank Baum” wrote seventeen more books about the Wizard of Oz. The story had been made into films many times. The most famous was made in 1939 & 2013. He wanted to write a fairy tale that was full of mystery, imagination and magic.


The Wizard of Oz is a story about a trip to a magical fairyland. At the beginning of the story, there is a cyclone. The cyclone carries Dorothy’s house to the land of Oz. Dorothy is a sweet little girl who lives in a small farmhouse in the middle of Kansas. She lived there with her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. Uncle Henry was a farmer. Dorothy was a very kind simple girl, there were no other families to visit, or children to play with but Dorothy had someone to play with. It was a little dog. His name was Toto, So Dorothy was never bored.


One day Uncle Henry was sitting on his deck chair outside the house and he shouted “IT’S A CYCLONE”. Aunt Em went outside to have a look and she to shouted and told Dorothy to rush into the “Cyclone Cellar”. The “Cyclone Cellar” is a small room in the basement where the members of the house rush when there is a Cyclone. As it is very safe.


And now, this is how the real story begins. Dorothy and her dog Toto reach a weird piece of land which is also known as the “Munchkin Land”. This area is not as sweet as it sounds. Its quiet mysterious and as Dorothy starts to explore she meets people, make new friends, discover their stories, exploring and searching for an answer to go back to Kansas, talking to people, managing to survive, facing the greatest fears, encouraging her friends, losing her dog, meeting the ruler of the Kingdom and much more!


The Wizard of Oz is basically about a girl who is very brave and knows how to battle with her fears. This is worth your time. Absolutely Amazing story and has a great moral. Also this was my first novel and this Novel increased my interest in reading even more. Flawless!

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