Revenge (Novel)
29 Mar



That night was much colder and darker than usual but she couldn’t resist her habit of wandering under the dark sky. As she was walking recklessly, humming some melody, her phone beeped. “Hey Adi! Don’t forget to bring those documents. Boss wants them tomorrow”.


Adeline was 21 years old Canadian girl. She was pretty and had quite stunning dark eyes full of intelligence and her daring nature was another thing which made her more impressive. After completing her degree in Architecture she was here in America to do a nice fat job. She didn’t need to rent an apartment because her aunt had some property in that state which also included a house where she could live, although her aunt never lived in that house but she referred her to live here. It was beneficial for her because as it was not too far from her work place. Although the house was old but that unique way of construction attracted her.

The house was surrounded by a garden in front and a backyard. The building was big and had wide entrance. It was furnished with old furniture and also had old paintings on the walls. There were many rooms but she was using one room. It had a big window opening in backyard.


“Ok I will bring them tomorrow” She replied to David’s message…. Meanwhile she heard a noise from backyard; she ignored it and started humming again. But then she heard a scream of a man. First, she was scared but her curiosity impelled her to move towards backyard.

The worst thing she could expect was a thief but she found something really mysterious. Instead of thief she found an old rusty knife having fresh blood on it and a detached bloody hand on the ground. She was numbed with fear. She scream loudly and ran inside the house Adeline was numbed with fear, she screamed and ran inside the house. After going in her room, she locked the door and called the police. Soon the police came and they moved towards backward Adeline was following them. When they reached there the scene was very different. There was no knife and not a single drop of blood, she was surprised. A police man cast an interrogative sight at Adeline. “Believe me that there was a bloody knife and a detached bloody hand! I have seen that with my own eyes” she said. “Madam please, doesn’t waste our time. You’re just tired, I think you need rest” a policeman said “No! Please trust me” she requested. “Why? There is not a single drop of blood and we haven’t found any clue so how can you say that there happened a murder. Take rest lady, Bye!” Then the police go.

When the police had gone she was so afraid and locked herself in her room. She was trying to sleep but unable to forget that horrifying scene suddenly all the lights were switched off. She screamed and was going to faint. Meanwhile she saw a shadow behind the window holding a knife with dripping blood. She was frozen and couldn’t breathe. But within few seconds the shadow vanished and all the lights turned on. She started crying with fear. She locked the window properly and covered it with curtains. She sat on her bed and couldn’t sleep whole night. In early morning she got ready for work, grabbed those documents and left the house. She didn’t take her breakfast so she went to the nearest café. When she was taking a sip of hot coffee, she became attentive when she heard someone talking about her house. A customer was talking to one of the workers at counter “Hey! You know a girl has rent that haunted house and she is living alone there” said the customer. “Yeah I know, it seems that she is very daring!” The worker answered. She was very shocked after hearing that. She became curious to know about her house. She wanted to ask but she was getting late for office. So she decided to come back in evening.

In evening she came back to that café and asked the attendant at the counter “I want to ask you few things about that house” she said after sitting at the stool. “Are you asking about that haunted house?” Attendant replied. “What do you mean by haunted?” She asked anxiously. “Don’t say that you have no idea about the story of that haunted house” attendant said. “Story? I’m living in that house” she replied. “Oh! So you are that daring girl who’s living alone in that haunted house” he said surprisingly. “I can’t understand what you are saying. Can you please tell me the whole story?” She requested. “OK! Fine, so let’s start from the beginning.” he said. “OK!” She said. “Twelve years ago, this house was the property of Mr. Dave Edwards. He was a successful businessman. He had a daughter named Noel. Mr. Edwards’s wife passed away when Noel was 15. Noel was living with her father. She was engaged with her university fellow Thomas. Mr. Dave had decided to consider his son-in-law as his business partner. And obviously he was going to transfer some property to him. Noel loved Thomas so his father was agreeing with her. But there were few people who were not happy with them and “Dolton” was one of them…

Dolton was the son of his father’s friend and he wanted to marry her, not because he loved her but he wanted to become her father’s business partner and grab that property. Once he had also proposed Noel but she rejected him. Since then Dolton decided to clean his way by hook or crook.

Noel’s father was going to Japan on a business tour for 15 days. Noel had to live alone but it was not a new thing for her. But now she had to arrange Thomas’ birthday surprise without Mr. Dave. It was Thomas’ 26th birthday. Noel arranged a surprise at her house. On his birthday she called him in evening and asked him to come at her place exactly at 8pm. Exactly at 8pm when she was at bakery to get the cake, her phone rang she picked it up “Hey” she said. “Hey Noel where are you? I’m standing in front of your house” said Thomas. “Just wait in the backyard, I’m coming within 10 minutes” she replied. “OK, I’m waiting” he said and ended the call. When we went to the backyard he was very surprised. It was decorated splendidly. The suspended lanterns were making the roof of backyard. The floor was covered with balloons and there was a well decorated table placed in center. He was standing amazed with a smile on his face.


She knew that he would be very happy. She was humming happily and entered into her house. She walked to the backyard to see his amazed; smiling face but when she reached there she saw something really atrocious. She couldn’t breathe, she was frozen…

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