Revenge Part 3

Revenge Part 3
22 Jun


He immediately went to backyard and saw something really mysterious. He saw the same hand of Thomas which he had cut and the same bloody knife. They were placed exactly where he left them after killing Thomas. There was also a note in that hand as he left for Noel. He couldn’t believe on his eyes. “What the hell is this? Who’s trying to scare me? I-I’m not afraid! Come out” he said as his voice was shivering. He opened the note but the writing was different. There was written “I’LL KILL DOLTAN”. “Who’s there? Come out you coward!!!” He shouted. He went into the house and took a glass of water. He relaxed himself. “Who would be this? No one knows what happened that night except Noel and she is dead. Who is trying to scare me?” He said to himself. He went to his room and sat on couch to watch TV. After few minutes he noticed that some stamped papers were placed on his bed. He stood up to get them. As he grabbed them he heard dreadful screams and suddenly words written with blood began to appear on wall. “SIGN THEM” and the screams were also saying the same words. He was extremely afraid. He ran towards the door but it was locked from outside. He didn’t think anything and signed the papers as he signed the papers the lights turned off. And the shadow came behind the window. “W-W-What is happening with me?” He almost cried. Suddenly the window unlocked and the shadow opens the window. “I’m not trying to scare you but I’m going to kill you exactly the same way you killed me” reply came. “Noel! You? How is it possible? I knifed you to death” he cried. “Yes, yes you knifed me to death! You cruelly killed my love; you killed me and ruined my father’s life. You destroyed everything and now I’m here to destroy you. It’s time for REVENGE!” She said as she killed him in the same way he killed her and Thomas.

Next day police came. They found Dolton’s dead body but his left hand was missing. They also found a bloody knife placed in the window having no finger prints. Noel’s diary and stamped paper signed by Dalton placed on the bed. The old case also reopened after Dolton’s murder. And Noel’s diary was very helpful. Every answer was written in that diary so that diary helped the police to find all proves. They dug the backyard as mentioned in diary and they found Noel’s and Thomas’ dead body. They also found another knife having Dalton finger prints and blood particles of Thomas and Noel. They found Dalton’s watch from backyard and notes written by Dalton.


Adeline took a glass of water and finished in a single gulp. The counter attendant continued, “According to stamped papers, the property was transferred to Thomas’ mother, Miss Jennifer. Dalton was declared as a murderer but police was failed to find the Dalton’s murderer and his left hand. Miss Jennifer accepted the property but she had her own house, so she sold that house. A family shifted there but after few weeks they left as they experienced some paranormal things. Many people came to live there but within few days they used to leave. So it was declared as haunted house.” “So that’s why I also experienced some paranormal things.” Said Adeline. “Which type of things?” He asked. “Screams, Shadows, a wrist watch, Bloody Knife, Detached Hand & WAIT! There was a NOTE also that didn’t open, but if i would… OH MY GOD!!! I would be dead! She said as she was scared. “No Noel was very kindhearted. She could never hurt any innocent. You told that you are living there for 15 days but you are safe.” He replied. “Yeah you are right, no one hurt me. But now I’m so much afraid and I’m not going to live there anymore. I’m going to leave this house” said Adeline. “Ok, Good luck!” he said. “Thank you so much, Good bye” Adeline said as she stood up. After that she went to David and told him the whole story. He helped her to find an apartment for rent. She rent a new apartment and came back to that house to pick up her luggage.

She went straight to that room and packed her luggage. When she was coming out from that room she saw a mysterious girl standing in the backyard facing the wall. She was beautiful. Adeline smiled because she knows that she is Noel. And when she was leaving the house she saw an illusion of a handsome man with one hand going towards that room with a smile. Adeline was happy because he was Thomas. And now they both were together and happy. Adeline came out where David was waiting for her. And she left this house forever……..


By Sarah Mateen from Lahore.

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