17 Aug

Scary Monster

By Safia Baig

Once there was a girl, she was the best speaker of her school and had won many awards. Her teachers selected her to deliver a speech at their farewell party where many people were invited including celebrities. As she came up to the dice she saw the shadowy dark face of a man. He was laughing at her, yelling out loud that nobody would understand her words. He kept yelling that everyone would laugh at her like he was and would throw tomatoes at her. The girl got scared and forgot her speech; a speech that she had worked very hard on. She got so confused that she stumbled through her words and ended up as quickly as she could. Do you know what scared her? It was a monster, her very own scary monster that ruined her speech. He managed to convince her that she was no good at what she was going to do.  There was no shadowy, dark faced man sitting in a hall. It was all a figment of her imagination!  That is why I give this article the title Scary Monster.  The question to ask yourself is that are some of your scares or fears less than any monster?

It has been said that ‘Fear regret more than failure!’ Nothing could be truer. Once times passes and we have lost the opportunity because we were too scared to act, then the only thing we are left with is regret!

We want to touch the heights of the sky but fear heights. So how would we reach these heights? You will achieve nothing, even if you really want to do it, if you don’t face your fears. Fear is temporary. Regret on the contrary is forever.  It is best to be courageous and do what you want to do, instead of doing nothing and just regretting it later on. If you have a chance to make your dreams true than go ahead, if the chance has not come by then find the opportunity to do it. One must always remember that: ‘Dreams never come true until we work on them.’

Another way to consider is to ‘Take every risk, drop every fear’. I often wonder, why do we fail even after being well prepared for things? The simple reason is because we are scared of failure. We have questions and doubts on our minds. The questions are that what if we fail and what people will say when we have failed in something. That’s the main reason we hold ourselves back and refrain from trying to do something new. All because of people and what they might think. The very thought ‘What will people say…?’is the biggest problem and fear we must face. It is solely responsible for many unfulfilled dreams and ruined futures, distraught emotions and empty lives. Are you happy being a prisoner of someone else’s thought prison? Take a deep breath, find the courage, break free and be yourself.

A wise man once said that, “When fear comes knocking at your door, send faith to answer.” Life is too short to live someone else’s dream. To beat this scary monster you have only one way is to be confident, being yourself and believing in yourself. Say to yourself “I can do it” in front of a mirror and do one thing every day that makes you scared. Always remember, we all have scars. None of us are perfect; we are the prisoners of our own minds. We are just overwhelmed by our fears which stop us from achieving our dreams. We all have different types of things that scare us and there may be many reasons behind them like tragedy, childhood trauma or failure. The reasons may be plenty but there is only solution. Treat failures like they are the bridge to success, they make us strong because as you cross them you may fall but you will also learn to stand up.

In the end I will leave you with these wise words, “Fight your fears and you will be in battle forever. Face your fears and you will be free forever”.


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