12 Jan


Oneeba Tariq.


As always it was a wonderful day. Summers were in. The bright sky and the sun shining high, fluttering butterflies and the gentle breeze made everything smile.

She was reminiscing about something while plucking the grass, as thoughtful and deep in her thoughts as an owl. When she heard her mother and returned to the present. With weak steps she coursed through the staircase and went inside. As soon as she stepped in the lounge she turned red for she knew why mother and father were in such a rage. She knew for now the conversation between them will not end amicably.

“What’s wrong with you? Alizy.” mother spoke.

“Tell me why you always trouble us?” she tried her best to control her rage. “Why are you so stubborn?” Mother stared in her eyes and Alizy stared back with a spot face.

It was authentic that dad told her what she wished for this time. “Don’t you know we can’t send our daughters abroad for studies all on their own.” Father cracked his knuckles and added “What will everyone in the family think of us? Have you thought of that?”

“But it’s my biggest dream and desire to study at Cambridge, in England.” Alizy felt her weak voice coming from somewhere deep inside her.

“And it’s impossible.” mother said.

“Why is it impossible? I got the scholarship & you will not bear any financial burden from my side.”      “Listen….”   Mother tried to say something but she would not let her complete.

“And Umer Bhai, what about him. He is also in Australia, studying for he was least interested in it, but you forced him yo go!” This time Alizy spoke in a coarsen voice.

“It was for the sake of his future.” Mother got furious. “But what about my future?” Alizy tried to push her tears back. “It’s not that if you study in another country you will be successful. You can do whatever you like, over here.”Mother continued. ” And don’t ever compare yourself with Umer. He is a MAN. He knows how to look after himself and survive on a new soil.” Mother forced her words.

“Trust me I won’t do anything that would let you down. Please let me.” Alizy begged and tried to convince her parents, but failed.

“No more arguments & no further discussion on this topic.” she intimidated.   “But mother…..” Alizy mummed. “Enough is enough.” Mother nearly screamed at her.


She ran to her room and banged the door behind her. She suddenly felt the air thick and hard to breath, something came like a wind destroyed everything which summarized her life and left like a storm.

With her head on her knees she cried for several hours, unaware of the happenings in her surroundings.

“Why always me? “She repeatedly whispered in her sobs.

She was a brilliant student of her school, topped her classes every time and secured first position in her entire examination board. Something even her brother could not do. But….


Once more a male dominant society overshadowed her caliber, her goals, aims of life& her desired destinations. Once more a girl was stopped from following her dreams, once more she was not trusted, once more she was leashed with values of the society and once more the myopic thinking appeared.

She was born in the society where a son is prior to a daughter. Where sons are considered fathers right hand & daughters are always kept between the four walls of a house, saying to protect them but actually not letting them to have strength to know their rights and & make them strong enough to face the cruel world, which sooner or later they have to face. Where a boy’s successful future is given great importance and girl’s least considered.


Alizy with her head on her knees badly wanted to change this RUTHLESS trend and mind sets of people, but had not enough strength& courage to do so…..& like many others she was also written on the wall of “UNRECOGNIZED.”!

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