Reinvent Your Look

Reinvent Your Look
08 Feb

By Eisha, Lahore

This New Year calls for something new, a change perhaps? Don’t you feel like you could use a little bit of change in your appearance? Why not make yourself look and feel better this New Year with a different look?  Don’t worry; I’m not talking about some drastic change, just little things you can do every day to look like a better version of your own self. Here’s what I suggest you can do to reinvent your look.

Style Your Hair
You must be thinking “But I do style my hair.” If so that’s not my point, style it in a different way now. A great way to do this easily is to part your hair on a different side or middle part it, changing your usual part. Trust me; you’ll be surprised at how different you look just by switching your part. You can also try doing hairstyles like braids, buns etc. Another option is to temporarily or permanently colour your hair through hair chalking or dyes etc. You can also go for a new hair cut to look different.

Try New MakeupTNMP (2)
If you already wear makeup start using different products like another tone of foundation, or new lipsticks, lip stains, eyeliners etc. Once you start investing on products from different brands and differing colours and shades, you will eventually be able to tell which suit you best. If you don’t want to spend money, you can always use the products you own already to try different looks for example try a smoky eye look or go for a red lip.

Change Your ClothingCW (3)
Start wearing different clothes and determine which types of clothes look best on you. Experiment with differing colours, prints and textures of fabric for your clothing and try wearing different brands. Remember, only wear what you like and what looks good on you, it’s not about changing your identity; it’s about altering and developing a style. Also, accessories are a good way to boost your attire so incorporate them into your daily looks and even if you wear the same clothes with different accessories and jewellery, you’ll notice the difference.

Different FootwearDFW (3)
Seriously, your shoes say a lot about you. They not only change the way you look but also define your personality. If you’re short, start wearing heels, it’ll make you look and feel better. Similarly if you already wear heels opt for flats. Wear only the shoes that fit you well and make you feel comfortable. If you don’t want to spend your money on new shoes you can try decorating old ones or getting creative with shoe clips.

Skin Care & HygieneBCY (2)
Although neglected by many these two factors play an important role in your overall appearance. Practice good hygiene by brushing your teeth and taking baths more frequently. White teeth will automatically make your smile better. Pamper your skin and make sure you cleanse your face properly. One other thing you need to do is to find a fragrance or perfume that complements your personality and style well. One last thing; don’t forget to be confident and enjoy your new look!

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