11 Feb

Rejoicing College Memories

By Ahmad Qaisar.

She looked at the college album with severe desolation and despondency. The first page of the book opened and tears rolled down Laura’s eyes; she sobbed like her time of death was announced. And for her, it was indeed a time to moan as her contentment and serenity had come to a termination. The year came to a conclusion unexpectedly and abruptly. It happened all of a sudden, the moment came too soon. It was a time she was praying never to arrive.

The institution was like a home to her. It was where she found bliss and delight with her colleagues and comrades; hanging out with her quartette, frequently beside the beach was a beloved and desired time. Laura and her pals (Emelia, Georgia, Alyssa) called themselves the ‘babes of 04’.

But this cluster was at an appallinglyawful time when they ultimately had to riven. Their itineraries of life were utterly diverse and this was the cause why they had to halt their friendship right here.

The principal of thatinstitute had scheduled a valediction party to celebrate the miraculous year which passed. Laura in an amalgamation of dejection and ecstasy departed for the college. As she progressed towards the door of the college hall in her tawny dress, she knew that it was her final entry into the college. She decided to make most of it. The doors opened and she found the same old folks she used to see everyday at college.

Know-it-all Brent was sitting at the porch with his bestie Jamie. Ironic and opulent Ayesha was showing off her cerulean dress to her foes.These were all the individuals whom Laura hated, but today, she felt infinite love for them. Her view was grasped by three figures in the corridor. Her three buddies were chattering and gossiping. A thought hovered through her mind; this was the last time she was watching her pals. It immediately made her blubber, but she tried not to. She sprinted towards them, so happy and gratified to see their faces. All gave each other a cuddle. Laura just adored the bear hug they gave to each other because it gave her a sensation of pure amity and friendship. A series of questions began to roll out of Laura’s mouth, “Sure I am going to pine for this college and you three. I mean how in the world are we going to communicate with each other from such distant cities?” Laura sighed in such a sentimental way. Mawkish lines were all she could utter at the party. Her friends were not any lesser. They felt schmaltzierand more sentimental than Laura, at leastat thebeginning of the party.

At lastwhen Laura was having the time of her life, the principal emerged on the stage in an enthusiastic mood ready to give a speech.“Well, isn’t this the glorious time you all had been craving for?” he announced. The group murmured “NO”, particularly Laura in disgust.

“The phenomenal year has concludedand I’m so delighted to announce thatthis has been the best year so far with you guys accomplishing beyond the impossible. Tomorrow, you highfliers are going to follow your routesin your dream places. We wish you the very best for your future. Are you feeling as provoked as I am?”

“I don’t even want to go,” Laura muttered. The head continued with his speech and asked again if the horde was excited for tomorrow when they’ll be departing for their desired countries. Laura, with temper and rage crammed inside herself screeched: “Shut up! I don’t want to leave!”

The graduates who were enjoying the moment got alarmed and began staring at Laura and her friends.Laura felt weird and immediately ran from the hall towards the beach.Georgia apologized to the principal and the teacher’s staff for the trouble Laura caused and, with Alyssa and Emelia, dashed towards the beach. They arrived at the beach finding Laura weeping on a bench

Alyssa who found the courage to calm her first, proceeded towards her showing care and kindness. Emelia and Georgia progressed too. Laura who was sobbing with her head on her lap, lifted her head and smiled. “Was this why we came here? Come here and start our friendship as a powerfulone and leave herewith our friendship as a weak one”, she said in despair.

The three took a seat next to Laura.Georgia moaned,“I know what you mean. God! How am I going to live without you guys?!” With these words she put her head on Laura’s shoulder and began to sob. Despite how strong she was, Emelia began to cry. Crammed with all the happiness, Alyssa asked,“Hey you three, do you remember the day we met?Huh! Time sure did fly rapidly.”

Laura looked at the sky and giggled: “Yeah! Wasn’t it a beautiful day? Hmmm. Sure wish time should have frozen”. Clearing her tears Emelia, gave a laughand said, “We all were in detention. Didn’t think that spending an hour after college would earn such amazing friends like you guys.Hey, do any of you remember who talked first in that horrendous detention room.”

“I guess it was Georgia”, Laura articulated.

“Me?” Georgia gave a chuckle. “I firmly remember it was you. When Miss Tracy went out of the class you were the one who fell of the chairand boy, what a laugh we had!” Laura while recalling something said, “Oh yeah! But wasn’t Alyssa the one who got enough courage to inquire for our friendship.” Emelia in the silence took out a photograph and gave it to Alyssa and stated, “the college is jam-packed with happiness and joy. And our memories in it are the ones to cherish.”

The photograph showed the four of the girls standing beside the beach,each having a fish and fish rods in their hands.It was that moment when Laura knew that despite the days eventually faded, memories and a strong friendship was something that would thrive and prosper every second. With this courage and inspiration, she looked at her friends and gave a pleasant smile, “listen gals,I don’t know whether our routes will ever meet again or if we’ll ever get to see this beautiful place again, we can’t let our memories die out”. She took Georgia’s hand and told everyone to follow her. They all found themselves in the corridor. Laura began to take out something from her locker. She took out some photos and gave a congenial smile. She gave the photos to her pals. The photos were of the quartette holding hands and sitting beside the beach. Georgia couldn’t overcome herself and began to weep. The four gave each other a hug and told each other how much love ran in their veins for each other.

After the Farewell party Laura ran to her four longtime friends and together they hurried to take a final walk alongside the beach. This wasn’t the final time they were watching the beach, but it was rather the time when each one of them saw the beach via the most beautiful perspective. The night turned out to be both painful and pleasing for them. After the party, their parents had to send them to work and further study abroad. Before going to their parents, the quartette smiled at each other and recalled those amusing, pleasing, humorous, charming, and enchanting times of college. That moment, Laura knew her remarkable memories prospered and would continue to flourish till their death. Before meeting the trio, Laura didn’t understand the meaning of friendship. Now, she knew that she’s part of the best friendship which could ever be forged. Her last stroll at the beach was her most memorable and extraordinary memory which she kept because it was the time when she rejoiced, triumphed and exulted her college memories, with the friends of her life……friends of pleasure…..friends of love……..


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